Worthwhile Reading
Becoming a Disruptive IT Leader Without Alienating Staff and Colleagues
Everybody loves tech visionaries, at least until they begin launching impossible strategies and making absurd demands. That’s why it’s important to know that even disruption has limitations.

Information Week, December 12, 2023
8 data strategy mistakes to avoid
Achieving data-driven success is challenging enough without the following common strategic and tactical missteps and misjudgments that can derail data operations and outcomes.

CIO, January 24, 2024
How — and why — to upskill your employees

Expanding your workers’ tech skills increases their engagement and performance while boosting the company’s innovation and competitiveness.
Computerworld, February 6, 2024

Quick Study: Security and the Cloud

Cloud presents new security challenges regularly. This collection of articles from the past year includes expert advice and experiences from peers on how to create an effective enterprise cloud strategy.
Information Week, July 17, 2023

Why return-to-office mandates fail
The question over whether to allow employees to work from home has been settled. Here’s the new normal.

Computerworld, January 12, 2024
10 top priorities for CIOs in 2024
A new year offers fresh opportunities and challenges. Prioritizing your most critical tasks will help you save time and effort.

CIO, January 8, 2024
Managing CEO expectations is this year’s Priority No. 1
What’s the key to meeting your CEO’s IT expectations? Managing those expectations so your CEO’s disappointments aren’t blamed on you and your IT organization.

CIO, January 6, 2024
IT Ethics: What It Means for Your Organization

A growing number of IT departments have issued codes of ethics. Is it time for your IT organization to begin addressing and establishing its moral obligations?
Information Week, August 2, 2023

Hey Gen Z, you’re looking for tech jobs in all the wrong places
Young jobs-seekers in the tech industry are finding their expectations for that first entry-level job don't always line up with how companies hire or what they need.

Computerworld, January 11, 2024
CFOs and IT Spending: Best Practices for Cost-Cutting

CFOs must proactively address the challenge of identifying outdated or redundant technologies that are driving up IT spending.
Information Week, September 5, 2023