Optio Software - RAD Printer Solution

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Marisol E
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    Are there any Infor/Lawson clients using Optio Software or similar for MSCM RAD? We need to be able to print scan-able barcoded labels with some of the information that originates from our paper delivery ticket. ​Our designated RQC requesters are required to enter delivery location information into RQC when placing orders, which in turn, appears in our ‘Deliver To’ comments on the paper delivery ticket.  We don’t have any label size requirements other than the fact that we currently use a 2.25x4 label and it can’t be any smaller than that.  Additionally, for those items that come through the hospital without a purchase order (which is substantial), we will need to be able to produce a barcoded label that pulls from a specific delivery location database. 


    Recommendations much appreciated!