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RE: Formatting of Blank D...
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1 Replies and 2008 Views Scheduled Reports in Excel Format (via Email)  2008  1 Started by  ric9d I have a report schedule that spits out emails with the report attached in Excel format in lbi. My problem is: the resulting report is only diaplying the page header for the first page. In Crystal Reports stand alone, when you try to export a report into a Excel file, a window will pop up that prompts if you want to 'Display Header in first page only'. this is the default by the way. Since a schedule report in LBI will not prompt the user, it uses the default setting. Is there a way to manip...
1 2008
by  ric9dJump to last post
06/22/2012 10:50 AM
1 Replies and 1791 Views Vendor Address Defaults  1791  1 Started by  dukeslater I'm having trouble figuring out the logic for returning the default addresses for each vendor. For example, in APVENMAST vendor 8 is 3M. Both the REMIT_TO_CODE and PURCH_FR_LOC are null. In APVENADDR vendor 8 has 36 addresses, all have CUR_ADDR = Y. Each has a different location code, but only about 10 of the vendors have an address with the location code I would consider our 'home' location. If the location fields in APVENMAST are null, how would I return the default addresses (fo...
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by  JonAJump to last post
06/22/2012 10:10 AM
4 Replies and 2009 Views LBI html report  2009  4 Started by  khart Has anyone used a html report in LBI that is updated on a regular basis This html file will be updated daily and I was hoping to access it by LBI instead of a portal bookmark. I have created new LBI reports with a html file but since the html content does not change this has not come up before now. It looks like I would have to republish it daily which is not practical. There is not any syntax hints for the Address field either. From LBI manual: 'URL Reports You can use this feature...
4 2009
by  khartJump to last post
06/15/2012 2:38 PM
0 Replies and 1030 Views Panelists wanted for a Focus Group on Performance Management and Continuous Feedback  1030  0 Started by  sathiya Synergita is conducting a market research study among HR professionals on Performance Management and Continuous Feedback. The Focus group is scheduled on June 7th 2012, at 1.30 PM US Eastern Time. HR Professionals interested in participating as a panelist, please contact
0 1030
06/02/2012 3:45 AM
23 Replies and 4160 Views LBI Back Office Reports, publish more than 1 rpt from same job  4160  23 Started by  Elizabeth Ardito We only have the 'free' LBI product that replaced E-Broadcast from years ago. I have a new cobol program that produces 2 output files in the print manager (a .prt and the other file is called listing). Is it possible to publish the listing file I have all the necessary coding in the program to include the tags on both reports. I have had a case open with Lawson for the last 2 weeks and today they came back after they tried some 'canned' reports but determined they were not burstable tha...
23 4160
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05/30/2012 11:26 AM
2 Replies and 1624 Views Specific AU's not showing in Crystal Reports  1624  2 Started by  Whitney Johnson I have two separate Crystal reports, report (A): is pulling AU’s by Attribute and report (B): is a P&L pulling revenue and expense accounts. For some strange reason I’m not able to get data for two specific accounting units to pull into these reports. Does anyone have an idea what may be causing this Could it be the setup of these AU's in Lawson All other AU data is being captured in the reports.
2 1624
by  Ruma MalhotraJump to last post
05/24/2012 4:14 PM
10 Replies and 2381 Views LBI/crystal issue  2381  10 Started by  tstanley I keep getting the following message ran running a crystal report from LBI. Can anyone tell me how to resolve this error. Thank you. Error message: SystemErr R The table 'v' could not be found.
10 2381
by  Matthew NyeJump to last post
05/24/2012 7:05 AM
5 Replies and 4956 Views Locating DB Tables/Fields  4956  5 Started by  dukeslater Somewhat new to Lawson, and so far I've been able to find all the fields needed for reporting (Crystal - native connection to Oracle). But now I'm having some trouble locating these two fields: IC12 - Expense account IC12 - Purchase From Location TIA for any help you can provide, specific to this problem or for locating db fields in general.
5 4956
by  dukeslaterJump to last post
05/17/2012 3:18 PM
3 Replies and 1924 Views Developing a rolling 12 month P&L in RW  1924  3 Started by  Whitney Johnson Has anyone developed or can you tell me if I can create in RW a rolling 12 month P&L for finance only showing the Actual amount column for each month The report would need to run for the current month, but then show the previous actual amounts for the other 11 months. Thanks, Whitney
3 1924
by  Whitney JohnsonJump to last post
05/15/2012 2:23 PM
8 Replies and 4707 Views Lawson printing  4707  8 Started by  JimMNH For the time being we have asked users to open LBI reports as PDF and then print them. We would like to setup Lawson printing of these reports but this requires the setup and maintenance of printers, drivers, and user access to printers on the server itself. Since we have a hosted Lawson environment this is not trivial. I was wondering what sorts of solutions administrators in this community have utilized for printing of LBI reports that offers the easist setup/access for their user base
8 4707
by  Ruma MalhotraJump to last post
05/11/2012 11:32 AM
3 Replies and 1976 Views Crystal Reports broken after 9.0.1 upgrade  1976  3 Started by  JonA We upgraded from to at the end of March and since then I've noticed several of my Crystal reports are not pulling the same data as they were before. For instance, I have a Contract Spend report that pulls from PURCHORDER, POLINE, MMDIST and MAINVDTL. I only want supply expense data so I'm filtering the data so the report only shows PO line info for certain accounts. The problem is that no inventory lines are in the report now. I think it has something to do with the fact that...
3 1976
by  JonAJump to last post
05/07/2012 12:57 PM
12 Replies and 3440 Views LBI login and dashboard loading getting slower all the time...  3440  12 Started by  mjcindc I know this is a terrible description of my problem, but I'm a database guy not an engineer.&160; I don't really know our environment all that well.&160; I am, however, responsible for LBI&160;reports and our LBI&160;site is getting slower by the day.&160; The app server and db server are not showing any extradinary resource usage and I'm really not sure what suggestions I can make to our engineer.&160; He's a bit less concerned than I am.&160; It can take 30-40 seconds between clicking t...
