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Last Post 03/23/2015 9:20 AM by  ISO Dan
Http calls not working in Design Studio 10
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03/23/2015 9:20 AM

    We are in the process of upgrading some of our design studio forms are havinig problems kicking off buttons and scripts that have a HTTP call in them. 

    First issue, if we create a button on a "New" form calling it ZA99 to bring up Google it does not work.  If we create a new button on a pre-existing form it does.

    Second issue, when trying to populate dropdowns using the HS10 form works in 9 but does not work in 10.  We call HS10 to get the supervisor's direct reports to populate the dropdown.

    In 10, we do have the new security model and in 9 we are using LAUA.  Open to any thoughts or suggestions.

    Thank you,

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