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Last Post 11/12/2014 2:44 PM by  The.Sam.Groves
PR35.2 Upload multiple messages returns add complete continue
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11/4/2014 4:02 PM

    We upload 1000s of transactions monthly for Payroll via addins to PR35.2. If a leave record is uploaded with a tr date prior to the master entry date on LP31 then two messages are returned ERR:EE46903 not in plan, LEAV WRN:EE46903 inactive, LEAVE LP:ECS LEAV. However, the addin itself returns add complete continue in the results field even though the record wasn’t uploaded. Because we have so many transactions we don't realize that some of these transactions actually were not uploaded.

    I understand that this is a limitation of addins. Does anyone know of a way around this issue?  For example, somehow excluding Warning messages so that only one error is returned to the addin results which would then show the error message?

    Thank you

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    11/12/2014 2:23 PM
    Addins use AGS to submit the data so this sounds like a basic bug in Addins. Perhaps, Infor site has a newer version.
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    11/12/2014 2:44 PM

    Your upload setup doesn't happen to include a hidden field that is telling Lawson to ignore warnings, does it? Unless you are using a version of the add-ins different than ours, it makes exactly one attempt to upload the record.

    That's the equivalent of hitting whichever button on that form counts as 'submitting' the data. If the data itself would cause Lawson to return a warning or an error, then that gets pushed to the results field and the add-in moves on.

    The exception to this are the forms which have hidden keys in them, which often are used by Lawson to track whether or not it should show you the error/warning or if it's already done so and can assume that you are clicking 'submit' twice to force the update.

    Unfortunately, PR35.2 is locked down on our system to the Payroll team, so I can't see what fields are on it. But I suspect it's one of those forms and the probelm is that your upload is currently set to tell Lawson that it shouldn't be telling you about those errors via a hidden key.

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