12 3440
by  Chris MartinJump to last post
05/04/2012 7:36 AM
1 Replies and 1296 Views A link to change parameters for all reports on a tab?  1296  1 Started by  MCordero I have a dashboard tab with 5 different reports, all with the same parameter, Location. I heard it was possible to have a single link that updates all reports in the tab with a new location instead of having to fill out the parameter in each report.separately. Has anyone done this that can point me in the right direction on how to accomplish this Also, what about a list of links in one module that could change the report that is viewed in a second module
1 1296
by  Matthew NyeJump to last post
05/02/2012 3:17 PM
10 Replies and 1774 Views Schedule report users *Share* ??  1774  10 Started by  Greg Moeller Does anyone have a report of the report users that are attached to the schedules that they would be willing to share I'm being asked to develop one, and I really don't have the time. I've got one that has the main report users, (and I'd be willing to share that) but not one that ties the report to the schedule to the report users on the schedule. Anyone Thanks much, -Greg
10 1774
by  Greg MoellerJump to last post
05/02/2012 2:52 PM
1 Replies and 1679 Views LBI text datasource question  1679  1 Started by  thanef I have a Crystal report that uses a text data source housed on my LBI server. It runs successfully in Crystal on my LBI server but I can not create the correct data source in LBI Report Services. Has anyone done this There is not a text type data source to choose from in LBI. Thanks.
1 1679
by  Greg MoellerJump to last post
04/30/2012 8:31 PM
15 Replies and 4425 Views Setting LBI timeout params  4425  15 Started by  jeff-lbi I have seen the postings on modifying the LBI timeout params for session and portal, etc However, I have yet to discover where this is done In the LBI app itself or a table value or on the hosting server, etc
15 4425
by  Greg MoellerJump to last post
04/27/2012 11:16 AM
7 Replies and 3314 Views Export a scheduled LBI report to excel DATA ONLY format  3314  7 Started by  jeff-lbi There are only options for CSV, xls, pdf, etc. I do not see an option for DATA ONLY excel. How can this be accomplished on the scheduled LBI reports (It IS an option on the on demand report configurations, but not scheduled. Why And is there a work around
7 3314
by  jeff-lbiJump to last post
04/26/2012 12:58 PM
5 Replies and 1669 Views Scheduled report no longer runs after new report user added  1669  5 Started by  jeff-lbi Has anyone encountered this I assume we are missing some other change that must be done after a new Report user is added to a Scheduled delivery for a report. Here is the scenario : (Note that any user we're adding in this scenario DOES have an email device set up, etc, etc) 1) Set up a schedule for a report, set the effective start date, etc, etc and a couple of users. It runs fine, no problems, all the users get their email. 2) The next day we add 1 new user to the schedule (wh...
5 1669
by  jeff-lbiJump to last post
04/26/2012 12:26 PM
1 Replies and 1537 Views Login to LBI Using Domain Account  1537  1 Started by  Layne We are using a domain account called LBICrystalReports to attempt to login a LBI Crystal Report. Going into MY REPORTS and editing the Data Settings \ Default User ID, we add the account using the following format for the Default User ID: GCSD\lbicrystalreports. GCSD is our domain. It will not work and the SQL log error shows that the report is attemping to login using SQL Server Authentificaiton even though the account is a domain account. The permission in SQL Server is sufficient for th...
1 1537
by  Matthew NyeJump to last post
04/11/2012 3:19 PM
6 Replies and 1909 Views Dashboard Tabs - making multiple rows  1909  6 Started by  dcaiani Last year at CUE I saw a customer presentation (I wish I could remember who it was) and they had more dashboard tabs than would fit in a single row. They were able to make multiple rows of dashboard tabs rather than have to click on the 'additional tabs' arrow or use the drop down to view the additional dashboard. Does anyone know how to do this
6 1909
by  Xin LiJump to last post
04/02/2012 3:36 PM
6 Replies and 1858 Views Report Tooltip in underlying data table?  1858  6 Started by  David Levine Hello, The report Tooltip - the report description that appears as you hover your mouse cursor over the report name is derived from the 'Description' text box in the 'Main' tab, when selecting 'Edit...' from the report. Does anyone know where this description can be found in the underlying table structure By the way, I've determined that it's NOT rsuserprd.ers_reports.description - this is the report description derived from Tools-->Reporting Services Report Administration-->...
6 1858
by  Chris MartinJump to last post
03/30/2012 11:56 AM
1 Replies and 1952 Views LBI bursting rights  1952  1 Started by  imty Hello Group, We have a clinic user group with bursting rights in LBI. Some of the financial reports are currently being burst based on the user's assigned to the clinic user group. We have created a Crystal payroll report and would like to create a payroll user group. Right now we have say center 1001001 that has two users attached to it. Now for payroll only one of the user's would have access to the report. If we attach the payroll report to the payroll user group would that control or over...
1 1952
by  Matthew NyeJump to last post
03/22/2012 10:27 AM
2 Replies and 2663 Views HRHISTORY table compare date rows  2663  2 Started by  Sarah How do I use the HRHISTORY table to look at the most recent (fld nbr 51)ADJ_HIRE_DT - (fld nbr 27)LAST TERM DT and if it's less than 365 days take the (fld nbr 26)PREVIOUS SENIORITY DT and add those days to the PREV SENIORITY DT to identify what the employees TRUE SENIORITY DT should be. Example: Employee is rehired with an adj_hire_dt = 02/19/2012. Their previous term date = 02/22/2011 so 02/19/2012-02/22/2011=362 days Their previous seniority date = 03/09/2001362=03/06/2002. I've been...
2 2663
by  SarahJump to last post
03/19/2012 2:20 PM
1 Replies and 1441 Views REPORT server.  1441  1 Started by  MARCO3535 Two of the our crystal users opened up standard crystal reports as they have run (as report refresh) many times in the past, Usually, it will open up to the proper environment, (oldproduction1) and prompt them for a password. This time, however, when they refresh for current data, instead of being prompted for a login in they are being asked to chose what server the report should point to. So they have to point to the server they want. This has occurred for each report they...
