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Article Series on Design Studio, Part 6: A Case Study

By David Williams, Paradigm ERP.
A look at how one of Paradigm's clients, a major hospital chain in Miami, used Design Studio to add a Transfer action on PA52 – Individual Action when an internal applicant’s acceptance was keyed on PA45 – Requisition Offers.

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Ruchikacreated the topic: Posting to AP30.2 Error

Help!! Anyone know how to solve this problem. When we enter PO invoices in AP20.2 some don't post to AP in AP30.2 form. We cannot figure out why or ...

14 hours ago

Kwane McNealreplied to: RE: Read Only Database?

This is pretty much what you have to do. With Oracle you can just setup different tablespaces, but the goal is the same. Also you may want to do...

17 hours ago

David Schroncecreated the topic: Read Only Database?

Making an archive database "readonly"

19 hours ago

David SchronceI'm doing "hospice" support for S3 on Unix while companies are moving to their new platforms. I'll retire when the last is gone

19 hours ago

    Greg Ccreated the topic: SRM custom security

    Splitting SRM security classes to support segregation of duties

    1 day ago

    NeilGcreated the topic: OS Conversion

    Hi - we are single-tenant hosted and moving to multi-tenant. We are currently in the planning stages for our OS Conversion. Infor has stated that the ...

    3 days ago

    NeilGcreated the topic: Quantity tolerance setup best practice

    Hi - we are a multi-hospital health care system. In reviewing our setup, we found that we do not have quantity tolerances setup on MA00.9, only cost t...

    3 days ago

    Greg Moellerreplied to: RE: Is there a way?


    1 week ago

    Akshayreplied to: RE: Is there a way?

    Hi What is the table name for PA16 screen, If I need to pull the data?

    1 week ago

    nic1867created the topic: Lawson v10 iseries - Budget upload template for Flex

    Hi friends, I have a client on Lawson v10 iseries - we are seeking a Budget upload template for Flex or any information if you could kindly let me ...

    1 week ago

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