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Last Post 5/30/2023 8:50 PM by  Greg Moeller
2012R2 OS
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Greg Moeller
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5/30/2023 8:50 PM

    OK, we at Genesis Health System cannot be the only ones that are in this situation.
    We are running most/all of our Lawson systems on 2012R2 and we have been getting confusing information about 
    what will be supported and when. 

    First we get a notice from Infor that the on-prem version 10 will be supported until 2030.
    Recently we have gotten a notice from them about being off of 2012R2 by October. 

    Which is it, or is it "both"?

    What are other clients doing that are in this situation?

    We are running LSF version 10.0.11 cu4

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