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Last Post 01/07/2018 8:54 PM by  K34252
BN105 job going into recovery
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01/07/2018 8:54 PM

    We have ran the BN105 job several times to update medical and vision rates with no problem but when we tried to run to update dental rates the BN105 job is going into recovery with the following:

    ** Creating .prt and .dtl files Processing BN105 - Plan update File PROD/EMDEDMASTR. tsStoreDBRec error is StoreDBRec not preceded by a successful find (116). Elapsed Time . . . . . .: 00:00:01 ERROR: Stopped On Exit 1. Elapsed Time: 00:00:02
    We have around 8000 associates and based on the EMDEDMSTR it looks like all were updated except for about 1000 associates.
    Any suggestion on how to trouble shot?

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