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Last Post 04/02/2021 1:43 PM by  jaaasson
Questions about splitting between HR Cloud Suite / PR On prem
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04/02/2021 1:43 PM


    Im fairly new to the Lawson world of things but the company im now at has been using Lawson for HR / PR needs for years. Our PR dept couldnt be happier with infor but our HR side would like to move to a new application preferrably cloud based. I have a couple questions about this.

    1. Could you share your thoughts about splitting between an on prem PR solution and a cloud HR solution? Are there any inherreint issues in doing this? Any real Pros / Cons down the line other then having a bunch of interface files?

    2. Does anyone have experiences specifcally using WorkDay Cloud suite along with on prem Lawson?

    If anyone would feel comfortable talking about this offline also that would be greatly appreciated. 

    Thank you

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