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Last Post 08/09/2021 9:30 PM by  SShaffer
Looking for some feedback on any HR / Payroll Outsourcing
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08/09/2021 9:30 PM

    Good Evening!

    Looking for some feedback on any HR / Payroll Outsourcing folks you all might be using...

    We are in a phase where we’ve had HCM with S3 in place for a while, and are getting ready to take the GHR Payroll Upgrade.

    At the same time, the business is starting to recover from COVID and we are starting to get super-busy (obviously a good thing!).

    One of the things that have become abundantly clear is that our HR / Payroll Team needs more people, but at some level, there may be a lack of desire to add people to the HR group right now.

    So they have been out looking to obtain Services to actually complete the end-to-end performing payroll processing.  (And that's the way it was previously as we used Paycom which handled a lot of the services behind the scenes).

    One of the groups they are bringing is ADP services...which to me (the IT Guy) means interfaces!!!

    In my opinion, absent of hiring more people, the best way (and the path of least resistance) would be a Partner that can do all the functions “in-tenant”.  And by that I mean:

    • Managing Garnishments
    • Processing Payroll
    • Delivering Payroll
    • Taxes
    • Benefits

    Sorry for the long setup, but here is my question(s):

    Is anyone using, or does anyone know of, an HR / Payroll Service Providers (i.e. BPO) that provides “in-tenant” HCM / GHR / Payroll services?



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