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PR999 - Payroll Year End Close

**Form Purpose
Run Payroll Year End Close (PR999) to close the payroll year. Run PR999 once
a year, prior to running the first payroll cycle of a new calendar year.

The program increments the Payroll Year field in the Company Payroll
Information form tab of HR00.1 (Company), and deletes withholding type arrears
deductions. It also creates new pay period and work period dates for pay plans
defined in PR21.1 (Pay Plan).

Updated Files

    CKPOINT    - The universe file used for recovery.

    ONETMDED   - Used to delete one-time arrears deductions that are
                 withholding types, since these amounts are not to be deducted
                 in the next payroll year.

    PROTPAYPRD - Updated by this program with pay periods for the new year.

    PROTWRKPRD - Updated by this program with work periods for the new year.

    PRSYSTEM   - Used to update the company record with the new payroll year.

Referenced Files


    PROVERTIME - Used to retrieve the pay frequency in order to calculate pay
                 periods in the new year.