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Last Post 11/16/2020 3:56 PM by  SShaffer
Transition Management - Data flow from Talent to GHR
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11/16/2020 3:56 PM

    Good Afternoon!

    I mentioned in another post that we are in the process of moving to using the Talent Acquistion functionality.

    In this time of tight budgets and tight staffing, we are helping the HRIS team in this project.

    One of the things we got to talking about today was what happens when a candidite is hired...

    I wanted to verify, but it sounds like "out of the box" when a candidte is hired their "data" doesn't automatically flow from Talent Transition Mangement into GHR?

    What's the correct process to automate this data flow?

    Do we need to create a "workflow" to avoid having to reneter all the newly hired candiate's information into GHR?  




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