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Landmark Security    

Started by  kshields
We are testing a new build of an IPA server. Prior to ISS Federation with LSF, we were able to log in to Inbasket and other IPA-related URLs as well as Rich Client and Designer. Both LSF and LM have been bound to the client's corporate LDAP for sign on authentication.   After Federating the two servers, Inbasket has worked as expected - you can navigate from Portal to Inbasket without being prompted for credentials by LM. However, any attempt to log in to Rich Client or IP Designer result...
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by  kshieldsJump to last post
9/22/2017 3:05 PM

Stop a scheduled flow in IPA    

Started by  Lance Jurgensen
I have been looking but can't seem to find a way to 'suspend' a flow in IPA. I don't want to delete it, just stop it from running on a scheduled basis. Do I have to delete the schedule to accomplish this When I do try to delete it, I get the error: 'request has triggers that should not be deleted' IPA
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by  HDAustin13Jump to last post
9/14/2017 3:14 PM

SQL Query of Encrypted Data (SSN)    

Started by  Woozy
Hi All, We use DB2 SQL OLEDB queries to pull data from Landmark/TM into our data warehouse.  We need to be able to do this with EmployeeIdentificationNumber to get the IdentificationNumber (SSN), but this field happens to be encrypted.  Does anyone know the trick to decrypt this data via SQL NOTE:  We're using the IBM DB2 drivers. Thanks!  Kelly
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by  ddubJump to last post
8/7/2017 6:29 PM

New PL Security    

Started by  Srini Rao
Hello -We created a new productline in landmark . How do I grant the access to user to new product line  Where do I edit the data area /PL information.
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8/3/2017 8:17 PM

Email Server Configuration    

Started by  FireGeek21
Looking to find all the places in LTM where the email server needs to be configured so emails from the various email templates can be sent.  We changed the mail server in the Configuration set in Process Server Administrator - all emails are going out that are generated by process flows only.  We are looking for the emails generated by appraisals, education, goals, etc. Thanks!
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8/2/2017 8:29 PM

What is the table EFFECTIVEDATEDENTRY used for and how to Join to relative tables    

Started by  TimC
We are future effective dating rows in Landmark (Lawson v10) and need to know the importance of the EFFECTIVEDATEDENTRY table. I am working with the EmployeeExport table and the WorkAssignment tables directly in SQL Server for extracts.
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7/26/2017 1:09 PM

LPL Help - convert decimal to string with formatting    

Started by  Woozy
Hi Everyone, I have a compute userfield that calculates a salary plus a percent.  I need build a derived field that includes this value to display on a form - basically formatted salary plus the currency code.   For example: Compute Field (Pay Rate * 110) value:  10,000.00 * 110 = 11,000.00  (note: field is decimal size 10.2) Expected Derived Field value:  $11,000.00 USD   However, when I reference the compute field in the alpha derived field, it doesn't ...
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6/20/2017 8:12 PM

Preferred Contract checkbox functionality in Contract Management    

Started by  Andrew K
Can anyone help me understand the functionality of the 'Primary Contract' checkbox in the Contract Management module in Landmark   
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4/27/2017 4:43 PM

Refreshing application Data with Federated systems    

Started by  JimY
We want to use daexport/daimport to refresh our test LTM application with our production LTM data. I found out the hard way that if your system is federated using ISS that this is not possible.  Apparently they are working on a solution for this, but it is not ready at this time.  Has anybody found a work around for this  What is strange is that I have no problems using the Rich Client and the flows are working, but Employee and Manager space are now inaccessible.  I do have...
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by  VipulJump to last post
4/10/2017 4:48 PM

Landmark / IPA Update    

Started by  Alex-Rexel UK
I am looking at updating my Landmark / IPA versions to the latest version available on Infor Extreme as currently we are about 2 years out of date with the current package. Looking at my current versions, I will need to update Landmark including Rich Client and also Infor Process Designer.  This is the bit where I get stuck. I cannot find any information on how to update to the latest versions and what process I need to follow. This may be a real simple question and I will apologise in adv...
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by  Jon.MaddenJump to last post
4/3/2017 5:48 PM

Regression script post Landmark CU upgrade    

Started by  Jason Johnston
Does anyone have any regression test scripts they could share for a Landmark CU upgrade We are moving from Landmark CU47 to CU56 in our dev env. We are on windows servers.    Thanks
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3/14/2017 7:12 PM

Action Request details    

Started by  Srini Rao
When we perform the action in HR system it creates a record in ActionRequest business class. This BC only have header details. Where can I find action details, before and after.    Example, when we perform the transfer action on WorkAssignment Business class, we will see a record in ActionRequest BC with action name, actor, WU etc., But it does not store the new position and old position information. Which BC holds the information about the old and new values for given action.  ...
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by  WoozyJump to last post
2/24/2017 1:35 PM

Landmark security class    

Started by  Jay2
We have noticed some changes have happened in the security class InbasketUser_ST which has caused issues with users having access to certain businessclasses. The two that have come to our attention so far are as follows: Previous rules:  PfiWorkunitFolder BusinessClass is accessible for all creates, all inquiries unconditionally PfiWorkunit BusinessClass is accessible for all creates, all inquiries unconditionally Changed to:  PfiWorkunitFolder BusinessClass is acc...
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by  Jay2Jump to last post
1/27/2017 7:04 PM

