webrpt.exe/USERRPT table entry

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    hi all -

    i am trying to display a work file from a lawson job through the portal, but i can not do it using webrpt.exe, since the file path does not exist in the USERRPT table in GEN.  i receive an error that says "invalid file. must be in USERRPT".

    is there a (systematic) way that i can add the path name for a work file to the USERRPT table?  will that alone solve the issue?

    John Henley
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      Have you looked into the "loadrptsp" utility?=
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      Ragu Raghavan
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        Are you trying to view it from the Print Manager ? If so, I think the workfile needs to created as file media PRINTER in workdef
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          john -
          just tried to use loadrpts. it created an entry for me in USERRPTS, but when i try to view the file, i get a message that says "Could not open output Work File". -- ??

          ragu -
          i'm not trying to view the report from the print manager, but it would be ok if the file is viewable there. i would like to be able to view the file (CSV file) using a URL in portal.

          thanks for your help!
          Ragu Raghavan
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            How about something like the example below ?

            file://YOUR_COMPUTER_IP_ADDRESS/drive$/filename.txt (file://123.456.78/c$/file.xls

            Examples of shortcuts and bookmarks that can be created within the Lawson Portal

            Article ID:5383178

            Do you have examples of shortcuts and bookmarks that can be created in the Lawson Portal?


            File on my PC file://YOUR_COMPUTER_IP_ADDRESS/drive$/filename.txt (file://123.456.78/c$/file.xls

            Program on my PC c:/Program Files/Microsoft Office/office11/EXCEL.EXE

            My Favorite Website www.lawson.com

            IOSCacheRefresh (Open in a new window) http://machname/servlet/IOSCacheRefresh

            Job Scheduler /lawson/portal/reports/userdocs.htm

            Lawson Form LAWFORM|PDL=APP803|TKN=HR11.1

            Lawson Menu LAWFORM|TKN=LAMN.0

            Custom Portal Page LAWPAGE|file=ap_basic_process.xml

            Customized Lawson Form LAWFORM|PDL=prodline|TKN=formid|ID=CustomFormName (Example: LAWFORM|TKN=AP001.|ID=ap00.1CUSTOM)

            Self Service Form /lawson/hrnet/benefit.htm

            Additional Information:
            See the following documents for additional information related to My Shortcuts:
            Lawson Knowledge Base Article 90196 , titled: "How to create shortcuts to print files and the job scheduler in the Lawson Portal"
            Lawson Knowledge Base Article 116741 , titled: "Portal shortcuts do not work; Portal error: "Access is Denied"
            design studio form bookmark Examples of shortcuts that can be created within the Lawson Portal custom form bookmark parent bookmark urls bookmark url shortcut url link hyperlink

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