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Last Post 10/07/2016 12:55 PM by  chadT
MA540 Vendor Agreements
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10/07/2016 12:55 PM
    When entering Vendor Agreement Invoices manually into Lawson, you can add Line distribution detail on MA43.7 (from Ma43.6) by clicking the "Enable" button. Is there a way to accomplish this through the MA540 interface? adding multiple distributions with the same line number is not supported through MA540 so I was wondering if there was another way to override while also still matching against the PO25 Vendor Agreement through MA540.

    The use case is that there is a Vendor Agreement setup with one line. Any department in the organization can invoice against this line, we are interfacing Distrib line data from a 3rd party. We can accomplish the task manually by "Enabling" lines but cant seem to replicate this behavior from MA540.

    Any thoughts?
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