Rich Client Login Failure    

Started by  Maestro
Fellow Techies We have a situation after doing our own data refresh from PROD to DEV. We are able to use all validation links. However when we try to log into rich client we recieve the following error: A general security exception Stack Trace : com.lawson.rdtech.type.ViewException: A general security exception                at
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1/21/2017 9:29 PM

Landmark Form Customization    

Started by  SaraP
Has anybody used the configuration console in Landmark to create a new field that has a string of new text and data already on the form  Our users are requesting a link that has a string and data from the form concatenated.
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by  DemiJump to last post
12/21/2016 2:29 PM

USERFIELD modify history (EXPORT table)?    

Started by  TimC
I have a scenario where a USERFIELD is linked to the EMPLOYEEEXPORT table (form). I need to fetch the userfield's update history. I don't see a USERFIELD_STORAGE_EXPORT type of table. How do I check the history of USERFIELD updates I am using an SQLQUERY node to fetch the data as processing is not occurring via a flow.  So, I need the table relationships. I have the EEID.   Thanks much!! Merry Christmas.   Tim
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by  TimCJump to last post
12/21/2016 12:17 PM

USERFIELD_STORAGE Business Class    

Started by  Srini Rao
I'm need to extract the data from USERFIELD_STORAGE business class , but I;m not finding this business class in landmark transaction builder. But I can access the table using SQL.   In which module this business class resides
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by  WoozyJump to last post
12/20/2016 8:27 PM

bpm/trigger use thru IPA Process flow.    

Started by  tambrosi
Hello All,  was looking for some information if this can be done.   Can a statement like this be used thru an IPA node,  I am wanting to submit a IPA process from another IPA process.    I can use this to submit a process flow from an open Browser.     https://&91;LMRK_URL&93;:443/bpm/triggertriggerType=ProcessAsync&triggerName=&91;TRIGGER_NAME_IN_LMRK&93;&dataArea=&91;DATA_AREA&93;&workTitle=&91;WORK_TITLE&93;   I need to trig...
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by  tambrosiJump to last post
12/2/2016 6:01 PM

Landing Page not being displayed    

Started by  pops
All of a sudden when a user goes to their Inbasket and selects their product, instead of the Landing Page being displayed, a white screen is displayed.  This happened on both the development and production servers.  No one has done any changes to the servers and I found it interesting that this happened on the same day, same time AND in BOTH on the Development AND Production Environments.  None of the servers are shared in either environment.  The landing page below is suppos...
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by  popsJump to last post
11/15/2016 5:26 PM

Response Time    

Started by  JimY
We are currently on Landmark version  (Yes it is I know it's old).  Infor has told us that if we upgrade to version 26 or above we should see an improvement in response time for Employee/Manager/Candidate space.  Has any one seen an improvement when they upgraded to versions 26 or above  Thank you.
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by  Gok87Jump to last post
10/28/2016 9:35 AM

Turn Landmark Security off/on?    

Started by  Dave Amen
David Williams reminded me of this wording: 'Yes, it is possible to turn off security in Landmark but there are warnings in all the documents that say that data will not be encrypted and basically saying it’s a really bad idea.' Given that, does anyone know how to actually turn it off (and on) Regards, Dave Amen (303) 773-3535  
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by  Dave AmenJump to last post
10/26/2016 11:04 AM

CreateGLACcount on HRGLAccountImport    

Started by  giesewendy
After implementation, we haven't modified the .lpd files for this Activity on our HRGLAccountImport.  So, what has happened is, the import is creating errors because the full GL account structure is trying to pass, including on inactive Accounting Units (either side).  When there are inactive accounting units, the system creates a multitude of errors.  Landmark:CreateGLAccount Application Error Accounting unit is inactive Activity name:CreateGLAccount id:2 failed 09/20/2016 0...
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10/3/2016 3:08 PM

Config Console - RehireResource Form Modification    

Started by  DarleneC
Has anyone had experience with adding the address State/Province to an existing form and wanting to get the List selection to display so that the user can select the State from a list of US States  I'm trying to do this on the RehireResource Form.  (Employee Business Class)   I'm wanting to customize the RehireResource to have the State/Province fields display as they do on the HireResource form.  I'm not able to get the State/Province selection to work ...
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9/21/2016 7:47 PM

Can't access link under Inbasket Lawson Process Automation for users other than Lawson    

Started by  Xin Li
Can't access link under Inbasket Lawson Process Automation for users other than Lawson in Lawson Portal. see screen print. Any idea what is wrong     It works for Lawson user.    
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9/21/2016 2:54 PM

Customizing IPA within Landmark    

Started by  Andrew
So, I'm still getting my feet wet with Landmark now, and am really excited to go back to vanilla Lawson/Infor after bastardizing it these past few years. After doing my initial review, I think the biggest win that I can get from the business is getting rid of our custom inbaskets and attempting to go back to the vanilla version of inbaskets. However, some questions that I have: For Proxy approvals, is there a way to limit the proxy users shows based on criteria I'm assuming that the...
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9/20/2016 1:05 AM
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