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Last Post 12/6/2016 3:38 PM by  Kat V
IC11 SUOM Update
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12/2/2016 8:12 PM

    I wanted to see if anyone had any documentation on how they perform SUOM changes?  I know how to do them, but it certainly seems like there may be a better way, or at least an easier way.  I would like to compare the process others do, versus what I know.  I unfortunately don't have a process written down, because I essentially follow the errors in IC11. 


    I can take care of the Open PO's, Inventory location SOH adjustments and returns, but the shipping feedback from the perpetual locations can get difficult because the item may be a highly used item along with new orders being placed.  We have 15 hospitals and a few hundred clinics in our system, so you can imagine what it is like to change a SUOM for an item such as a syringe. 

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    12/6/2016 3:38 PM
    We have a monthly "working" call with our central supplies to work just these kinds of things. We id an item, get them to clear out all shipments and freeze then change the item. Steps for that:
    1. IC11 UOM Tab: add new stock UOM with all priorities 2 and click Change
    2. Templates: PO115 UOM Job: Change Field Tab
    • Change to new stock UOM and run in update mode
    3. IC11 Main Tab: change stock UOM to new UOM and click Change
    • IC11 UOM Tab: change conversion ratios as needed and click Change
    4. Templates: PO115 UOM Job: change back to buy UOM as needed
    5. PO25.6: Change vendor price agreement as indicated
    • If price file does not allow UOM change (“Does not match Vendor Item”):
    i) Go to PO13
    ii) From Vendor Item Description field, Shift+F3 and Change (refresh info from IC11)
    iii) Return to PO25.6 and resume
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