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Last Post 04/26/2019 3:28 PM by  Tim R
HotKey not working in IE
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04/22/2019 4:14 PM
    An S3 Financial user had been able to use this hotkey combo to see which table a particular field is being pulled from, Ctrl+Shift+O.

    It no longer works. I have performed all of the normal IE troubleshooting steps to no avail. We have actually uninstalled the newest version of Java and installed and older version.

    I am not familiar with Lawson, I am the Help Desk Sup but our Lawson Expert prefers to put tickets in with Infor than to post on forums. I prefer the people's voice. :D Any questions you may have for me please ask away! I will get the info for a reply asap.

    I attached an image of our view in Lawson where this is not working.

    Thank you very much!

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    04/22/2019 6:40 PM
    Are you using Citrix?
    Is the status bar selected in IE?
    Kat V
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    04/23/2019 2:35 PM
    You can check and verify the user's personal hotkey wasn't overwritten from the Help by the search box go to HotKeys and look for "Display Field Information" and make sure it's still mapped to Ctrl+Shift+O - Image of mine is attached.
    Tim R
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    04/26/2019 3:28 PM
    I created a Crystal Report to look up the form name from genlaw (whatever your schema is called.). It works on most forms in Lawson. So in your case you will see all the tables and fields for GL65 (and .1,.2, etc where they apply)

    SELECT DSF.systemcode as sys_id
    ,      (select                  g.SCRDESC 
    from                    genlaw.R_SCREEN g 
    where                   g.SYSTEMCODE = dsf.SYSTEMCODE
    and                     g.PROGRAMCODE = dsf.PROGRAMCODE
    and                     g.SCRNBR IN (select min(g2.SCRNBR)
                                         from   genlaw.R_SCREEN g2
                                        where  g2.PROGRAMCODE = g.PROGRAMCODE)) as screen_desc
    ,      trim(dsf.programcode) || '.' || to_number(dsf.scrnbr,'99') as Form_ID
    ,      FD.Prefix as tbl_prfx
    ,      FD.Filename as tbl_name
    ,      replace(substr(DSF.scrfldname,5),'-','_') as col_name
    ,       FD.Prefix || '.' ||  replace(substr(DSF.scrfldname,5),'-','_') as tbl_col
    ,      DSF.Scrfldname as field
     ,      DSF.docfldname as fld_desc 
     FROM          genlaw.docscrfld DSF 
     LEFT JOIN   genlaw.filedef FD 
     ON               substr(dsf.scrfldname,1,3)                       = FD.Prefix 
     WHERE        DSF.programcode = upper('{?Form}')  -- CR Parameter  
     AND             substr(DSF.scrfldname,4,1) = '-' 
     ORDER BY   dsf.programcode 
     ,                  dsf.scrnbr 
    [img]/Portals/0/Users/104/40/20840/Form Fields Columns.png[/img]
    Tim Rutherford Programmer/Analyst IV Austin I.S.D. (MIS)
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