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Last Post 10/14/2013 10:03 AM by  Karin
Changing host name in grid?
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10/11/2013 2:15 PM
    The host name was set up with short name - not FQDN. So when the installation point gets signed its signed with the short name which then causes the client install to fail with the SSL error. I can "back door" this by changing the host name in the MachineConfig.xml on the appdata folder on the client - and then it works fine and the install works and can connect the client - but would rather fix this on the server side and resign the installation point.

    I've changed the actual host name - but the problem is the grid, etc...has the short name embedded in a lot of places.

    Anyone know what all would need to be modified? Or - is it better off removing the apps and the grid and reinstalling the grid and then everything after that?
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    10/14/2013 10:03 AM
    Well there is a way to change this but you need to do it both for the Grid and Smart Office. As for Smart Office this information is stored in the LCM database so it involve manually changing stuff which is not documented in the Admin guide.
    As for the grid there is a task called reconfigure host that is described in the admin guide. I know there was an issue with the host certificate not being updated in which case you need to update the ceritficate for the grid (should be done automatically).

    Once this is done you can access the LCM database and check where the installation point URL is stored - and change it in the database. This is not documented but I can send you my notes if you contact me directly.

    But overall I would rather just re-install if this is a new installation.
    Regards Karin
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