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0 Replies and 2263 Views Sending notification with the old values in table  2263  0 Started by  Vishnu Priya Hi, I am new to Lawson Smart notes. Currently I have a task in which if the supervisor of an employee is changed we need to send a notification to the old supervisor of the employee. Here I need the values of the old table after that table has been updated. So please let me know how can we retrieve the old value and use it
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9/10/2012 9:46 AM
1 Replies and 5162 Views Bursting on email addresses pulled from Lawson  5162  1 Started by  Lacey I have created a JDBC query which pull the email of each employee's supervisor for the last column. In the query preview the addresses pull wonderfully. However, once the infoset is complete the actual infoset pulls nulls for the emaill address column. I have tried with the type for the column as 'email' and as 'string', neither have worked. I would like to burst this notification out by these addresses. Any ideas why they will not pull through
1 5162
by  Matthew NyeJump to last post
8/31/2012 6:38 PM
1 Replies and 5524 Views Attach a static PDF to a Smart Note email  5524  1 Started by  Rick McCahan I have a notification that is sent to new hires as an email. The notification is working correctly with a custom HTML template. Now I'd like to add a static PDF to the email as an attachment, not a link. Being new to Smart Notes, I'm unclear on whether this is possible and how to implement. Emails are read in Outlook or Outlook Web Access. Any hints Step-by-step or an example would be great! Thanks.
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by  John HenleyJump to last post
8/29/2012 4:08 PM
2 Replies and 6210 Views smart Notes  6210  2 Started by  Roger2010 In smart notifications (9.0) I'm trying to figure out how to trigger a notification based on a field value changing from A to B. Basically it is a killed items smart note, when the requisition kill quantity changes from 0 to a number an email should be sent to the requester to inform about the kill quantity. Thanks!
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by  Roger2010Jump to last post
8/22/2012 7:12 PM
0 Replies and 3360 Views infoset error  3360  0 Started by  AJ I am trying to build an infoset that touches multiple tables. I can preview the data of the infoset on the InfoSet Wizard and successfully produce data when going after 1 table and can even preview the data with selection criteria from 2 tables. The following query allows me to preview data: FILE=MAINVDTL&INDEX=MADSET1&FIELD=COMPANY;PO2DNUMBER;PO2DCODE;LINE2DNBR;VENDOR;INVOICE;STATUS;ENTERED2DQTY;MAAOCDTL2EAOC2DCODE;APINVOICE2EINV2DSTATUS;APINVOICE2EDUE2DDATE;POLINE2ECXL2DQTY;PO...
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8/10/2012 7:56 PM
9 Replies and 6147 Views Smart Notification - Admin button NOT AVAILABLE  6147  9 Started by  Suresh Hi, Recently my LBI database has been migrated from one server to another. And DBA's have copied SN database to target server. While logging into LBI with admin access rights user, I'm not able to view ADMIN button in Smart notification home page and this applies to not only to one user, it applicable for all the users in LBI. Without ADMIN access, we were not able to modify / create any new notification. As my users are getting affected, Could you please help me to solve this issue ...
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by  Matthew NyeJump to last post
8/10/2012 5:30 AM
3 Replies and 5613 Views Some smart notes no longer working correctly  5613  3 Started by  SueS We moved a new smart note into production and appear to have broken somethng for 5 other smart notes. When the new smart note went into production, these 5 smart notes stopped working correctly. They are huge and looks like it is just dumping the entire infoset without checking if the keys have changed. I can see in the schedule administration that it runs everyday and it is doing an update/process everyday. These 5 smart notes share the same infoset and no other smart notes use this par...
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by  Matthew NyeJump to last post
8/6/2012 6:57 PM
3 Replies and 3980 Views SN no sending mail anymore  3980  3 Started by  Ellen Bats We works with the user lawson in Smart Notes. All the settings are down for this user. Device type is activated and works great. Today we want to change the mailaddress by the Device Type by this uers. We get the confirmationcode in the mailbox of the user and we confirm the code. We get the message that the confirmation was succesed. We process one INFOSET to look of the new mailaddress was working. However nothing happend. We change the mailadres back to the original one and confirmed this. Pr...
