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Article Series on Design Studio, Part 9: Putting It All Together

Our focus, in this article series, is to show you how you can use Design Studio to make business processes simpler and easier-to-perform. In a previous article (see http://www.danalytics.com/guru/letter/archive/2007-11.htm) we focused on using Design Studio’s Page Designer to render a simple list of vendors and display their open invoices. Taking this concept even further--by combining Portal Page Designer, a Portal Page Data Query (DME) object and a form object (a “formlet”) customized using Form Designer--this article demonstrates the delivery of a comprehensive solution to a real business problem. I’m extremely grateful to The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) for letting me share this story with you.  Read More..

WISCMANGO!replied to: RE: Item Descriptions

For our system we use the general convention similar to Noun, Adjective, size, color. 
Many times reaching out to the department end user to id...

18 hours ago

WISCMANGO!created the topic: Lawson Procurement - Guide - Quick Reference

Recommendation on best non-lawson official source guide on using lawson V10/11 for procurement?

18 hours ago

Sarahreplied to: RE: Credit Memos and Service Type Agreements

Hi all, Do you have a process for matching credit memos to Catalog and/or PunchOut POs? We're having this problem as well.

19 hours ago

Derekcreated the topic: Backorder Notification for RQ?

WH110 OE trigger is supported, but not RQ. Another way to notify users?

21 hours ago

Sklasn1replied to: RE: slow system performance

I would like to get a copy as well if anyone has the documentation. Thanks!

1 day ago

Don Kintzlereplied to: RE: Secadm Error: Start Work called with null actor

I see this is an older post and I'm sure you figured it out by now but the proper syntax for linking the actor to the agent is:
secadm link add [...

1 day ago

SRHarrisreplied to: RE: LBI and Crystal 2016, Windows 10 (UPDATED)

Hi Kelly. We currently use Crystal Reports 2011. I was recently notified about possibly upgrading to Crystal Reports 2016. Were you able to impleme...

1 day ago

blongreplied to: RE: GL monthly balances

You are welcome! If you need the AU and Account descriptions: GLNAMES contains the COMPANY, ACCT_UNIT and DESCRIPTION. GLCHARTDTL contains the A...

1 day ago

Chescareplied to: RE: GL monthly balances

Thank you so much for your prompt response! I will create an SQL or crystal

2 days ago

blongreplied to: RE: GL monthly balances

For actual amounts we use the GLAMOUNTS table joined with the GLCGCPY table: DB_BEG_BAL + CR_BEG_BAL gives you the beginning balance. DB_AMOUNT_01 +...

2 days ago

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