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                            INSTCTRYCD FILE


AC03.1    AC03.2    AC03.3    AC03.4    AC03.5    AC03.6
AC03.7    AC10.1    AC113     AC12.2    AC121     AC123
AC130     AC131     AC145     AC160     AC17.3    AC17.4
AC18.2    AC18.3    AC190     AC191     AC195     AC197
AC198     AC20.1    AC20.2    AC20.3    AC20.4    AC20.5
AC210     AC246     AC256     AC32.1    AC34.1    AC346
AC35.1    AC36.1    AC37.1    AC40.1    AC40.2    AC40.4
AC40.5    AC41.1    AC41.2    AC41.4    AC41.5    AC41.7
AC42.1    AC42.4    AC45.1    AC45.2    AC45.4    AC45.5
AC46.1    AC46.2    AC46.3    AC490     AC494     AC50.1
AC500     AC52.1    AC520     AC54.1    AC540     AC62.1
AC94.4    ACVW.1    AM01.1    AM01.2    AM01.3    AM05.1
AM06.1    AM06.2    AM06.3    AM06.5    AM06.6    AM09.1
AM115     AM117     AM118     AM12.1    AM120     AM125
AM135     AM145     AM15.1    AM15.2    AM15.3    AM15.4
AM152     AM154     AM16.1    AM170     AM18.1    AM18.2
AM180     AM185     AM190     AM192     AM195     AM20.1
AM20.2    AM20.3    AM20.4    AM20.5    AM20.6    AM20.7
AM20.8    AM205     AM206     AM21.1    AM21.2    AM21.3
AM21.4    AM21.5    AM21.6    AM21.7    AM21.8    AM211
AM212     AM214     AM220     AM221     AM222     AM223
AM224     AM225     AM230     AM235     AM240     AM241
AM245     AM25.1    AM250     AM251     AM252     AM255
AM260     AM265     AM266     AM267     AM270     AM275
AM277     AM278     AM280     AM281     AM282     AM285
AM287     AM290     AM292     AM295     AM30.1    AM30.2
AM30.3    AM300     AM310     AM320     AM35.1    AM40.1
AM40.2    AM40.3    AM40.4    AM41.1    AM41.2    AM45.1
AM500     AM501     AM502     AM51.1    AM52.1    AM551
AM580     AM60.1    AM70.1    AM75.1    AM80.1    AM85.1
AM88.7    AM90.1    AM90.4    AM90.5    AM90.6    AM91.1
AM91.4    AM91.5    AM92.1    AM93.1    AM95.1    AM95.4
AM95.5    AM95.6    AM96.1    AM97.1    AM98.1    AM99.1
AP00.4    AP00.5    AP00.7    AP01.1    AP02.1    AP05.1
AP05.2    AP05.7    AP05.8    AP10.1    AP10.2    AP10.3
AP10.9    AP115     AP125     AP126     AP130     AP131
AP150     AP151     AP155     AP156     AP16.1    AP16.2
AP161     AP166     AP170     AP175     AP176     AP180
AP181     AP185     AP190     AP191     AP193     AP195
AP200     AP201     AP220     AP237     AP25.1    AP25.2
AP255     AP26.1    AP260     AP265     AP27.1    AP275
AP28.1    AP28.2    AP30.2    AP30.4    AP305     AP510
AP520     AP55.1    AP55.2    AP56.1    AP56.2    AP58.1
AP80.1    AP81.1    AP90.5    AP91.4    AP95.2    AP95.3
API1.1    API2.1    API3.1    API4.1    AR01.1    AR02.1
AR09.1    AR09.4    AR10.1    AR115     AR124     AR129
AR13.1    AR13.2    AR130     AR131     AR135     AR137
AR14.1    AR141     AR161     AR180     AR190     AR194
AR196     AR199     AR20.1    AR21.1    AR21.2    AR21.3
AR219     AR24.1    AR250     AR251     AR252     AR253
AR255     AR256     AR271     AR28.1    AR29.1    AR29.2
AR29.3    AR290     AR30.1    AR30.6    AR30.8    AR31.5
AR31.6    AR33.1    AR33.3    AR33.5    AR33.6    AR34.1
AR34.2    AR35.1    AR35.2    AR37.1    AR37.2    AR37.3
AR37.4    AR37.5    AR37.6    AR37.7    AR42.1    AR42.2
AR42.6    AR42.7    AR43.1    AR44.3    AR48.1    AR48.3
AR501     AR502     AR504     AR550     AR560     AR570
AR575     AR580     AR75.1    AR80.1    AR80.2    AR82.1
ARLL.1    BL00.1    BL01.1    BL02.1    BL04.1    BL120
BL121     BL122     BL123     BL125     BL130     BL199
BL20.1    BL20.3    BL20.6    BL202     BL204     BL21.2
BL21.5    BL217     BL220     BL231     BL246     BL29.1
BL29.2    BL290     BL291     BL31.1    BL31.2    BL31.3
BL31.5    BL31.7    BL32.3    BL32.4    BL33.1    BL331
BL34.1    BL46.1    BL46.2    BL520     BL530     BL546
BL80.1    BL80.3    BL802     BL81.1    BL82.1    BL820
BL85.1    BL85.2    BL90.1    BL92.1    BN00.1    BN00.2
BN01.1    BN01.2    BN15.1    BN150     BN171     BN181
BN190     BN20.1    BN201     BN234     BN245     BN248
BN258     BN270     BN285     BN331     BN48.1    BN70.1
BN80.1    BN81.1    BN81.2    BR00.1    BR00.2    BR02.3
