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Article Series on Design Studio, Part 8: Portal Page Designer

Getting back to our Lawson Design Studio article series, we’ll explore some features of the Portal Page Designer.   Like the UI Designer, the Portal Page Designer includes two sets of tools:

  • The Portal Page Designer itself, which let’s you create composite pages from Lawson (and non-Lawson) application forms.
  • To create even more complex customizations, you combine JavaScript (including Design Studio-specific objects) with the Portal Page Designer.
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Boydreplied to: RE: Changing GL from 12 to 13 Periods

I am looking into adding period 13 into Lawson. Would anyone on this thread be open to discussing the process and any lessons learned? Hope you ar...

17 hours ago

Gary StoneHow is everyone responding to the new act from DOL regarding FFCRA? Any thoughts of how to process those requests?

19 hours ago

    SShaffercreated the topic: GHR My Organization - Is there a way to print the Org Chart?

    Good Morning,

    I hope all is well with everyone.

    With all the org changes lately, there is some pretty good demand for refreshed Org Charts.


    21 hours ago

    Adam Kleereplied to: RE: 2020 W4 and PR514

    I had to change the format of our pr514 load file for the 2020 W4 to get it to work.  This was after the 2020 W4 patches were applied.  &nbs...

    21 hours ago

    Lawsonnubcakecreated the topic: Bill Only question

    Is there a way to make the issue method for Bill Only's "PAPER"

    22 hours ago

    FireGeek21replied to: RE: Update configuration settings via IPD

    I cannot run it locally.  If I have any connection to the Lawson/Infor, I cannot run it locally unless I bypass that Lawson/Infor connection.&nbs...

    1 day ago

    FireGeek21replied to: RE: Update configuration settings via IPD

    Sorry, seems the site change my code to Value="". I actually have in quotes. I hope by adding spaces you can see what I actually have in that Value...

    1 day ago

    FireGeek21replied to: RE: Update configuration settings via IPD

    Steph, I do this all the time - very helpful to be able to write to the configurations! Remote call failed tells me you don't have a "Configurat...

    1 day ago

    David Williamsreplied to: RE: Update configuration settings via IPD

    _dataArea="mydataarea" & _module="pfi" & _objectName="PfiConfigurationProperty" & _actionName="Update" & _actionOperator="NONE" & _actionType="CreateU...

    1 day ago

    Steph76created the topic: Update configuration settings via IPD

    Update configuration settings via IPD

    1 day ago

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