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AP150 - Cash Requirements

Run AP150 (Cash Requirements) to schedule released invoices for payment. Use
the Main folder to define required parameters for the program. Use the Select
Options folder to define options used to restrict which invoices are scheduled
for payment. Use the Sort Options folder to define options used for sorting

AP150 uses the Pay Thru Date and Payment Date you define to schedule invoices
for payment and determine whether invoice discounts are taken. It also uses
the Payment Date to revalue non-base currency invoices.

AP150 schedules all invoices that have a due date on or before the Pay Thru
Date you define. Invoices marked for immediate payment are scheduled
regardless of their due dates. The Payment Date you define determines whether
the system takes invoice discounts. If you select the Take All Discounts
option, AP150 takes the available discount on all invoices scheduled for
payment regardless of their discount dates.

The program creates a listing of the number of payments scheduled, calculated
gain and loss amounts to be transferred to the general ledger by AP170
(Payment Closing), and amount of discounts lost by vendor. The listing also
indicates which individual payments are for pay vendors that share multiple
invoiced vendors.

If AP150 schedules invoices for payment that you do not want scheduled in the
current payment cycle, you have several options to prevent the invoices from
being selected. Make changes and rerun AP150 as many times as you need until
the listing includes only the invoices you want scheduled for payment.

* Change invoice due dates or discount dates in AP30.3 (Payment Schedule
Adjustment). Re-run AP150.

* Place selected invoices or vendors on hold in AP40 (Hold Selection). Re-run

* Assign a user-defined invoice group to the invoices you want scheduled for
payment in AP30.3 (Payment Schedule Adjustment). Run AP150 for the invoice

* Assign a pay immediately indicator to the invoices you want scheduled for
payment in AP30.3 (Payment Schedule Adjustment) or AP40.1 (Invoice Hold
Selection). Run AP150 with Yes in the Pay Immediately Only field.

After AP150 creates a satisfactory listing with Yes in the Update field, run
AP155 (Payment Forms Creation), AP157 (Laser Payment Forms Creation), AP160
(Payment Tape Creation), or AP161 (Electronic Payment Creation).

Updated Files

    APHLDINV   -

    APMONITOR  - Creates and deletes monitor file records.

    APPAYMENT  - Primary file for creating payments.

    CBBANKINST - Validates payment code and updates used flag.

    CBCASHCODE - Validates cash code and updates used flag.

    CBCHECK    - Creates, updates, and deletes payment records.

    CBCPYCASH  - Validates company-cash code relationship and updates used flag.

    CKPOINT    - Updates check point record.

Referenced Files

    APCOMMENTS - Edits for comments exist condition.

    APCOMPANY  - Validates company.

    APHOLDCODE - Validates hold codes.

    APINVOICE  - Updates scheduled invoice records.



    APPROCLEV  - Validates process level.

    APUSER     -



    APVENCLASS - Validates vendor class.

    APVENGROUP - Validates vendor group.

    APVENLOC   - Validates alternate vendor locations.

    APVENMAST  - Validates vendor master.

    CBCASHFORM - Validates cash format.


    CBUSER     - Validates user can access cash code.

    CBUSRCLASS - Validates all users for cash code.

    CUCONV     - Retrieves current currency exchange rate.

    CURELAT    - Validates currency relationships.



    GLADDRESS  - Retrieves company name.

    GLCHART    -

    GLSYSTEM   - Validates general ledger company.

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