CreateGLACcount on HRGLAccountImport

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    After implementation, we haven't modified the .lpd files for this Activity on our HRGLAccountImport.  So, what has happened is, the import is creating errors because the full GL account structure is trying to pass, including on inactive Accounting Units (either side).  When there are inactive accounting units, the system creates a multitude of errors. 

    Landmark:CreateGLAccount Application Error Accounting unit is inactive
    Activity name:CreateGLAccount id:2 failed @ 09/20/2016 09:44:20 AM
    Error encountered executing process

    Process: HRMGLAccountImport
    Activity id: CreateGLAccount

    Error code: 18
    Information code: 99

    How can I modify the Process Flow to get only changes or new GLAccounts?  Where do I do that?

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