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Last Post 01/09/2020 4:13 PM by  giesewendy
Varying Amount Semi-Annual - Holiday
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01/09/2020 4:13 PM

    Has anybody configured using the Date Formula or another method to give a different Holiday amount by a period - like 2x a year, or the month of hire and the next semi-year?

    For existing employees, our plan gives 48 hours on 1/1 and 40 hours on 7/1.  Suggestios on this setup?

    Also, in the first year, the amount is based on month, for example January employees get the whole year, but February gives 40 and then on 7/1 they get's a very different first year accrual.

    I've also tried as an allotment with the date formula but cannot get the amount to populate.  I added a user field populated with the first of the month of the year they are hired and then added that date formula to the Hours Rule...

    Anything may help me.


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