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Article Series on Design Studio, Part 8: Portal Page Designer

Getting back to our Lawson Design Studio article series, we’ll explore some features of the Portal Page Designer.   Like the UI Designer, the Portal Page Designer includes two sets of tools:

  • The Portal Page Designer itself, which let’s you create composite pages from Lawson (and non-Lawson) application forms.
  • To create even more complex customizations, you combine JavaScript (including Design Studio-specific objects) with the Portal Page Designer.
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K Pachecoreplied to: RE: Extracting Received Not Invoiced (PO135) with SQL

Were you able to figure out a SQL query that works for this? I'm getting stumped as to what the program is doing with certain PO's and why they popul...

9 hours ago

LTervaloncreated the topic: W-4 Report

Need a W-4 Report

1 day ago

Sachin ZinjurdeIs there a way to recalculate all inventory for customer orders in Lawson 7.2.2? We see items showing allocations but no demand records.

4 days ago

    Bev Edwardscreated the topic: RQ04 - Accounting Units AND Req Locs??

    Do both Accounting units and req locs need to be set up for RQ04 reqs to work properly

    1 week ago

    Bev Edwardscreated the topic: IC500/IC50

    IC50 is not reflecting correct amounts

    1 week ago

    LisaNreplied to: RE: ESS Pay Stub

    Hello Suzie,

    This happens to use sometimes when the wrong employee number is used in security.

    1 week ago

    Suzie Skidmorecreated the topic: ESS Pay Stub

    Admin view to ESS Pay Stub

    1 week ago

    pglibrareplied to: RE: PO25 price audit

    Great...thank you.

    1 week ago

    Scott Perrierreplied to: RE: Adding secondary vendor to PO13

    all you need to do is add a new record on each item for each of the secondary vendors in po13.1. if that vendor / lawson item is already there then u...

    2 weeks ago

    Bev Edwardscreated the topic: Adding secondary vendor to PO13

    Need to add a secondary vendor to PO13

    2 weeks ago

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