1 1441
by  Matthew NyeJump to last post
03/19/2012 1:07 PM
17 Replies and 3309 Views LBI Connection to AS400 Server failure  3309  17 Started by  imty :confused:Hello All, I have a crystal report that I created where it pulls data from the AS400 system via an ODBC driver. The report in Crystal works fine. I have published this report to LBI and in the DATA SETINGS i used INFINIUM as the data source and the following user id and password which works from Cyrstal. Infinium User Profile for ODBC connect. User Profile: LAWPAY Password: PASSLAW Library (Directory) USLAWSON Table (File) ...
17 3309
by  imtyJump to last post
03/15/2012 7:02 PM
4 Replies and 1405 Views Updated to on Thursday in PROD  1405  4 Started by  Greg Moeller Updated on Thursday and now gettting repetitive errors in the log about ReportEngine not compatible with CrystalEngine. Lawson has a JT opened for it, JT-293938, but we are wondering what we can do in the meantime. Can I downgrade LBI by applying a 'Update' Hesitant to upgrade to v because of all of the zeros. Error involves the scheduling and emailing of reports.. coming out corrupt, or prompting for an Oracle database id/password which MANY users do not have. Any though...
4 1405
by  ElenaJump to last post
03/01/2012 11:21 AM
34 Replies and 9517 Views MM280  9517  34 Started by  Chris Martin Has anybody had any success reverse engineering MM280 (ie using sql/crystal)
34 9517
by  SPJump to last post
02/24/2012 11:20 AM
4 Replies and 3117 Views LBI Crystal Reports behavior with Adobe  3117  4 Started by  MHRoy We have recently installed LBI. We have been able to publish 'home-grown' crystal reports and they run fine. When selecting print in the Crystal Reports 2008 viewer a 'Print to PDF' box appears with a Page Range section and information that the viewer must export to PDF to print. If we click on the Export button a File Download box appears. Choosing Open will bring up the local PCs version of Adobe and one can either print or export. Is this the correct behavior for LBI/Crystal Reports ...
4 3117
by  MHRoyJump to last post
02/16/2012 1:32 PM
1 Replies and 2311 Views What's New in LBI 10 document published on  2311  1 Started by  Ruma Malhotra I just found the what's now for LBI 10 document present on Looks like all the auditing related to reporing services and smart notifications have been added to this version. This will be a huge plus for all customers wanting to find out security,render times etc on LBI for a long time.
1 2311
by  mark.cookJump to last post
02/16/2012 11:22 AM
2 Replies and 2888 Views Crystal/Xcelsius and LBI Bursting  2888  2 Started by  Dave Curtis We are currently working on rolling out LBI for our leadership team. One of the things I would like to do is utilize the functionality of Crystal Reports and Xcelsius to develop some interactive charts of employee reviews, certifications, turnover etc. I am not having very good luck with it at this point and before I spend money and time trying to learn more about Xcelsius I wanted to ask the group here if anyone has been succesful at publishing a Crystal Report with an embeded Xcelsius .S...
2 2888
by  Dave CurtisJump to last post
02/09/2012 10:32 AM
3 Replies and 2235 Views Max export to excel ?  2235  3 Started by  jeff-lbi I recently ran a report where the result set was close to 200,000. I know this would require excel to have 4 sheets. Instead of finishing it prompted for a login information and asked for a refreshed data set Does LBI start to have a problem exporting to excel after so many records
3 2235
by  Matthew NyeJump to last post
02/08/2012 3:10 PM
0 Replies and 1258 Views Is there a way to get the user_id name to print on a Crystal rpt?  1258  0 Started by  Deleted User I'm looking to create a report that would show the date and name of the user who added or changed PA59 records within a 24hr window. Is there any way to use the User_ID from the PAGRDI file to get the employees name who add/changed the records
0 1258
02/08/2012 10:50 AM
5 Replies and 2845 Views Open Crystal Report Hyperlink using updateModule in LBI  2845  5 Started by  Daksha Desai I have a Crystal Report open in a module on the dashboard. It has a hyperlink which opens in a new window but I want it to open in the same module. I tried adding updateModule to the link but a url appears before the updateModule and it does not work. Can anyone help please
5 2845
by  Matthew NyeJump to last post
02/07/2012 3:11 PM
4 Replies and 2644 Views Portal Field Descriptions  2644  4 Started by  Layne In the Portal on say Screen HR11.1, there is a field desciption called 'Social Number.' Does anyone know where this field description can be found in the GEN database. I was looking at Docfld and DocScrFld, but they do not seem to contain of them.
4 2644
by  Jim Van ZummerenJump to last post
02/01/2012 8:03 AM
2 Replies and 2277 Views GEN Database Programs and Screens  2277  2 Started by  Layne I am running the following query on GEN. I wanted to see what fields are being used by a certain Program and Screen. SELECT * FROM dbo.PGMFLD WHERE PROGRAMCODE = 'HR11' AND SCRNBR = 1 AND PRODUCTLINE = 'LAWPROD' What is the prefix field used for. Is there a list of the defintions of these fields Let's say I was in the Lawson Portal on Screen HR11.1. I want to know what tables and fields that this form uses, so I can write a report. I am not worried about how to connect back to o...
2 2277
by  Greg MoellerJump to last post
01/31/2012 8:44 AM
3 Replies and 3365 Views Link to Webinar?  3365  3 Started by  Greg Moeller Does anyone have the link to the LBI version 10 Webinar handy The Webinar started 15 minutes ago, and I can't locate the link.
3 3365
by  SPJump to last post
01/27/2012 3:40 PM
4 Replies and 1689 Views No recipients to whom to send the content  1689  4 Started by  Greg Moeller In my SystemOut.log file for LBI, I get a failed delivery 'No recipients to whom to send the content.' message when there is no delivery device set up for a particular report user. Is there a way to associate to which report this user belongs from the rather lengthy error in the log file For example: &91;11/11/11 8:30:21:879 CST&93; 0000005a SystemOut O Email Delivery Status: <delivery-response version='1.0' status='500'><message code='303' description='No recipients to wh...
4 1689
by  Greg MoellerJump to last post
01/27/2012 2:33 PM
3 Replies and 2640 Views Crystal Slow Loading in LBI  2640  3 Started by  jeff-lbi We've been using LBI for almost a year. We have crystal 2008, and we develop front ends using .NET. Never had any problems. However, suddenly with a few new employees we have seen .rpt files take MUCH longer to upload during the re-publish process......and then furthermore take MUCH longer to load the .aspx front end called from the report Events in LBI. I have already ruled out EVERYTHING, and isolated the problem to the .rpt files themselves....but there has to be a LBI component here, b...
