SRM custom security

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    We are implementing SRM and the purchasing team wants to segregate the duties related to the Sourcing Manager business function.  We need separate roles with one of the roles having full access to Manage Suppliers and the other role having all of the Contract Maintenance functions.  The primary intent is to restrict access to Manage Suppliers within the "SourcingManager" roles.

    In essence, we want to create the following:

    SourcingManager_Vendor role: Can access Manage Suppliers fully and be able to perform all updates needed for Suppliers.

    SourcingManager_Contracts role: Has access to view Suppliers or not even be able to see the Supplier Maintenance

    Hopefully, someone else has had a need to "split" the Sourcing Manager role so that separation of duties is enforced?  If so, would you be willing to share some insights as to what this entailed.

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