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Last Post 5/22/2023 12:44 PM by  Kat V
Best Practices for Storing Customer Account Numbers
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mr shickadance
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5/18/2023 6:55 PM


    We currently store our vendor's customer's numbers in our purchase froms via AP10.2/PO10.2 but encountering issues where the PO is splitting if the purchase from differs on a rec with multiple lines. 

    We are storing that account information for the buyers in our organization, but wondering if there is a better way to store the numbers within Infor. It's purely informationaly and for us, seemingly does not drive anything but it does cause issues in generating the PO. 


    I found this link : when searching but the last post was from 2013, wondering if anything more recent has come up. 



    Kat V
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    5/22/2023 12:44 PM
    We did a workaround by storing the data in ED40 as if the vendor was an EDI connection and then working with MHC to get that printed on our PO Overlay. If you are just wanting to store them - we were using the userfields and comments on PO10.1.
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