3 2640
by  MHRoyJump to last post
01/25/2012 12:25 PM
7 Replies and 4852 Views Crystal Report Viewer Erroring out in 1 IE User Workstation  4852  7 Started by  jeff-lbi First I will preface by saying I've already uninstalled and re-installed Internet Explorer 8 on this machine. It is the only machine we have this issue with. I have not seen this with any of our other users. Basically when a crystal report is run from the LBI interface the window opens but IE bombs out with errors such as : (Related to crv.js) Message: 'Image' is undefined Line: 271 Char: 13 Code: 0 (Related to crv.js) Message: Object doesn't support this property or method Lin...
7 4852
by  jeff-lbiJump to last post
01/25/2012 11:25 AM
1 Replies and 2049 Views Printing Lawson Report Number on Report  2049  1 Started by  Layne I'd like to print the Lawson Assigned Report Number on the report. In Crystal, I tried using the Special Field called File Path and Name, but apparently Lawson copies the rusults report over to a temp folder on the local PC running the report. There is no report number on the file name at this point. Any ideas on how I can do this without running another query to the GEN database.
1 2049
by  John HenleyJump to last post
01/25/2012 9:29 AM
13 Replies and 3690 Views Fields restricted? Excel pull of Lawson data through OLEDB  3690  13 Started by  BertNeu... So, built a DME using Lawson Query builder (LQB), (Employee table, fields = Employee, Pay-rate); execute gives expected fields. Pasted the LQB DME text into the Excel Data -other sources routine results: only the employee field was returned. Hmmm, went back to LQB, and specified the entire employee table, copied the DME, and in Excel all fields came back except anything to do with pay. Same thing when pulling from Timerecord table - only non-pay fileds returned to Excel, despite all fields sh...
13 3690
by  BertNeu...Jump to last post
01/11/2012 3:17 PM
6 Replies and 3399 Views Crystal Reports How to determine frequency of RUNS  3399  6 Started by  Layne Does anyone know the tables in the LawsonRS database that would tell me when the last time a report was run, how often its being run, and who is running it. I see a started and finished field in the ERS_REPORTSTATUS Database, but it does not appear to be correct based on reports I have run.
6 3399
by  LayneJump to last post
01/09/2012 3:19 PM
6 Replies and 2978 Views Oracle odbc drivers for RS ODBC on LBI 904 Win 2008 64bit  2978  6 Started by  Deleted User We are doing a fresh LBI 904 install on a Windows 2008 64bit server. We will need a Reporting Services ODBC data source for Crystal ODBC reports pointing to an Oracle 11g database (Lawson app server running on AIX 6.1 Oracle 11g). Anyone know what Oracle client we should run on the Win 2008 64 bit server; example Oracle 11g client for 32bit or 64bit
6 2978
by  RobbyJump to last post
12/19/2011 12:31 PM
2 Replies and 2029 Views Crystal and .csv table linking  2029  2 Started by  Katfra I've linked a .csv file as my table in crystal. I have a debit, credit, and difference colum in the file which shows in the crystal report, except where anything has a negative value. I've tried creating calculted fields to produce the credit balance in crystal, which worked in my credit column. However, if I create a formula Debit-Credit where my debit might be a zero balance, my result is blank in the difference column. Anyone have any ideas I've tried a running total as well with no luck...
2 2029
by  KatfraJump to last post
12/05/2011 2:40 PM
10 Replies and 2959 Views LBI report users  2959  10 Started by  Jan I haven't found this issue in this forum so I'll post it now. I apologize if this was addressed earlier and I missed it. As employees terminate or transfer, I need to determine if I need to adjust LBI report distributions. Which LBI tables do I need to access to see which reports (or smartnotes) an employee has been a recipient for I have quite a few reports built up, so doing this by hand is getting to be unworkable. thanks in advance for any help you can throw my way
10 2959
by  Greg MoellerJump to last post
11/15/2011 4:34 PM
8 Replies and 2294 Views FS page goes off line with Portal integration (efsrole.xml)  2294  8 Started by  Deleted User I have a single server LBI test system running on WebSphere 6.1.13 Win 2003 Sever SP2 and LBI902.  I integrated Portal a while back with dsso and a PortalRole efsrole.xml file.  My FS page goes off line sometimes when I log into my Portal Test system profile.  The page seems to stay up if I access FS outside of Portal using dsso security.  I'm working a case with Lawson but I thought I would post in the LBI forum to see if anyone else has encountered this behavior.  Ther...
8 2294
by  Massimo EmilioneJump to last post
11/15/2011 4:16 PM
4 Replies and 2682 Views LBI Synchronizing User and Groups  2682  4 Started by  Vito Amatulli Does any one know if it is possible to automate the Synchronize User and Roles fuinction from LBI&160; We re trying to automate adding of Lawson users to security and want to be able to sync the user to LBI.
4 2682
by  Massimo EmilioneJump to last post
10/08/2011 11:33 PM
11 Replies and 2045 Views Scheduled report to be emailed to a directory instead of an email device ?  2045  11 Started by  Ruma Malhotra I would like to find out whetherwe can email a report to a directory instead of an email device Can this be done in LBI We have a report that is scheduled manually every day to refresh. This report needs to be imported to a tool used for budgeting. Can I set a report to refresh on a schedule and then email the scheduled report to go to a directory instead of an email device
11 2045
by  Ben CoonfieldJump to last post
10/07/2011 2:23 PM
5 Replies and 2075 Views Scheduled LBI report to a constant server location  2075  5 Started by  Deleted User We would like to be able to have scheduled LBI reports go to a constant server location so that they can be picked up by a later scheduled process (a ProcessFlow). The LBI analyst tells me that when the report runs it is written to a unique folder for every date with a unique instance number. That will make it difficult for the Process Flow to FTP 'get' the reports. Has anyone found a way to write the report to the same location each time
5 2075
by  Greg MoellerJump to last post
10/07/2011 11:22 AM
5 Replies and 1753 Views Importing Rights with multiple users: Is is possible?  1753  5 Started by  ric9d I have successfullt imported a right file into LBI. However I wanted to assign a right to several users. Of course you could do this manually, however, Im trying to find out if anyone out there has uploaded an imports file with several users. Thanks and any ideas will be appreciated.