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by  Ellen BatsJump to last post
8/6/2012 6:05 AM
2 Replies and 4051 Views Smart Notification - Admin Page access  4051  2 Started by  Suresh Hi, For the last 3weeks Smart Notification doesn't showing up 'Admin' button to access admin page and earlier it was working. And also it doesn't applicable for specific users, for all the users (WHO HAS ADMIN RIGHTS) doesn't able to view admin button. Could you please help me to resolve this Smart Notification issue Appreciating quick replies !!! Thanks Suresh
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by  SureshJump to last post
8/2/2012 1:49 PM
0 Replies and 3277 Views Req to PO Smart Note  3277  0 Started by  ErikaS Has anyone written a Smart Note that sends an email to the requester once their requisition has been turned into a PO Secondly, has anyone written a Smart Note where the query is based off of an application form instead of a database table I'm having a hard time finding the Req, PO, Requester and Requesters Email on one form or table. Thanks! Erika
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6/8/2012 7:51 PM
3 Replies and 3046 Views Burst same row from single infoset to multiple email recipients  3046  3 Started by  JoeS Does anyone know of a way to burst the same row from an InfoSet to multiple email recipients  Thanks, Joe
3 3046
by  Matthew NyeJump to last post
6/7/2012 1:52 PM
0 Replies and 2581 Views Problem w/ Application Link  2581  0 Started by  Robby Hi-- Very odd issue here - when I preview the notification (by clicking on the notification title while in the system) I see the link and it functions properly. However, when the notification is delivered, the link name is gone and the 'Details' link is in its place. This issue came up only with a new notification being built. When I process the only other notification with a link (this is a new setup), that link appears OK. What do you think
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5/30/2012 4:54 PM
0 Replies and 5305 Views Lawson Query Builder - OleDB  5305  0 Started by  JonathanGS Hi Everyone, I am trying to write a query for a SmartNote. I have done successfully what I am about to describe. I am composing a query with 2 filters. Each work separately just fine. When I combine them, neither work. Here they are: Date Hired: FILE=EMPLOYEE&FIELD=EMPLOYEE;FULL-NAME;EMAIL-ADDRESS;DATE- HIRED;POSITION.DESCRIPTION;POSITION.BARGAIN- UNIT;DEPARTMENT.NAME&SELECT=DATE-HIRED3E3D&91;date=-DS7 fmt=yyyyMMdd&93; Bargaining-Unit: FILE=EMPLOYEE&FIELD=EMPLOYEE;DATE-HI...
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5/18/2012 6:31 PM
6 Replies and 3852 Views masking a ss on a smart note  3852  6 Started by  SueS I have a smart note that HR wants to see the 'before' and 'after' of various fields that may get changed on a dependent's record. One of thee fields is the ss. Is there a way to mask the ss so it shows as ***-**-6789 Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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by  SueSJump to last post
5/7/2012 6:56 PM
0 Replies and 2800 Views Using 'Message Box' as delivery device.....  2800  0 Started by  Robby The Smart Notifications User Guide is not very explicit on how to use this, and/or how it works (unless I'm missing something). Is anyone using it How does it actually work What advantages/uses do you utilize it for Thanks in advance... -Robby
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3/30/2012 1:30 PM
9 Replies and 3829 Views Scheduling SN report  3829  9 Started by  Greg Moeller Schedule report showing last run time, next run time, scheduled run time and name of infoset Would really like to be able to associate this with the notifications as well, but would take the infoset scheduling as a start. Anyone have a working example that they'd be willing to share
9 3829
by  Greg MoellerJump to last post
3/5/2012 2:50 PM
3 Replies and 3983 Views Smart Notification GUID  3983  3 Started by  Dennis Amory What's the best way of knowing exactly which Smart Notification (SN) is tied to a dashboard link In other words, If I edit the dashboard link, when I go to the URL text box (under the Main tab), I can see a value like this: FSRemotefsid=SN:SN-Smart Notification:12992&guid=z64db9132:12c9753609c:-7fd3:18a97. How do I reference this GUID back to an actual SN to determine which SN is actually being run when I click on that dashboard link
3 3983
by  Dennis AmoryJump to last post
2/27/2012 7:47 PM
8 Replies and 3718 Views Is it possible Word doc linked to a SN?  3718  8 Started by  Greg Moeller Been tasked with linking a word doc to a smart notification. I don't even know if that is possible. Anyone have any pointers Cook-book style instructions
8 3718
by  RobbyJump to last post
2/20/2012 4:15 PM
3 Replies and 3610 Views Smart Notification Stored Procedure  3610  3 Started by  Layne I am using a stored procedure, which has a declared variable, which is being contrained on in the where clause of the stored proc. Here is a crude example. Select * from title where token = token I want Smart Notification to prompt me to enter a valid string for this variable. Can I do that with SmartNotes.
