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Last Post 1/28/2020 10:08 PM by  Kat V
PO's with lawson numbers an no IC12 record timing out handhelds
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1/21/2020 9:28 PM

    Hello, a few months ago our supply chain systems team made the decision to move away from creating IC12 records for non-stock items. These records were not needed because we are now sourcing all the item information through the item master (IC11). Now any po that contains a newer item that has a lawson# and does not have an IC12 record for the location and item, takes several minutes to load in po receiving on a handheld which causes a timeout after 60sec. We would prefer not to start creating IC12 records again. Is there any way to get around this without creating the IC12 records? the po's will load if i turn the timeout up to the max, but this takes 2 minutes per po or longer just to load up.


    Thanks for any help!

    Kat V
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    1/28/2020 10:08 PM
    I would call it into Infor. We're JIT with over 125k active items and only 3k are in IC12s. RAD loads the POs just fine for us. No delays. No timeouts.
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