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Last Post 09/01/2020 8:58 AM by  Kat V
PO30 Delivery Document Print Option
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08/31/2020 3:30 PM

    So my department is looking to utilize the Delivery Document that prints off when we receive in a PO via po30 in lawson. Two documents print off, the PO134 document and the (correct me if im wrong) MSCM Delivery Document that has the scannable bar code in the top right. Currently, i have 8 receivers working in the region and each have their own printer in lawson that prints off their PO134 document when they receive in a PO via PO30. However, everyones MSCM Delivery Document prints off on one printer in the office and im trying to figure out how or where i got to map that document to a specific printer. That way, everyones Delivery Document prints off with their PO134 document on their personal printer. Our system is new to lawson and im certian there is a way to do so, can anyone direct me on how to change the print location for that barcode scannable Delivery Document?

    I've scoured lawson and cannot find the report that prints that document, so im assuming its a document populated from MSCM and thinking thats why i cant find the option to map the printer as im not very versed in MSCM. Either way, having 8 requesters receive in a PO into PO30, get their document from their printer but have to go to another employees printer to fish for their Scannable Delivery Document is very inefficient. 

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    09/01/2020 8:58 AM
    I am having similar issues.

    Yes, it comes from MSCM - S3 Lawson doesn't produce the barcode. I have not been able to get it to work, but I have found the menus.

    You can get to printers from Administration --> User Management--> Modify --> Create New Default Assignments-->Printer

    But this seems to require you to assign a printer per user per location. And because the MSCM UI is absolutely the most horrific click intense thing I've ever had to use, it will often circle back to the beginning.

    Also - if you have gone to Administration --> Printer Management and done anything to map printers to locations or users from there, it seems to override anything else.

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