PO25.7 Upload to Change Cost on Lines

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    I am trying to use add-ins to change the cost on multiple service agreement lines but keep receiving the message: Cannot chg max amt for Svc Agmt; Chg cost/qty to update.

    The fields I have mapped are:
    f3-Procure Group
    f5-Ven Agrmt Ref
    f12:0 Line Nbr
    f22:0 Base Cost
    f11:0 Line FC

    Does anyone have successful experience uploading changes to PO25.7?



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      We don't have service agreements in PO25 but I was just playing in our test system and added a 2 line service agreement. I tried to change the base cost on both lines and got the same message you did. But it wasn't consistent. First I tried changing both lines and got that message on the second. Then tried to change just line 2 and that worked. But it also changed the description on line 2 to that on line 1. I tried both lines again and they both changed without error but again line 2 had the same description as line 1.

      I think this may have to do with the fact that there is no "position to" field to select in the upload. In PO25.6 there's PT-PVN-LINE-NBR to tell the upload wizard which line number to change. I don't see one in PO25.7.
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