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Last Post 4/7/2017 5:03 PM by  Kat V
Infor Unplanned Downtime Document
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Shannon S
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4/7/2017 4:41 PM

    Does anyone have an Infor Unplanned Downtime document they wouldn't mind sharing? We recently went live with Infor and were looking to come up with some sort of checklist, in the event of an unplanned downtime. We have our hospital downtime processes, but within Infor there are certain things to have to check (ie - validate orders went through, EDI processed, etc). 

    Thanks in advance! 


    Kat V
    Sr Supply Chain System Analyst
    South Broward Hospital District
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    4/7/2017 5:03 PM
    Depends on what has happened. I have a backup of our item master with reorder info and a copy of our PO10.2 contact info on our data warehouse. So should Lawson "go away" we can order via phone and excel in the absolute worse case scenario.

    For less apocalyptic scenarios - it depends. For upgrade downtime, we had our users order up in the week leading up to downtime. Prior to the server going down, I created 50 headers in PO20 and that was our emergency PO list. As needed, the buyers used the itemmaster excel sheet to create an order, called it in and sent the detail to the dock.

    When Lawson was back up, we uploaded to PO20 and then notified the docks so they could add any receiving they did during downtime.

    I'm in Florida, so we also have Hurricane Orders that are warehoused during the season and could be activated if the Executive Offices activate the Hurricane Plan.

    For GHX downtimes - where we're up and Cardinal is up - we just can't talk to each other. If GHX is going to remain down past Cardinal's ability to pick for us - then the buyers call the departments and the emergency core items are processed manually. This creates duplicates when GHX is restored, so the buyers have to increase the qty on PO20.

    For Cardinal downtimes, we haven't had the pleasure yet, but I'm assured it's similar. Find a way to get it on an excel sheet and send it directly to the warehouse to pick and put on a truck.
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