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BN270 - COBRA Participant Listing

**Form Purpose
Run COBRA Participant Listing (BN270) to print a list of COBRA participants.
You can list all participants or only active participants.

The report shows each participant's name, number, address, telephone number,
occurrence date, and occurrence description.

**Processing Effect
To be included on the report as an active participant, the coverage
termination date on the COBRA participant record in BN70.2 (Participant Dates)
must be greater than or equal to the system date.

Updated Files

    CKPOINT    -

Referenced Files

    BNCOMPANY  - The Benefit Company Parameters file is used to verify company


    OCCURTYPE  - The COBRA Occurrence Type file contains occurrence type

    PARTICIPNT - The COBRA Participant file contains COBRA participant data.

    PRSYSTEM   - The HR Company and Process Levels file contains company
                 parameter data.