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Article Series on Design Studio, Part 1: What Is It?

It’s time to kick off another LawsonGuru Letter article series. Last time we did this, it was a series on reporting—which ended up being comprised of over a dozen articles. This time, we’re going to take an in-depth look at Lawson Design Studio. The length of this series is still open-ended, and I’ll continue to add to it as time (and reader feedback, of course!) permits.

In the first couple of articles, the primary objective is to lay the groundwork. We will explore Lawson Design Studio: What it is, what you can do with it, where it fits and when you should use (and more importantly, should not use) it.

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Bob Canhamreplied to: RE: User Action Node - Notification Message Email, include file attachment

check inside the Edit the Notification message, that's where I found it in v11.

14 hours ago

agershreplied to: RE: User Action Node - Notification Message Email, include file attachment

We are at V10. The User Action node, Notify tab only shows two options, a "Notify all users of work" checkbox, and "Edit the notification message...

14 hours ago

Bob Canhamreplied to: RE: User Action Node - Notification Message Email, include file attachment

I see an option for email attachments in the Landmark 11 designer. I don't remember if it was available in v10.

14 hours ago

agershcreated the topic: User Action Node - Notification Message Email, include file attachment

Is it possible for a User Action node notification message email to include a file attachment?

14 hours ago

NotWrightreplied to: RE: Unable to approve Requisitions

We have an open ticket with Infor and they have not been able to find a cause or solution. 

15 hours ago

JuliaT1replied to: RE: Add-Ins for Office 2016

does anyone have a PR35.2 Addins developed that they will share?

1 day ago

Kat Vreplied to: RE: Multiple Vendor Item Numbers

We put the "part on the box" in the ManfNbr on IC11 and the reorder Catalog on PO13.3. Wherever you put it. Make sure it's marked as "Used" on IC00....

1 day ago

Kat Vreplied to: RE: MA64 Message

We D(Adjust) all - we do not ever change the cost on the PO. When you Accept the price discrepancy without changing the PO, Lawson creates a Recon Me...

1 day ago

Kat Vreplied to: RE: Unable to approve Requisitions

have you opened an Infor ticket? I've only see similar when we have had issues with Websphere/Citrix - but I'm not on the technical side to know how ...

1 day ago

NotWrightcreated the topic: Unable to approve Requisitions

error calling gettrave service

1 day ago

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