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    Our company is in the process of getting ready to implement LSF9. We are running into some questions concerning the implementation of the environment and the applications at the same time. Has anyone done this at the same time? If so what are the pros and cons associated with doing it this way compared to upgrading the environment and then applications?

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      We successfully completed our Lawson Env, Apps, and SQL Server upgrade in THREE separate projects.

      We were on Lawson Windows Server 2000 & Env 8, Apps8, SQL Server 2000.

      1. We MIGRATED to Windows Server 2003 & LSF9 (we created a new server, and moved Apps8 to the new server)
      (Jan 2007 to April 2007)

      2. We MIGRATED from SQL Server 2000 to SQL Server 2005
      (April 2007 to Aug 2007)

      3. We upgraded from Apps8 to Apps9.
      (Aug 2007 to Nov 2007)

      We took the separate project approach because
      1. its easier to figure out where the problems are (and there are ALWAYS problems)
      2. it breaks the project into more manageable sizes (rather than one massive project)
      3. Allowed all the stake holders sufficient time to learn the new features (i.e. not everything at once).
      4. About 15% of our programs and process are customized, it allowed us sufficient time to re-develop or create new process, qa, and deploy.

      In addition to breaking up the projects, another key factor was, we utilized John Henley's experience and expertises on all three the projects.

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        I was at a very large client that did LSF9.0/Apps9.0/Lawson Security, all at the same time. If you have the resources, it is the least intrusive to the user base, BUT will be very demanding on the resources doing the work. My suggestion is to do LSF9.0, then Apps90/Lawson that order.

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