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Last Post 9/11/2019 4:45 PM by  Kat V
Recall Management Software
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9/11/2019 4:33 PM

    What is everyone using to track recalls?  We don't have the Infor Lawson version that has the recall management currently and won't for a couple years.  We currently have a manual process in Supply Chain where we identify departments that have or have used the supply in question, email managers of those affected departments if the item is not in their Omnicells to have them locate supplies in their different areas, require them to respond to our request to segregate, educate, or dispose.  Once responses are received SCO fills out any necessary paperwork and returns to manufacturer or vendor.


    The SCO portion of the process works very well for processing Recalls but we constantly struggle with getting responses from department managers and tracking who and who hasn't responded can be a labor intensive process.  What system or tools are others using to keep on track with Recalls?  does your system integrate with Infor Lawson?

    Kat V
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    9/11/2019 4:45 PM
    We're using ECRI's Alert Tracker. We send them a PO History file and that allows them to mark items showing as used by our organization vs everything else. It's automated but it was a sql statement that we're using IPA to produce so it's not "integrated" - more maintained. Items we've purchased show up with an "auto match" flag to let the user know the part number was inhouse at some point. They have to respond to an alert to clear it from their task list.

    There are two types of users - ones that must respond and ones that are "FYI" (Risk, etc). SCM runs reports monthly on response rates and sends to the CNOs and Risk. We are at 93% resolution rate at the moment.
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