ESS Payment Modeling "Change"

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    Forgive me if this is the wrong forum to which this should be posted. I have also posted it in the HR forum as well, since it relates to ESS functionality.

    I have several users reporting that they are no longer able to 'Re-CaIculate' to see the effects of a different rate on their taxes, etc, using the payment modeling tool in ESS. They are still able to change all the other fields and see their effect, just not the pay rate. At Lawson's suggestion, I tried clearing the IOS cache in the portal, the security cache on the server and the user's personal internet browser cache. However, none of that worked.

    The users used to be able to change any of the field values and re-calculate to see what the effect on taxes and net pay would be. However, no changes were made to the system recently, with the exception of the application of year-end patches for HR/PAyroll and ACA. So I am wondering if something in one of those patches may have taken away a user's ability to change their rate within this tool.

    Has anyone else in the community experienced this and, if so, can they advise me on the fix/resolution to give this functionality back to the users?

    Or, whether or not the result of a recent patch, can anyone advise me as to where within Lawson security the authotization is granted to allow/disallow the various capabilites of this payment modeling tool functionality so that I may allow our users to use the full functionality of this tool once again?

    Thank you in advance.

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