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How to Downsize IT With Minimal Damage

Facing a sagging economy, many enterprises are downsizing their operations. This leaves IT leaders with the task of shrinking their departments without sacrificing performance or security.
Information Week, March 22, 2023

IT staffers would help colleagues avoid monitoring software

IT workers say they’re uncomfortable deploying productivity monitoring software and would think twice about working for a company that snoops on its employees.
Computerworld, April 24, 2023

6 barriers to becoming a data-driven company

Companies that embrace data-driven approaches stand to perform much better than those that don’t, yet they’re still in the minority. What’s standing in the way?
CIO, May 17, 2023

How to Prepare Your IT Organization for a Possible Recession

The jury is still out on whether or not the global economy is headed toward a recession, yet it's never too early to begin developing a contingency plan.
Information Week, March 8, 2023

What an IT career will look like in 5 years

By 2028, IT pros will be versed in collaborating with AI colleagues while flexing business acumen on dispersed skills-based cross-functional teams, with an eye toward the next gig, IT futurists say.
CIO, March 16, 2023

CFO Priorities This Year: Rethinking the Finance Function

Evaluating finance function strategy scope and design is currently the top priority for chief financial officers, followed by planning and sequencing finance transformation activities.
Information Week, March 21, 2023

How to Nurture Talent and Protect Your IT Stars

In an era where the fight for IT talent is fierce and demand exploding across all industries, organizations must look to create opportunities for training and nurturing their specialists.
Information Week, August 24, 2022

8 top priorities for CIOs in 2023

Begin the new year by tackling the most challenging issues head-on. Here’s a rundown of top-level priorities IT leaders must address in 2023.
CIO, January 11, 2023

How security leaders can effectively manage Gen Z staff
To attract and retain Gen Z professionals CISOs must know what this generation values and their strengths to be an effective part of cybersecurity teams.
CSO, March 1, 2023
What it takes to succeed as a CIO today

Three top tech recruiters weigh in on the value creation mindset and strategic acumen necessary to thrive in what’s become the next toughest job after the CEO role.
CIO,January 5, 2023