BR10.1    BR11.1    BR120     BR121     BR122     BR130
BR131     BR14.1    BR140     BR16.1    BR17.1    BR19.1
BR20.1    BR20.2    BR20.3    BR20.4    BR20.5    BR20.6
BR20.7    BR21.1    BR21.2    BR210     BR211     BR216
BR217     BR220     BR400     BR41.1    BR41.4    BR420
BR43.1    BR44.1    BR45.1    BR450     BR46.1    BR46.2
BR46.3    BR46.4    BR521     BR530     BR96.1    BRIP.1
CB00.1    CB00.3    CB01.2    CB01.4    CB03.1    CB03.2
CB05.1    CB06.1    CB06.2    CB10.1    CB10.3    CB15.1
CB15.2    CB175     CB180     CB185     CB190     CB191
CB195     CB20.1    CB210     CB215     CB220     CB221
CB25.1    CB260     CB30.1    CB500     CB80.1    CB90.2
CB90.5    CXCP.1    DT150     DT155     DT160     DT165
DT166     DT170     DT180     DT181     DT185     DT190
DT30.1    DT30.2    DT40.1    DT45.1    DT520     DT60.1
DT60.2    DT70.1    DT70.3    DT80.1    DT85.1    DT85.2
DT90.1    DT92.1    EE135     EE175     EE20.1    EE20.2
EE20.3    EE20.4    EE220     EE230     EE275     EE35.1
EE35.2    EE520     CA00.1    CA00.2    CA05.1    CA10.1
CA10.2    CA10.4    CA10.5    CA10.6    CA10.7    CA110
CA15.1    CA15.2    CA160     CA190     CA195     CA199
CA210     CA215     CA240     CA290     CA60.1    FB10.1
FB100     FB101     FB11.1    FB11.2    FB111     FB120
FB121     FB122     FB141     FB145     FB160     FB165
FB190     FB195     FB20.1    FB20.2    FB20.3    FB20.4
FB20.6    FB20.7    FB21.1    FB210     FB211     FB220
FB225     FB230     FB231     FB235     FB240     FB25.1
FB265     FB295     FB296     FB30.1    FB31.1    FB35.1
FB40.1    FB40.2    FB40.3    FB40.4    FB45.1    FB60.1
FB65.1    FB95.1    FB95.2    FB95.3    FB95.4    FB95.5
FB95.6    GL110     GL120     GL122     GL135     GL141
GL145     GL146     GL147     GL148     GL165     GL167
GL170     GL179     GL190     GL191     GL195     GL196
GL197     GL199     GL230     GL235     GL238     GL240
GL241     GL243     GL245     GL250     GL267     GL270
GL275     GL281     GL290     GL291     GL292     GL293
GL294     GL295     GL296     GL298     GL30.1    GL30.2
GL300     GL310     GL320     GL325     GL326     GL327
GL328     GL330     GL36.1    GL40.1    GL40.2    GL40.3
GL40.4    GL40.5    GL40.6    GL40.7    GL40.8    GL41.1
GL41.3    GL41.4    GL43.1    GL44.1    GL45.1    GL50.1
GL50.2    GL50.4    GL50.5    GL500     GL55.1    GL65.1
GL65.3    GL67.1    GL70.1    GL70.2    GL70.3    GL70.5
GL70.6    GL75.1    GL90.1    GL90.2    GL90.3    GL90.4
GL90.5    GL90.6    GL94.1    GL94.2    GL94.3    GL94.4
GL94.5    GL94.6    GL94.7    GL95.1    GL95.2    GL95.3
GL95.4    GL95.5    GL95.6    GL95.7    GL95.8    GL95.9
GL96.1    GL96.2    GL96.3    GL96.4    GL96.5    GL97.1
GL97.2    GL97.3    GL97.4    GL97.5    GL97.6    GL97.7
GL97.8    GL97.9    GL98.1    GL98.2    GL98.3    GL98.4
GL98.5    GL99.1    GL99.2    GL99.3    GL99.4    GL99.5
GL99.6    RW00.1    RW10.2    RW10.3    RW10.4    RW10.6
RW10.7    RW100     RW20.5    RW20.6    RW60.1    RW60.4
RW70.1    HAP3.1    HEP4.1    HINT.1    HPOS.1    HPQC.1
HPRS.1    HR00.1    HR01.1    HR03.2    HR04.9    HR10.3
HR10.4    HR11.1    HR11.2    HR13.1    HR15.1    HR155
HR170     HR200     HR201     HR204     HR210     HR211
HR213     HR22.1    HR222     HR30.1    HR403     HR511
HR513     HR515     HR54.1    HR55.2    HR70.1    HR91.1
HR91.2    HR91.3    HR91.4    HR91.5    HRS1.1    HRSC.1
DR100     IC02.1    IC125     IC130     IC134     IC135
IC140     IC141     IC142     IC150     IC151     IC152
IC153     IC175     IC199     IC21.1    IC21.2    IC22.1
IC22.2    IC222     IC224     IC227     IC228     IC233
IC234     IC235     IC240     IC25.1    IC28.1    IC280
IC283     IC34.2    IC34.3    IC500     IC522     IC523
IC525     IC526     IC527     IC531     IC83.1    IC840
PC521     CU03.1    CU161     CU203     CU220     CU261
CU300     CU61.2    GL01.1    GL01.2    GL03.6    GL08.1
GL08.2    GL10.1    GL10.2    GL121     GL124     GL14.8
GL161     GL162     GL198     GL20.1    GL20.2    GL20.4
GL20.6    GL20.7    GL20.8    GL210     GL220     GL221
GL222     GL223     GL225     GL23.1    GL23.3    GL25.1