5 1753
by  Greg MoellerJump to last post
09/28/2011 3:49 PM
6 Replies and 3858 Views Occassional blank LBI report  3858  6 Started by  des123 We are having an annoying problem with running LBI reports. They will occasionally display blank output. The workaround is to clear out the temporary internet files, cookies, etc... in the IE web browser (Tools -> Options). I thought it might be due to not enough space allocated for temporoary internet files and cookies so I increasing the amount of allocated space to 1024 MB but this did not help. This happens on various reports so we know that it is not report-specific. One moment a ...
6 3858
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09/28/2011 3:47 PM
4 Replies and 2391 Views Not valid for List error message when trying to access LBI report list  2391  4 Started by  Louise I Help! This was working yesterday and stopped working today. Also yesterday another analyst and I were looking at setup screens but do not recall clicking or changing anything. There have been other Lawson issues and a company firewall change that went in. Also, the custom group that these employees are members of was strangely missing from all the reports that used to have it in the Users lists. I added it back and that did not resolve the problem. There's also an attribute called HR that wa...
4 2391
by  Louise IJump to last post
09/28/2011 3:40 PM
2 Replies and 1324 Views Only Crystal?  1324  2 Started by  mcarlson maybe a really dumb question....or maybe one that has been covered out here before....but here it is... Can SSRS (SQL Reporting Services) be used with LBI or is it required that you use Crystal Any success or failure stories using something other than Crystal Thanks!
2 1324
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09/27/2011 3:57 PM
11 Replies and 7358 Views Is there a way to execute a program from within Crystal Reports 2008?  7358  11 Started by  C Fritz Hello - I am trying to find out if its possiblet execute a Windows batch file from within Crystal Reports. Does Crystal reports have the capacity to make a system call to the OS and execute a command outside itself If it does can you please explain the syntax or point me to a source that enables this Thank you.
11 7358
by  C FritzJump to last post
09/23/2011 2:31 PM
3 Replies and 3379 Views The maximum report processing jobs limit configured by your system administrator has been reached.  3379  3 Started by  Xin Li We have a crystal bursting to hundreds of users every month. It worked before we upgraded to LBI and CRAS Now report bursting was crashed and user got pdf file unopenable. The error is 'The maximum report processing jobs limit configured by your system administrator has been reached.' It looks like LBI just overloaded CRAS server when brusting rendering report.Google the whole internet universe and change PrintJoblimit in registry, no luck so far. Any help appreciated.
3 3379
by  Greg MoellerJump to last post
09/16/2011 5:08 PM
3 Replies and 2866 Views LBI Email Delivery Scheduling  2866  3 Started by  jeff-lbi I have set up my email device in LBI, and perform a test delivery (we have also scheduled deliveries but have yet to get them) I have activated my email device as well. Which is through email, so why we don't get any other emails is confusing. When we do a test we get the following error: Unable to send content to host {0}. Simple and broad message, but just wondering if anyone had any insight Thx
3 2866
by  Ruma MalhotraJump to last post
09/15/2011 2:59 PM
1 Replies and 1272 Views Assigned role not stick with user in LBI  1272  1 Started by  Xin Li After we upgraded LBI to We found another crazy issue with LBI. In Lawson security we assigned four roles to a users. IF we go to manage users and roles it sometime show the user has four correct roles. After a while, two role disappeared from this users. Sync user and roles they may show up with four roles or only two roles. Anyone had such issue What are the solution
1 1272
by  Xin LiJump to last post
09/13/2011 2:03 PM
2 Replies and 2298 Views LBI timedout issue  2298  2 Started by  Xin Li We open LBI by click link in Lawson portal. However, we encounter page cannot display error everywhere in LBI after a period of time. We have to logout Portal and login back then reopen LBI. Even if portal prompt us to login again, it still have the same issue. This problem occured after we upgraded to LBI
2 2298
by  mark.cookJump to last post
09/09/2011 7:37 AM
6 Replies and 3628 Views LBI report field overlapping  3628  6 Started by  Xin Li We have a crystal report that has a longer field that is overlapping the field to its right. We shrank this field so that it will not overlap in crystal designer. However, when we publish the report to LBI, the report is displaying field overlapping. Anyone experienced this and any suggestiion
6 3628
by  Xin LiJump to last post
09/08/2011 10:20 AM
0 Replies and 2028 Views Budget Actual Reporting (K12)  2028  0 Started by  amynelson Has anyone had to create Crystal Reports to show Budget Actual for a K12 or similar customer This particular situation is that at Year End when the GL198 is run it shows all open PO's no longer as an commitment, but as an expense. So when they run budget analysis reports for period 12, prior fiscal year all Encumbrances and Commitments are zero and Expenses are increased and Budget remaining is reduced. The problem that I am finding is that when the GL198 is run, the commitment year and ...
0 2028
08/26/2011 10:09 AM
1 Replies and 1258 Views Solution Set for Reports - Report ID?  1258  1 Started by  George Graham How is anyone else handling this: Report is created on test LBI and validate by users. Report is attached to a dashboard - therefore the link in the dashboard has the ID of the report in the URL. The desire is to be able to make test and prod LBI identical - and utilize automated procedures to migrate stuff from test to prod. But when creating a solution set from test and then loading it on prod, when the report is loaded on prod it loads it as a new report with new ID. So for new reports ...
1 1258
by  Ruma MalhotraJump to last post
08/24/2011 11:26 AM
0 Replies and 2238 Views Reporting Services: Saved Parameters Option  2238  0 Started by  WRB Has anyone used the Reporting Services Option 'View with Saved Parameters' I am attempting to actually save a parameter but not having any luck. 1. I mark the option under Maintain Parameters 2. I run the report that has parameters 3. I complete the required parameters 4. I name the parameter set. 5. The report runs but when I go in the 'View with Saved Parameters' there is nothing there. Once I get the 'View with Saved Parameters' option to work how do I show it on the Dashbo...