3 3610
by  Matthew NyeJump to last post
2/14/2012 1:34 PM
11 Replies and 5325 Views App Link to Smart Office Forms  5325  11 Started by  KJBULLS Does anyone know how to create an Application link to Smart Office forms I know how to do this to go to portal and inquire a specific record for a specific form but I cant get it to work in Smart Office. Can anyone please post an example Thanks for your help KJ
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by  mark.cookJump to last post
2/1/2012 3:22 PM
7 Replies and 5427 Views Smart Notifications Data Source Setup Recommendations  5427  7 Started by  Michelle Sundermann We are in the process of rolling out Smart Notifications and have a question regarding setting standards for creating infosets. Our question for everyone has to do with the multiple types of data sources you can use within LBI and specifically Smart Notifications. That said, the one that is delivered when LBI is installed is the DME Query which the syntax is quite cumbersome we have found. However , one of the other options that we have been using is JDBC as our data source (which is essential...
7 5427
by  Ruma MalhotraJump to last post
1/4/2012 5:51 PM
5 Replies and 6694 Views Share a challenging or interesting Smart Note  6694  5 Started by  Robby I've built many Smart Notes, primarily for data integrity checks for HR, payroll and benefits. Everything from one as simple as finding all employees who have not taken mandatory training classes, to a notification to the payroll rep that an employee has not yet cashed a paycheck that is approaching 60 days old. What I am asking for in this forum is for my fellow posters to offer-up one or two of their most challenging/interesting Smart Notes. Share the business need that prompted the request...
5 6694
by  Ruma MalhotraJump to last post
12/5/2011 2:29 PM
2 Replies and 4670 Views Smart Notes  4670  2 Started by  Deleted User I'm not sure why the smart note notifaction isn't sending e-mails to the owner. Does anyone has any solutions I can try
2 4670
by  Ruma MalhotraJump to last post
10/7/2011 12:35 PM
2 Replies and 2874 Views SN returns no data even though I changed the data  2874  2 Started by  RachelM I am trying to create a SN that sends an email when a social security number has been changed. I have the InfoSet created; when I try and do preview it clocks out b/c the data set is too large. I'm not sure if that's a problem or not. I set up the notification and when I get to conditions, the 'compare with ...' section is not available. I want it to say 'if SSN has changed, send SN'. I have made the SSN a key and currently have my criteria set to send a SN if any changes to keys occur. ...
2 2874
by  Matthew NyeJump to last post
10/1/2011 1:02 AM
0 Replies and 3051 Views Transfer data and open portal form via link on SN email  3051  0 Started by  tdosal The current smart note I have is notifying users when GM10.2 templates are added for specific employees. Via either the 'details' link on the line item or a custom link I would like to access the GM10.2 portal form with the company, employee, and effective date populated. Can anyone help me accomplish this I am new to smart notes and would really appreciate any help someone can offer. Thank you, Tina Dosal
0 3051
8/24/2011 5:35 PM
3 Replies and 3008 Views Transfer of Smart Notes from one environment to another  3008  3 Started by  Ruma Malhotra Using the solution builder can you transfer notifications from one environment to another. I know you can transfer infosets, devices and templates but not sure of notifications. Does anybosy else have any other ideas as to how to do this without having to rebuild the notifications from scratch when you go to another environment tia.
