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Last Post 07/08/2015 9:04 AM by  BarbLR
ESS/MSS Changes
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07/08/2015 8:45 AM

    I'm working on making some changes in MSS specifically for personnel actions. I've got things narrowed down to the pactions.htm file and after some digging through the forums realized I can pull the fld_nbr from padict for specific action types. 


     As I see it now, I will need to modify the function  PaintFieldsforAction in the pactions.htm file for each action they want to load new default values for.


    For example, if the action is term, default the new value of status code to be X if process level is A, or Z if process level is B for selected employee.


    What I think I need is to write an explicit if statement based on the fld_nbr associated with the 'term' action code to insert the new  status code based on selected employee's process level.What I can't seem to piece together is how to bring the assoicated action code with the field_nbr. I can capture the field_number that will get displayed, just trying to determine the logic to bring the two together.


     I appreciate any guidance you can give. 

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    07/08/2015 9:04 AM
    I don't know if this is an alternative you can use. All of our MSS personnel actions are work-flow enabled. So instead of editing the self-service delivery, we do it in the flow. We simply update the action (AGS node) with the values we want prior to sending it to the HRUserAction node for the manager to accept or reject.
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