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Last Post 12/23/2015 3:03 PM by  thummel1
Parameters in LBI
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12/23/2015 3:03 PM
    Hi, I am using Crystal Reports (which is reading from a table in MS Access and is not an approved Data Source in LBI) to generate an LBI report. Because the report is using a data source that is not approved for distribution, the end users can only view it by selecting "View this Instance" in the LBI report. I would like to add a parameter that allows the end-user to select multiple Process Levels. I have tried to add an LBI parameter, but it seems to only allow one Process Level and not multiple.

    Is there a trick to getting a parameter in LBI to allow the end user to select multiple options, say, from a drop down list, based on a data field in the report? (e.g. like a dynamic parameter)?

    I already tried creating a parameter within the Crystal Report. That works just fine in Crystal, but the parameter isnt being recognized once refreshed in LBI, so I thought building directly within LBI may do the trick.

    Your suggestions are welcome!
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