GL261     GL311     GL342     GL38.2    GL42.1    GL61.1
GL62.1    GLAV.1    GLCV.1    GLVW.1    IF00.1    IFAC.1
IFCU.1    IFFC.1    IFGT.1    IFOS.1    MX135     MA01.1
MA01.2    MA05.3    MA05.6    MA126     MA180     MA205
MA231     MA310     MA530     MA531     MA54.1    MA540
MA60.2    MA60.3    MA60.5    MA61.1    MA63.1    MA65.1
MA66.2    MA66.3    MA67.1    MA67.2    MA68.1    MA70.1
MA75.1    MA80.1    MAI1.1    OE10.1    OE10.2    OE10.3
OE10.4    OE10.5    OE10.6    OE10.7    OE10.8    OE11.1
OE11.4    OE11.8    OE11.9    OE110     OE111     OE112
OE113     OE114     OE116     OE129     OE13.2    OE13.3
OE13.5    OE13.6    OE130     OE14.3    OE14.4    OE16.1
OE230     OE254     OE260     OE270     OE271     OE272
OE284     OE285     OE286     OE290     OE291     OE292
OE293     OE294     OE30.1    OE30.2    OE30.3    OE30.4
OE30.5    OE30.6    OE30.7    OE30.9    OE330     OE510
OE53.1    OE530     OE54.1    OE60.1    OE80.1    OE80.2
OE81.1    OE81.2    OE810     OE830     OE85.1    OE85.3
OE86.1    OE90.1    OE90.2    PA02.1    PA100     PA102
PA113     PA115     PA12.1    PA120     PA13.1    PA13.2
PA16.1    PA17.1    PA18.1    PA182     PA19.1    PA20.1
PA21.1    PA212     PA217     PA218     PA219     PA22.1
PA231     PA232     PA233     PA24.1    PA27.1    PA272
PA290     PA292     PA31.1    PA311     PA32.1    PA325
PA33.1    PA34.1    PA35.1    PA36.1    PA372     PA38.1
PA502     PA512     PA513     PA52.1    PA52.3    PA52.4
PA52.5    PA520     PA53.1    PA531     PA532     PA533
PA54.1    PA590     PA594     PA66.3    PA90.1    PA92.1
TR07.1    TR207     TR21.1    TR22.1    TR26.1    TR500
PBIP.1    PO01.1    PO100     PO101     PO122     PO131
PO135     PO136     PO150     PO199     PO20.1    PO21.1
PO21.2    PO21.3    PO21.4    PO21.5    PO22.1    PO23.1
PO25.1    PO25.5    PO25.6    PO25.7    PO26.1    PO27.2
PO29.1    PO30.1    PO30.2    PO30.3    PO300     PO31.1
PO31.2    PO32.1    PO32.2    PO33.1    PO34.1    PO35.1
PO38.1    PO39.1    PO39.2    PO44.1    PO50.1    PO52.1
PO520     PO536     POA2.4    POCP.1    POI3.1    POI7.1
POID.1    POIE.1    POIF.1    POIH.1    POII.1    POIJ.1
POIM.1    PR01.1    PR03.1    PR05.1    PR05.3    PR110
PR113     PR12.1    PR12.3    PR12.4    PR120     PR128
PR13.1    PR13.5    PR13.6    PR13.8    PR130     PR131
PR132     PR134     PR136     PR137     PR14.1    PR141
PR160     PR180     PR196     PR197     PR198     PR20.2
PR201     PR206     PR226     PR247     PR250     PR26.1
PR260     PR29.1    PR297     PR32.1    PR32.2    PR33.1
PR33.2    PR33.3    PR35.1    PR35.2    PR35.3    PR35.4
PR35.5    PR35.6    PR35.8    PR35.9    PR36.1    PR37.1
PR38.1    PR45.1    PR47.1    PR51.3    PR512     PR52.1
PR529     PR530     PR560     PR82.1    PR85.1    PR999
PRSA.1    PRSC.1    UK102     UK141     UK330     UK47.1
UK85.1    UK85.2    MM280     RQ01.1    RQ10.1    RQ10.2
RQ10.3    RQ11.1    RQ12.1    RQ13.1    RQ13.2    RQ140
RQ235     RQ300     RQ35.1    RQ40.1    RQ41.1    RQ42.1
RQ44.1    RQ44.2    RQ500     RQ810     RQIF.1    SA03.1
SA100     SA252     SA254     SA256     SA261     SA271
SA281     SA291     SA300     SA80.2    SA90.2    SL40.1
SL40.4    SLVW.1    TA147     TA195     TA196     TP135
IN02.1    IN04.1    IN120     IN20.1    IN201     TX00.1
TX04.1    TX100     TX101     TX140     TX202     TX226
TX301     TX40.1    WH110     WH120     WH130     WH132
WH190     WH20.1    WH20.2    WH20.3    WH20.4    WH20.5
WH20.6    WH20.7    WH21.1    WH21.2    WH21.3    WH21.4
WH210     WH22.1    WH222     WH224     WH25.1    WH25.2
WH30.1    WH30.2    WH30.3    WH30.4    WH31.1    WH31.2
WH31.3    WH31.4    WH32.1    WH32.2    WH32.3    WH32.4
WH33.1    WH33.2    WH33.3    WH33.4    WH33.5    WH33.6
WH33.8    WH33.9    WH34.1    WH34.2    WH34.3    WH34.4
WH40.1    WH40.2    WH520     WH830     WO120     WO131
WO132     WO133     WO140     WO20.1    WO293     WO30.1
WO32.1    WO32.2    WO32.3    WO32.4    WO32.5    WO40.1
WO40.2    WO40.3    WO40.4    WO40.5    WO41.1    WO41.2
WO41.3    WO41.4    WO42.1    WO42.2    WO42.3    WO42.4
WO42.5    WO45.1    WODL.1    WOEX.1    WOSP.1


