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Last Post 07/31/2015 12:07 PM by  Robby
SCM Reporting - Cycle Count Variances
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07/31/2015 12:07 PM
    Since this is a reporting question pertaining to SCM, I posted in both places in hopes of finding someone who knows just what I need!

    I'll let you know up front, I'm new to reporting for Supply Chain, so if this is too easy of a question....don't hold that against me!

    The business wants me to create a report (custom, of course!) to highlight the cycle count variances. Apparently, Lawson only tells you 0 (zero) variance if your count is greater than the expected count.

    But, here's my question, the data I want is in the ICFREEZE table (fields: FREEZE_QTY & COUNT_QTY).

    Come to find out, this table is wiped clean at the end of the cycle count process. Does this information 'live' somewhere else for 'historical' purposes?
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