0 2238
08/24/2011 10:13 AM
1 Replies and 1381 Views LBI Uploading Rights  1381  1 Started by  ric9d I had several RIGHTS uploaded to LBI. Then I scheduled bursted (crystal) report. However all users are getting a 'File is corrupted of damaged' error message. Interestingly, if I manually create a RIGHT and schedule the report, bursted and all that, it works! If anyone has any idea or has encountered this issue, please, please let me know. I have created a ticket for this with Lawson Global Support, however, sad to say, they are as CLUELESS as me!
1 1381
by  George GrahamJump to last post
08/23/2011 10:37 PM
0 Replies and 2143 Views Publishing a Crystal Report with a SubREport  2143  0 Started by  ric9d Can anybody tell me how to publish a Crystal report with a subreport in it If you could do it on a numbered step by step process then I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks.
0 2143
08/17/2011 8:42 AM
0 Replies and 1871 Views Options for saving Report output (file name) from LBI Dashboard  1871  0 Started by  Daksha Desai I have a link on a dashboard that creates a report in csv so that the user can save it. How can I set a file name with a type of txt for this Location (url) is: http://vmlbisrv.domain.corp:9080/ers/ersRequestHandler.jspCMD=VIEW&INSTANCEID=LATEST&OuterWrapper=true&NewReport=true&REPORTID=35&OutputType=csv
0 1871
08/16/2011 9:14 AM
4 Replies and 1868 Views Publishing ReportWriter Reports  1868  4 Started by  ric9d Is it possible to Publish reports written in report Writer I have been searching the web for a while and I havent a clue. If it is possible Can anybody tell me how to a step x step procedure will be most welcome. Thanks!
4 1868
by  Greg MoellerJump to last post
08/11/2011 8:23 AM
1 Replies and 1622 Views Bursting in LBI; user is noted as <device only user>  1622  1 Started by  ric9d I uploaded a bunch of users into LBI using import files. Some of them, those who has NEVER login to LBI (even if they were given access to it) would have their user id with '<device onlyuser>'. I bursted the report to 2 people, one who had accessed LBI before and the other never had. IT did not work, the former got his report but the latter didnt. Does anybody have any idea Do users HAVE TO HAVE lbi access to get an bursted/emailed report Thanks in advance.
1 1622
by  Greg MoellerJump to last post
08/10/2011 12:48 PM
3 Replies and 1707 Views Unable to export LBI report  1707  3 Started by  TBonney OK, this is a wierd one... I have a user who is attempting to export the output of a Crystal report run from an LBI dashboard. The report runs fine, but just won't export for her. Also, other users are able to successfully run and export the same report & save their results locally. However, when this particular user hits the export icon, the cursor simply displays this wierd little yellow icon that looks like some sort of sunburst with a squigley red outline. But, there is no text displa...
3 1707
by  mark.cookJump to last post
08/05/2011 1:11 PM
3 Replies and 1461 Views Search box in framework services?  1461  3 Started by  George Graham Anyone know how to remove the search box that shows up for LBI Since this is linked into portal both search boxes are showing up and confusing users. I'm sure I can dig and find it but thought I would see if anyone has already done the leg work. Thanks.
3 1461
by  Chris MartinJump to last post
08/01/2011 1:27 PM
4 Replies and 2022 Views Options for export?  2022  4 Started by  Greg Moeller Just asking a question (at least for now). Is there any option available to export an LBI report automatically to a file share  We'd like to keep a couple reports, and don't want to have the manual task of daily saving the emailed versions. Thanks for any suggestions, -Greg
4 2022
by  Greg MoellerJump to last post
07/12/2011 2:43 PM
6 Replies and 2731 Views RW100 copy to Crystal  2731  6 Started by  BShort I was just at CUE and heard that we can take the RW100 and have it copied into Crystal without rebuilding the report in Crystal after all the work was completed in RW100. How do I do accomplish this task Thank you.
6 2731
by  AmyVJump to last post
06/29/2011 2:19 PM
1 Replies and 1167 Views LBI 902 compatibility with Lawson S3 901  1167  1 Started by  Deleted User Greetings Gurus! Is anyone running LBI version 902 with S3 Lawson Apps 901  We are preparing for an apps upgrade from Apps 9msp6 to Apps 901.  Anyone have any input on the required changes for LBI  Your input as always is much appreciated! Joanna
1 1167
by  George GrahamJump to last post
06/22/2011 1:36 PM
1 Replies and 1429 Views Filter a Smart Notification on a Dashboard Tab  1429  1 Started by  MCordero I've created a  Smart Notification with the username field set as a parameter. I can manually add the parameters to the URL to filter it with http://.....&paramcount=1&param0=&91;username&93;  What are the steps I need to take to dynamically show the information on a dashboard to filter according to the user viewing it  If not with username, then employeeID or possibly a specific Security Group
1 1429
by  Matthew NyeJump to last post
06/22/2011 12:27 AM
6 Replies and 4274 Views Drill Around question  4274  6 Started by  George Graham I know in Crystal Reports I can create a hyperlink using drill.jsp. And I can use query builder to get the specific drill strings. However, is there a way to do a full drill around similar to what pulls up in portal I.E., when I'm on the Employee field in HR11 and select drill I the menu of all drill arounds. I've tried capturing the calls from within portal but those calls are simply generating the drill lists and I assume the servlet is then building the form displayed....
6 4274
by  Fernando LabradaJump to last post
06/14/2011 4:53 PM
2 Replies and 2772 Views QuickStep Crystal Reports - How to view data  2772  2 Started by  ErikaS Hello, For the life of me, I cannot successfully connect a Lawson QuickStep Crystal Report to my data source. Out of the box, the data source is set to I preview the data, it prompts for parameters (which I fill out) then it prompts for data source, username and password.  I fill in the data source credentials that I want to use and I get the following: 'Failure to retrieve data from the database. A failure occurred  during the generation of schema inf...
