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Last Post 04/26/2018 9:27 AM by  KarynB
City/County Minimum Wage - Tip Credit States
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04/26/2018 9:27 AM
    We have submitted a Regulatory Enhancement Request (25713) on Infor's system to have the PR06/PR06.3 to allow for Minimum Wage to be entered for City/County; it currently only allows for State and Federal. Our client has a situation where New York City as a minimum wage ($13), some counties have a different minimum wage ($11) and the State has a different minimum wage ($10.40). Additionally the State of NY is a Tip Credit state, so employer's are allowed to pay employees below the Minimum Wage. Lawson/Infor has created a Minimum Wage flag on the TP135, but they have not done anything for the PR132. The client previously opened a Reg ER regarding the PR06/PR06.3, but Infor/Lawson focused on the TP135 and shut it down.

    If you are a client being impacted by these changes, we would greatly appreciate you endorsing this Reg ER because it will save all clients in this situation time and money by not having to manually calculate all employees.
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