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BN181 - Invoice Print

**Form Purpose
Run Invoice Print (BN181) to print premium invoices for COBRA participants
and retirees.

**Processing Effect
BN181 updates the retiree's Billing Period field in BN00.1 (Benefits Company)
and the COBRA Premium Billing Period field in BN00.2 (COBRA Parameters).

Updated Files

    BNCOMPANY  - The Benefit Company Parameters file is accessed by this report.

    BNINVDETL  - The Benefit Investment Detail file is accessed by this report.

    CKPOINT    - The Check Point file is used to allow recovery.

Referenced Files

    EMPLOYEE   - The Employee file is used to access retiree information.


    PARTICIPNT - The COBRA Participant file is used to access COBRA participant

    PLAN       - The Benefit Plan file is used to access plan information.

    PRSYSTEM   - The HR Company and Process Levels file is used to verify
                 company information.