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                              PASCRTY FILE

                     Data Item Attribute Parameters

Stores data item attributes defined in HR10.1 (Data Item Attributes) that
determine if a field is required, if you can update only by using a personnel
action, and if changes to the field should be logged. You can assign a
security level to data items in HR10.1 and HR68.1 (HR Writer Data Item
Security) to be used in conjunction with HR09 (User Data Item Security).


BN100     BN101     BN102     BN103     BN104     BN105
BN145     BN150     BN245     BN31.1    BN31.2    BN32.1
BN32.2    BN32.3    BN430     BN45.1    BN531     BN65.1
BN71.1    BN72.1    BS13.1    BS14.1    BS15.1    BS32.1
HAP3.1    HEMP.1    HEP4.1    HPOS.1    HPQC.1    HPRS.1
HR06.1    HR06.2    HR07.1    HR11.1    HR11.2    HR13.1
HR14.1    HR15.1    HR170     HR211     HR506     HR507
HR511     HR514     HR515     HR54.1    HR70.1    HR79.2
HRS1.1    HRSC.1    HS14.1    PA02.1    PA100     PA102
PA115     PA12.1    PA13.1    PA13.2    PA13.3    PA14.1
PA15.1    PA15.2    PA16.1    PA17.1    PA18.1    PA20.1
PA21.1    PA213     PA216     PA22.1    PA220     PA221
PA222     PA224     PA225     PA24.1    PA25.1    PA259
PA26.1    PA27.1    PA290     PA31.1    PA311     PA34.1
PA341     PA345     PA35.1    PA36.1    PA38.1    PA406
PA50.1    PA502     PA513     PA52.1    PA52.2    PA52.3
PA52.4    PA52.5    PA520     PA53.1    PA531     PA54.1
PA66.1    PA66.3    TR21.1    TR22.1    TR26.1    TR500
PR110     PR113     PR115     PR120     PR128     PR13.1
PR13.2    PR13.5    PR13.6    PR13.8    PR130     PR131
PR132     PR134     PR136     PR14.1    PR141     PR15.1
PR15.2    PR205     PR214     PR226     PR247     PR26.1
PR26.2    PR275     PR277     PR29.1    PR296     PR30.1
PR32.2    PR33.2    PR33.3    PR35.1    PR35.2    PR35.3
PR35.4    PR35.5    PR35.6    PR35.8    PR35.9    PR36.1
PR39.1    PR39.2    PR45.1    PR47.1    PR47.2    PR50.1
PR50.2    PR50.3    PR50.4    PR529     PR530     PR560
PR82.1    PRSC.1    UK102     UK141     UK277     UK47.1
UK47.2    TA147     TP135     HR65.2    HR65.4    HR65.5
HR65.7    PA202     PA42.1    PA42.3    PA535     HR210


HR00.1    HR01.1    HR10.1    HR10.2    HR10.3    HR10.4
HR55.1    HR55.2    HR55.3    HR68.1    PBIP.1    PR197
HR04.4    HR04.5    HR04.6


PAS-COMPANY            Numeric 4                                 HR00.1  HR01.1
Element: Company Hr    Contains the number that represents an    HR10.1  HR10.2
                       established company and is entered on     HR10.3  HR10.4
                       all functions.                            HR55.3  HR68.1

PAS-FLD-NBR            Numeric 4                                 HR00.1  HR01.1
Dictionary Field       Contains the HR data dictionary field     HR10.1  HR10.2
Number                 number.                                   HR10.3  HR10.4
                                                                 HR55.3  HR68.1

PAS-PERS-ACTION        Alpha 1                                   HR10.1  HR10.2
Element: Personnel ActiIndicates if the data item is             HR10.3  HR10.4
                       maintained through a personnel action.
                       X = Maintained by Personnel Action

PAS-LOG-FLAG           Alpha 1                                   HR00.1  HR01.1
Logfile Record         Indicates if the system should create     HR10.1  HR10.2
Created Flag           log records when the value of the data    HR10.3  HR10.4
                       item changes.
                       X = Log all changes to this field

PAS-REQ-FLAG           Alpha 1                                   HR00.1  HR01.1
Element: Req Flag      Indicates if the data item is required    HR10.1  HR10.2
                       information on the employee record.       HR10.3  HR10.4
                       X = Field is required

PAS-DEFAULT-FLG        Numeric 1                                 HR10.2  HR10.3
Element: Default Flg   1 = Not a Default                         HR10.4
                       2 = Default; Overwrite
                       3 = Default; No Overwrite