2 2772
by  Ruma MalhotraJump to last post
06/14/2011 4:38 PM
3 Replies and 2911 Views RW100 for Crystal Report  2911  3 Started by  wintergreen I'm trying to do a RW100 as a data source to Crystal Report for budget report. How do you define a RW report which includes all the account units Currently we have one RW report for one account unit in RW100.  So we have 50 RW100 reports for each account unit for its budget report.  Is it supposed to have all the account units in one RW when you want to use it as a data source for Cystal Report ( Each account units have the same account number for salaries, bene...
3 2911
by  wintergreenJump to last post
05/26/2011 9:29 AM
3 Replies and 1470 Views email bursting  1470  3 Started by  wintergreen I am able to burst smart note by process levels through email.  I created a list which mapping the pocess levels and users's email addresses. The question I have is if someone has multiple process levels,  he will receive multiple emails; each email is for each process level's data.  I wonder if there is a way to put all his process levels' data into one email only Any input will be much appreciated.  Thanks!
3 1470
by  Matthew NyeJump to last post
05/24/2011 2:51 AM
1 Replies and 1913 Views Other BI tools Compatible with LBI  1913  1 Started by  Ruma Malhotra I am just curious to find out if anybody is using other BI tools that are non lawson supplied especially the analytics suite and whether you were sucessful in deploying thes BI enabled graphs, grids etc to LBI. I am particluarly interested in finding out more about microstrategy and silver light. Would love to hear about your experiences with these tools not for only reporting but for analytics. Thanks in advance.
1 1913
by  Matthew NyeJump to last post
05/20/2011 12:57 AM
2 Replies and 1920 Views 3 Tools dashboards ?  1920  2 Started by  Greg Moeller Hi, All! Here's the issue:  The other day, I started seeing 2 Tools dashboards.  (I'm basically the guy that takes care of the technical stuff with LBI). I have a user here in IT that sees 3 Tools dashboards.  They are all identical (as far as I can tell). How do I differentiate between them to tell which is the 'real' tools dashboard and delete the other 2 Anyone ever had this happen to them Thanks in advance, -Greg
2 1920
by  Greg MoellerJump to last post
05/19/2011 12:04 PM
4 Replies and 2321 Views LBI security / users  2321  4 Started by  Chris - MIBH Created a new list with a couple filters and loaded to the module on the dashboard.  We are using Lawson security groups for access and bursting.  When user click on the link in the module they are converetde to my, or the list/report ownwers log in and security.  Anyone seen this before  We syncronized users but it did not fix the problem.  We are on Help
4 2321
by  Chris - MIBHJump to last post
05/18/2011 12:08 PM
8 Replies and 1522 Views Unable to view Framework Services System Adimin Tools with DSSO - Pls help  1522  8 Started by  Ganesh R Hi I've installed LBI, DSSO & have intergrated with existing LSF 9 Portal. However, after logging in, I noticed that the Framework Services System Admin Tool is missing. This happens when I login as Framework services (like http://hostname:9080/efs) as well as in Portal. However, if I change the authentication to File Authentication, this issue does not appear I see complete menu. Has anyone come across this type of error earlier Any input is appreciated. Tks.
8 1522
by  Ganesh RJump to last post
05/16/2011 11:42 AM
5 Replies and 1771 Views On Demand Crystal Reports in Reporting Services  1771  5 Started by  WRB We have several reports published in Reporting Services ( all of the reports are written in Crystal 2008 and have parameters.  When I request the report(in LBI) (on demand) it takes 30 seconds to return the parameter screen.  Does anyone have suggestions on how to speed this up  This is a new install so any fine tuning suggestions is much appreciated. Thanks
5 1771
by  WRBJump to last post
05/05/2011 5:27 PM
1 Replies and 1399 Views Array Summaries that will not Print  1399  1 Started by  Donna I have been working on an Employee Position Report and created an array for all the departments to roll up into the union and report summaries. The array is capturing all the departments and printing them individually but it will not print them all simultaneously in the format we need for the Union Group Summary. The issue is not documented on the Lawson forums. Some Crystal internet forums documented the issue as a Crystal 2008 issue. I employed their print suggestions but none of them work wit...
1 1399
by  DonnaJump to last post
05/02/2011 7:25 PM
6 Replies and 3614 Views LBI authentication against ADAM  3614  6 Started by  Anne-Marie hi, We try to setup LBI authentication against ADAM. We use advanced ldap/msad settings. Our ADAM contains groups and members for example G_LBIAdmins. After making the changes in the configurationAssistant, we restart IBM websphere.  The next step is to do an Authentication test in the InstallValidator. But we never pass this test. Always the same error : (security:3004) Login failed. The userid or password entered is not valid, or the specified user does not have access to thi...
6 3614
by  Anne-MarieJump to last post
04/29/2011 4:04 PM
0 Replies and 1732 Views Lawson Webinar today at 10:00 AM and 1:00 AM on LSO  1732  0 Started by  Ruma Malhotra Topic: Constructing Efficient Data Queries Using Lawson Add-Ins for Microsoft Office Host: Lawson Webinars Date and Time: Thursday, April 28, 2011 10:00 am, Central Daylight Time (Chicago, GMT-05:00) Event Number: 665 619 705 Event Password: This event does not require a password Registration ID: This event does not require an enrollment ID Topic: Work Smarter with Lawson Smart Office Host: Lawson Webinars Date and Time: Thursday, April 28, 2011 1:00 pm, Central Daylight ...
0 1732
04/28/2011 9:19 AM
5 Replies and 2917 Views On Demand Reports in Reporting Services  2917  5 Started by  ISO Dan Does anyone know how to run an on demand Crystal report in reporting services without scheduling it and retain its history We just want to be able to run the report and not have to go through the set up of scheduling it.
5 2917
by  Matthew NyeJump to last post
04/28/2011 12:50 AM
1 Replies and 1290 Views Add Parameter Values to Instance Name or Description  1290  1 Started by  ISO Dan Does anyone know how to add parameters to the instance name or description automatically  We want our cost center managers to be able to easily tell which period the report is run  (older periods sometimes need to be rerun and it sometimes get confusing) instead of them having to go into each report. I know you can edit the instance name but we have over 50 reports and it would be a pain to have to edit 50 instance names.  Is there a way to display the parameters or append to ...
