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                             PRQUALIFY FILE

                     Required Code Select Criteria

Contains the detail selection criteria for required deductions that have not
been defined as applying to "all" employees. Use PR03.1 (Deduction Required
Code) to define parameters that determine if the system automatically creates
an employee deduction (Employee Deduction file record) when you add an
employee. The system compares the detail selection criteria you define, with
the employee fields to determine if it should create the employee deduction.
The Required Deduction Header file stores the required code header


HR11.1    HR511     PA100     PA52.1    PA52.4    PA52.5
PR13.1    PR13.5    PR14.1    PR15.2    PR205


PR03.1    HR00.1    HR01.1    PBIP.1    PR197


PRQ-COMPANY            Numeric 4                                 PR03.1
Element: Company Hr    Identifies the AP company if the
                       resource type = V.  Identifies the HR
                       company if the resource type = E.  It is
                       blank for type A, P or Q resources.

PRQ-RECORD-KEY         Alpha 3                                   PR03.1
Element: Record Key    Contains the deduction required code.

PRQ-SEQ-NBR            Numeric 4                                 PR03.1
Element: Sequence NumbeContains the deduction sequence number.
                       The value of this field is automatically
                       sequenced based on the Next Nbr field in
                       the Required Deduction Code Header file.

PRQ-PROCESS-LEVEL      Alpha 5                                   PR03.1
Element: Process Lev HrContains the employee's process level.
                       The value in this field must be valid in
                       the HR Company and Process Levels file.

PRQ-DEPARTMENT         Alpha 5                                   PR03.1
Element: Department    Contains the employee's department. The
                       value in this field must be valid in the
                       Department Parameters file.

PRQ-DATE-HIRED         Numeric 8  (yyyymmdd)                     PR03.1
Element: Hire Date     Contains the employee's hire date

PRQ-ADJ-HIRE-DATE      Numeric 8  (yyyymmdd)                     PR03.1
Element: Adjusted Hire Contains the employee's adjusted hire

PRQ-SALARY-CLASS       Alpha 1                                   PR03.1
Element: Salary Class  Contains the employee's salary class.
                       H = Hourly
                       S = Salaried

PRQ-EMP-STATUS         Alpha 2                                   PR03.1
Element: Status        Contains the employee's status. The
                       value in this field must be valid in the
                       Employee/Applicant Status file.

PRQ-PAY-FREQUENCY      Numeric 1                                 PR03.1
Element: Pay Frequency Contains the employee's pay frequency.
                       1 = Weekly
                       2 = Biweekly
                       3 = Semimonthly
                       4 = Monthly
                       5 = UK Four-Weekly

PRQ-EXEMPT-EMP         Alpha 1                                   PR03.1
Element: Exempt        Contains the employee's overtime exempt
                       N = Non-exempt
                       Y = Exempt

PRQ-JOB-CODE           Alpha 9                                   PR03.1
Element: Job Code      Contains the employee's job code. The
                       value in this field must be valid in the
                       Job Code Parameters file.

PRQ-UNION-CODE         Alpha 10                                  PR03.1
Element: Union Code    Contains the union code with which the
                       employee is associated. The value in
                       this field must be valid in the Human
                       Resource Code file under type UN

PRQ-TAX-PROVINCE       Alpha 2                                   PR03.1
Element: Province

PRQ-WC-STATE           Alpha 2                                   PR03.1
Element: Wc State      Contains the employee's workers
                       compensation state.

PRQ-LOCAT-CODE         Alpha 10                                  PR03.1
Element: Location      Contains the location code.

PRQ-WORK-COUNTRY       Alpha 2                                   PR03.1
Element: Country Code

PRQ-WC-PROVINCE        Alpha 2                                   PR03.1
Element: Wc Province

PRQ-WORK-STATE         Alpha 2                                   PR03.1
Element: Work State    Contains the employee's work state.

PRQ-TAX-STATE          Alpha 2                                   PR03.1
State Taxing           Contains the employee's state taxing
Authority Code         authority.

PRQ-TAX-COUNTY         Alpha 10                                  PR03.1
County Taxing          Contains the employee's county taxing
Authority Code         authority.

PRQ-WORK-COUNTY        Alpha 10                                  PR03.1
Element: Work County   Contains the employee's work state.

PRQ-TAX-CITY           Alpha 10                                  PR03.1
City Taxing            Contains the employee's city taxing
Authority Code         authority.

PRQ-WORK-CITY          Alpha 10                                  PR03.1
Element: Work City     Contains the employee's work city.

PRQ-TAX-SCHOOL         Alpha 10                                  PR03.1
Element: Tax School    Contains the employee's school tax
                       authority code.

PRQ-WORK-SCHOOL        Alpha 10                                  PR03.1
Element: Work School   Contains the employee's work school.

                         PRQUALIFY FILE INDEX


PRQSET1   COMPANY                                                HR00.1  HR01.1
          RECORD-KEY                                             HR11.1  HR511
          SEQ-NBR                                                PA100   PA52.1
                                                                 PA52.4  PA52.5
                                                                 PBIP.1  PR03.1
                                                                 PR13.1  PR13.5
                                                                 PR14.1  PR15.2
                                                                 PR197   PR205

                         PRQUALIFY FILE RELATIONS



Company        PRSYSTEM     Required

                            PRQ-COMPANY          -> PRS-COMPANY
                            Spaces               -> PRS-PROCESS-LEVEL

Department     DEPTCODE     Required
                            When PRQ-DEPARTMENT != Spaces

                            PRQ-COMPANY          -> DPT-COMPANY
                            PRQ-PROCESS-LEVEL    -> DPT-PROCESS-LEVEL
                            PRQ-DEPARTMENT       -> DPT-DEPARTMENT

Emp Status     EMSTATUS     Required
                            When PRQ-EMP-STATUS != Spaces

                            PRQ-COMPANY          -> EMS-COMPANY
                            PRQ-EMP-STATUS       -> EMS-EMP-STATUS

Job Code       JOBCODE      Required
                            When PRQ-JOB-CODE != Spaces

                            PRQ-COMPANY          -> JBC-COMPANY
                            PRQ-JOB-CODE         -> JBC-JOB-CODE

Process Level  PRSYSTEM     Required
                            When PRQ-PROCESS-LEVEL != Spaces

                            PRQ-COMPANY          -> PRS-COMPANY
                            PRQ-PROCESS-LEVEL    -> PRS-PROCESS-LEVEL

Required Code  REQCODE      Required

                            PRQ-COMPANY          -> RQC-COMPANY
                            PRQ-RECORD-KEY       -> RQC-REQ-CODE

Union          PCODES       Required
                            When PRQ-UNION-CODE != Spaces

                            "UN"                 -> PCO-TYPE
                            PRQ-UNION-CODE       -> PCO-CODE

Wc State       PRSTATE      Required
                            When PRQ-WC-STATE != Spaces

                            PRQ-WC-STATE         -> PSA-STATE