PAS-TOPIC              Alpha 2                                   HR00.1  HR01.1
Element: Topic         Contains the topic with which the data    HR10.1  HR10.2
                       item is associated.                       HR10.3  HR10.4
                       D = (start of Emp&Ded range)              HR55.1  HR55.2
                       DM = Deduction Master                     HR55.3  HR68.1
                       E = (start of Employee Range)
                       E1 = Employee (Screen 1)
                       E2 = Employee (Screen 2)
                       E3 = Employee (Screen 3)
                       E4 = Employee (Screen 4)
                       E5 = Employee (Screen 5)
                       E6 = Employee (Screen 6)
                       F = (end of Employee range)
                       JC = Job Code
                       SU = Supervisor
                       A1 = Applicant Master
                       A2 = Applicant Job Interest
                       A3 = Applicant Address
                       A4 = Applicant History
                       E7 = Benefits Information
                       E8 = Address
                       EP = Additional Positions
                       PO = Position Management
                       UF = User Fields

PAS-SEC-LEVEL          Numeric 1                                 HR00.1  HR01.1
Element: Security LevelContains the security level on data       HR10.1  HR10.2
                       items when using personnel actions,       HR10.3  HR10.4
                       employee inquiry, and HR Writer           HR68.1
                       features. The security level value
                       ranges from one to nine, where one is
                       considered the highest security level.

PAS-USED-BY-GROUP      Alpha 1                                   HR10.3  HR10.4
Element: Used By Group Contains a flag that indicates a field    HR55.1  HR55.2
                       is used to determine employee group       HR55.3
                       membership. Changes may affect group

PAS-COUNTRY-CD-REQ     Alpha 2                                   HR00.1  HR01.1
Element: Country Cd Req                                          HR10.1  HR10.2
                                                                 HR10.3  HR10.4
                                                                 HR55.3  HR68.1

PAS-PROCESS-LEVEL      Alpha 5                                   HR10.1  HR10.2
Element: Process Lev HrThis field contains the process level,    HR10.3  HR10.4
                       which is the reporting hierarchy below    HR55.3  HR68.1

                         PASCRTY FILE INDEX


PASSET1   COMPANY                                                BN100   BN101
          COUNTRY-CD-REQ                                         BN102   BN103
          PROCESS-LEVEL                                          BN104   BN105
          FLD-NBR                                                BN145   BN150
                                                                 BN245   BN31.1
                                                                 BN31.2  BN32.1
                                                                 BN32.2  BN32.3
                                                                 BN430   BN45.1
                                                                 BN531   BN65.1
                                                                 BN71.1  BN72.1
                                                                 BS13.1  BS14.1
                                                                 BS15.1  BS32.1
                                                                 HAP3.1  HEMP.1
                                                                 HEP4.1  HPOS.1
                                                                 HPQC.1  HPRS.1

PASSET2   COMPANY       KeyChange                                HR00.1  HR01.1
          TOPIC                                                  HR10.1  HR10.2
          COUNTRY-CD-REQ                                         HR10.3  HR10.4
          PROCESS-LEVEL                                          HR11.1  HR11.2
          FLD-NBR                                                HR511   HR55.1
                                                                 HR65.2  HR65.4
                                                                 HR65.5  HR65.7
                                                                 HR68.1  PA02.1
                                                                 PA100   PA102
                                                                 PA115   PA13.1
                                                                 PA13.2  PA13.3
                                                                 PA202   PA31.1
                                                                 PA406   PA42.1
                                                                 PA42.3  PA50.1
                                                                 PA502   PA513

PASSET3   FLD-NBR                                                HR04.4  HR04.5
          COUNTRY-CD-REQ                                         HR04.6  HR10.1
          COMPANY                                                HR210   PA52.3

PASSET4   COMPANY       KeyChange, Subset                        BN100   BN101
          COUNTRY-CD-REQWhere  REQ-FLAG = "X"                    BN102   BN103
          PROCESS-LEVEL And  ((TOPIC    = "UF" )                 BN104   BN105
          TOPIC         Or    (TOPIC    > "D "                   BN145   BN150
          FLD-NBR       And    TOPIC    < "F " ))                BN245   BN31.1
                                                                 BN31.2  BN32.1
                                                                 BN32.2  BN32.3
                                                                 BN45.1  BN531
                                                                 BN65.1  BN71.1
                                                                 BN72.1  BS13.1
                                                                 BS14.1  BS15.1
                                                                 BS32.1  HAP3.1
                                                                 HEP4.1  HPOS.1
                                                                 HPQC.1  HPRS.1
                                                                 HR10.1  HR10.2

                         PASCRTY FILE RELATIONS



Company        PRSYSTEM     Required

                            PAS-COMPANY           -> PRS-COMPANY
                            Spaces                -> PRS-PROCESS-LEVEL

Country        INSTCTRYCD   Not Required
                            Valid When PAS-COUNTRY-CD-REQ != Spaces

                            PAS-COUNTRY-CD-REQ    -> INT-COUNTRY-CODE

Data Item      PADICT       Required

                            PAS-FLD-NBR           -> PAD-FLD-NBR

Process Level  PRSYSTEM     Required
                            When (PAS-TOPIC         =  "PO" )
                            And  (PAS-PROCESS-LEVEL != Spaces )

                            PAS-COMPANY           -> PRS-COMPANY
                            PAS-PROCESS-LEVEL     -> PRS-PROCESS-LEVEL