1 1290
by  Matthew NyeJump to last post
04/27/2011 8:22 AM
6 Replies and 3397 Views Can you join PRDISTRIB to PRTIME?  3397  6 Started by  Gail Can you join the PRDISTRIB table to PRTIME I need to join the PRDISTRIB table to PRTIME so that I can get the hours from PRTIME. The reason I'm using PRDISTRIB is we have pr23 records therefore the distribution accounting unit is different in prdistrib then what is in prtime. I need to create a report that shows where the amount landed in GL and the associated hours (which do not write to gl). Thank you for your assistance in advance!
6 3397
by  Carolyn LeeJump to last post
04/26/2011 1:51 PM
0 Replies and 1352 Views Viewing a work file in LBI  1352  0 Started by  maryclare hi all - i am wondering if anyone has used webrpt.exe to display files in LBI  i have done this before to display a print manager file, but i would now like to be able to display a work file (csv format) in LBI.  i am unable to use webrpt.exe, since the file path does not exist in the USERRPT table.  is there another way to display a file from the server (unix server) through a link in portal or - maybe there is a way to 'register' the work file in the USERRPT table th...
0 1352
04/20/2011 11:01 AM
0 Replies and 2322 Views Suppress Crystal Viewer Error messages?  2322  0 Started by  George Graham Have a report link on a dashboard that provides users with only access to report instances - i.e., if no instance has been created it does not run on demand. This gets controlled with permissions properly. However, when users click this link - since they do not have data refresh permission - it gives them a 'somewhat' cryptic page stating: Message: This report doesn't have saved data, it can't be viewed, exported or printed without invoking a data...
0 2322
04/19/2011 10:19 PM
4 Replies and 1342 Views SmartNotes to open Crystal and jump to a page  1342  4 Started by  David Williams Can you set up a Crystal Report with links (in our case to an Activity value) and open the report to that point in the report If you can, can you open a Crystal Report from a URL link in SmartNotes If yes to both, can you pass the Activity number as a parameter in this SmartNote URL link so the Crystal Report opens and jumps to that Activity
4 1342
by  David WilliamsJump to last post
04/13/2011 2:30 AM
1 Replies and 1211 Views Displaying Reports on Dshaboards - CR2008 LBI9041  1211  1 Started by  Nick We upgraded LBI to a few weeks ago and just upgrade Crystal RAS to CR 2008 this morning.  One change we noticed is that CR 2008 now has tabs along the tops of the reports.  My guess is that any expanded groups will open in new tabs like they do in the Designer. This will be nice for those type of reports.  However, our problem is that there are a few reports that we have displayed directly in dashboard modules.  We hide the Group Tree and Toolbar so they just show ...
1 1211
by  George GrahamJump to last post
04/12/2011 10:09 AM
12 Replies and 2379 Views Automatically database connection  2379  12 Started by  wintergreen When refresh data on the report for the first time, LBI will prompt the screen to ask user to enter ID and password to connect database. How to make it without asking user ID and password to connect to database I have enter the ID and password under the data settings screen in the report administration and also tried to create a datasource but nothing work I used SQL OLEDB connection. Any idea Thanks
12 2379
by  Matthew NyeJump to last post
04/11/2011 10:06 AM
2 Replies and 1085 Views Limit on the Number of rows to burst in smart notifications  1085  2 Started by  Ruma Malhotra Is there a maximum limit on the number of rows smart notes can burst For eg I am trying to write a smart notes that has more than 5500 rows of data and would like smart notes to burst each row. Has anybody experienced this issue What was your solution
2 1085
by  Ruma MalhotraJump to last post
04/09/2011 10:58 AM
2 Replies and 1588 Views DME substitute- RW?  1588  2 Started by  Nabil Hello Gurus, So we know very well that in order to create custom crystal report that use user level security, OleDB is an option. We also know that OleDb is really really sllllowwwww So, are there any other alternatives to this painful reality Can there be OleDb reports written with a language other then DME How about SQLOLEDB Thanks much,
2 1588
by  mikePJump to last post
04/08/2011 2:44 PM
1 Replies and 1200 Views Datasource for LTM?  1200  1 Started by  George Graham Anyone set up one of these yet within Reporting Services
1 1200
by  NabilJump to last post
04/08/2011 9:14 AM
23 Replies and 12581 Views LBI tables and/or data dictionary  12581  23 Started by  Greg Moeller Does anyone know if a data dictionary exists for the 3 schemas that LBI installs&160; We are specifically interested in the Reporting Services schema, but Framework Services, and SmartNotes would also be helpful. Field names, sizes, descriptions, links to other tables, whatever exists out there. Thanks much, -Greg Moeller
23 12581
by  Greg MoellerJump to last post
04/07/2011 12:01 PM
8 Replies and 1988 Views Automatic device import  1988  8 Started by  Greg Moeller I have been tasked with finding a way to automate the import of delivery devices for both Reporting Services and Smart Notifications. I can get a file created and it will work going through the 'wizard', but am wondering if there is a way that I can automate or script this This would cut down on errors, save time, save confusion.  ie someone changes their name, their email address changes too.  If we could figure out how to automate the import to both update and create new devices...
8 1988
by  mark.cookJump to last post
04/07/2011 9:47 AM
1 Replies and 1717 Views Here we go GURUS!! Automate on demand report scheduling  1717  1 Started by  George Graham OK - trying to be very creative with this. Have reports that are not on-demand reports, but can't be scheduled at the same interval each period. Instead of allowing a group of users access to schedule a report to execute the thought was that we could come up with a java hack of some kind to give them the option to 'kick off' the report to run as a scheduled instance. I know that I can create a link on a dashboard (or on an icon next to a report link) with something like the following and it w...
1 1717
by  George GrahamJump to last post
04/05/2011 4:08 PM
0 Replies and 1090 Views Control characters in ers_reportdatasources  1090  0 Started by  Greg Dey While trying to troubleshoot a problem with publishing reports in LBI, I noticed that all the records in ers_reportdatasources have a 'square' after the value in reportdatasource. Looks like maybe control characters  I am using TOAD to view the data. Our database is Oracle 10g. Does anyone else have this issue
0 1090
04/01/2011 10:49 AM
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