IN01.1    IN501


INT-COUNTRY-CODE       Alpha 2                                   IN01.1  IN501
Element: Country Code  The country code.  Required for VAT and
                       intrastat reporting.  Must be defined in
                        IN01.1 (Country Maintenance).

INT-EC-CTRY-NBR        Numeric 3                                 IN01.1  IN501
Element: Ec Ctry Nbr   The European Community Country number;
                       leave blank if not a member of the
                       European Community.

INT-ISO-CTRY-NBR       Numeric 3                                 IN01.1  IN501
Element: Iso Ctry Nbr  The ISO country number.

INT-COUNTRY-DESC       Alpha 30  (Lower Case)                    IN01.1  IN501
Element: Country Description

INT-EC-FLAG            Alpha 1                                   IN01.1  IN501
Element: Ec Flag       Set to Y if the country is a member of
                       the European Community. Used for
                       Intrastat processing.
                       Y = Country is a member of EC
                       N = Ctry is not a member of EC

INT-ADDR-FORMAT        Numeric 2                                 IN01.1  IN501
Element: Addr Format   01 = Address Format 1
                       02 = Address Format 2
                       03 = Address Format 3
                       04 = Address Format 4
                       05 = Address Format 5
                       06 = Address Format 6
                       07 = Address Format 7
                       08 = Address Format 8
                       09 = Address Format 9
                       10 = Address Format 10

                         INSTCTRYCD FILE INDEX


INTSET1   COUNTRY-CODE                                           AC03.1  AC03.2
                                                                 AC03.3  AC03.4
                                                                 AC03.5  AC03.6
                                                                 AC03.7  AC10.1
                                                                 AC113   AC12.2
                                                                 AC121   AC123
                                                                 AC130   AC131
                                                                 AC145   AC160
                                                                 AC17.3  AC17.4
                                                                 AC18.2  AC18.3
                                                                 AC190   AC191
                                                                 AC195   AC197
                                                                 AC198   AC20.1
                                                                 AC20.2  AC20.3
                                                                 AC20.4  AC20.5