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Last Post 6/18/2019 9:51 AM by  thekboose
457b BSI Overrides
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6/14/2019 8:32 PM
    Hi all,

    We currently have a 457b pre-tax plan and are using BSI group overrides for that. We are looking to add a ROTH after-tax deduction to our current 457b plan. When testing the BSI overrides, it does not appear to be factoring both the pre-tax(BSIP004) and the after-tax (BSIP026) when looking at the maximum, so it is deducting over the total annual limit. We believe it has to do with the option selected on the BSI override. Should it be "Aggregate to Highest Maximum"? We tested using "Use Authority Default Aggregation Rule" but it did not work. Could someone share how they have their overrides setup for a 457b plan?

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    6/18/2019 9:51 AM
    This is a long time limitation of Lawson and I'm not aware that it has been resolved. When there are more than one DC plans, the application doesn't know where to apply the BSI limit (which deduction). Descending balances have to be used. If you check the support website, there's instructions on updating employee deduction records to prevent overages.
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