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Last Post 11/02/2017 8:14 AM by  Dave Curtis
Goal Management
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Dave Curtis
University of Maryland Medical System
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11/02/2017 8:14 AM
    I am currently doing research on goal management software options.  I am looking for some feedback on what others have used or are using that might fit the need.  

    Some background;  I am looking to manage the annual goals for a group of about 3000 individuals (just leadership).  As odd as it may sound - we are not looking for a heavyweight champion at this time - we are really looking for a basic goal management (not full performance management).  We basically are looking to take our paper process and make it electronic as a gateway step to our bigger, eventual, implementation of a full performance management system.


    I have tried to look at the Goal Management in Lawson but we are not on GHR yet and I am struggling to find any documentation on how it works with Lawson Portal/EMSS.  If anyone has used the Lawson Goal Management - your thoughts on it would be very helpful.

    Some items we have identified as important
    1. Ability to push standard goals to all users
    2. Basic structure setup of "pillars" to group goals by system strategic goals
    3. Ability to "lock it down" - (no transparency just yet)
    4. Ability to weight the goals 
    5. Calculation of results (weight * goal completion % etc)
    6. Should have hierarchical org chart ability and security so a VP can see their people etc.

    Any recommendations, warnings, overall feedback would be great.


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