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PR214 - Employee Deduction Listing

**Form Purpose
Run Employee Deduction Listing (PR214) to print a list of deductions defined
for an employee. All information included in PR14.1 (Employee Deduction) is
listed on the report. The report also includes general ledger expense and
accrual accounts defined for deductions created by the Lawson Benefits system.

You can choose to print the report for all deductions defined for an
employee, or you can choose to run the report for up to 12 specific
deductions. You can define report parameters to list only employees associated
with a specific process level, department, user level, employee group, or
employee range.

Updated Files

    CKPOINT    -

Referenced Files

    DEDCODE    - Used to validate the deduction.

    DEPTCODE   - Used to validate the department.

    EMDEDMASTR - Used to retrieve employee deduction information.

    EMPLOYEE   - Used to retrieve employee information.

    HRSECLEV   - Used to validate the employee's data item security

    ONETMDED   - Used to retrieve one-time deduction information.

    PASCRTY    - Used to validate data item attributes; security level, if the
                 data item is to be logged, if the data item is required in a
                 program, and if the data item can be changed only by a
                 personnel action.

    PCODES     - Used to validate the user level.

    PERSGROUP  - Used to validate the employee group.

    PGEMPLOYEE - Used to retrieve the employees associated with an employee

    PREMDEDHST - Used to retrieve deduction and wage amounts.

    PRSYSTEM   - Used to validate the company.