Load Balancing IFS

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Zachary Dever
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    We have an ADFS farm that consists of two servers. We have an IFS installations on each ADFS box load balanced under the same DNS name.

    Primary - Box 1: .249 (dev-adfs01.com)
    Secondary - Box 2: .250 (dev-adfs02.com)
    DNS - adfsdev.com

    We were able to use SAML on the primary IFS login but were unable to switch the secondary box off of windows authentication due to lack of ADFS permissions.

    To fix this we swapped the 250 box to primary using powershell commands.

    We then swapped the 250 secondary box to SAML authentication, tested adfs login and was successful. Then swapped 249 back to primary and 250 to secondary.

    We now have the 249 primary box working correctly and the 250 secondary box produces the error attached. 

    The two ADFS boxes have their windows host file edited to only use their respective boxes. 
    Before removing this we want to make sure that IFS is working correctly to be able to be “load-balanced” with no issues on whether it hits the primary or secondary box.
    When testing from other boxes it does "load-balance" them where if we land on the secondary box it errors out and if we land on the primary it works.

    Are there any flags within IFS that have to be set to allow this?




    We opened a ticket with Infor and received the following:

    I'm sorry this is out of scope for support. 

    You could do some searching on the internet for that error but I will not be able to help with it. 

    You can reach ICS using the Infor Services Marketplace under the Resources menu in the Support Portal.

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