3 3008
by  Chris MartinJump to last post
8/23/2011 5:16 PM
2 Replies and 2873 Views Email Delivery Device - Where is the email address stored in database  2873  2 Started by  Tim Hi, I have access to query the SQL Server database that holds the meta information for our smart notifications.   I am trying to find the table/column that holds the email address of a registered delivery device.  Does anyone know the name of the table and column that holds this information   I have not had any success in finding it.  I thought it might be in the ENPBATREE table.  However, I am not seeing the delivery device that I created for myse...
2 2873
by  TimJump to last post
8/12/2011 5:14 PM
2 Replies and 3276 Views Open form from link and inquire?  3276  2 Started by  George Graham I have a SN with Employee Reviews - and have it linking to PA26. I've got PA26 defined in lawson.xml with company and employee - and the link does open PA26 successfully, but it is not populating the COmpany or Employee fields nor inquiring. I've got those two fields spelled the same way in the infoset - and both defined as key fields. In the application link I'm calling the Forms class with the tag of PA26 (like it is in lawson.xml). Isn't this supposed to work Or do I have to do this as...
2 3276
by  George GrahamJump to last post
7/19/2011 7:43 PM
8 Replies and 3343 Views Link on SN open outside of module?  3343  8 Started by  George Graham Have a SN displayed in the dashboard with an infoset that has an application link. The SN is being displayed as the content of a module within the dashboard. When a cell is clicked the app opens, but only contained within the module. Have not been able to find a way to have this open in a new window or outside of the constraints of the module.
8 3343
by  George GrahamJump to last post
7/15/2011 3:53 PM
9 Replies and 3274 Views Release of Journal entries from smart notifications  3274  9 Started by  Ruma Malhotra I have created a smart notification for unposted journal entries and would like the user to release them for the email the user receives. However I am getting an error 500 when this action is taking place. Has anybody done this what am I missing
9 3274
by  Ruma MalhotraJump to last post
5/4/2011 2:17 PM
1 Replies and 3100 Views Application Link M3 in mail  3100  1 Started by  Ellen Bats Did somebody have experience with application links for M3 in Smart Notifications when the email is received in the Inbox from Outlook. When the user click on the link M3 nothing happend in M3. The link open an Inter Explorere page and another page. I want when the user click on the link M3 starts the program with we send with the link.
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by  Matthew NyeJump to last post
4/7/2011 10:07 AM
9 Replies and 5995 Views DME vs SQL?  5995  9 Started by  George Graham Just curious about opinions. Given that you have access to use JDBC data source....DME vs SQL Why
9 5995
by  Greg MoellerJump to last post
4/6/2011 9:03 PM
13 Replies and 3999 Views Infoset Data?  3999  13 Started by  George Graham Anyone know physically where the infoset data is stored Is it a blob in a table and I'm just missing it
13 3999
by  JeffRJump to last post
3/14/2011 2:10 PM
4 Replies and 3546 Views Change Layout not visible  3546  4 Started by  Ellen Bats I have change something in the layout of a smart note.   For the Smart Note “Gemuteerde orders na handmatige vrijgave”  I added additional text in the instruction box.   The changes are made on 08 march.   Today I checked of the changes are also visible on the dashboard in Smart Office.   For some reason the additional text is not visible on the Dashboard of Smart Office.   Did you know what I have done wrong. Because the data is up-to-...
4 3546
by  Ellen BatsJump to last post
3/11/2011 1:58 PM
8 Replies and 3453 Views SN Scheduler  3453  8 Started by  Ellen Bats Since the end of february 2011 we are live with M3. We have build different Smart Notes for our users. For instance we have one Smart Note that burst to different people and the same Smart Note we also used on the dashboard. The Smart Note on the dashboard contains all records and the bursting Smart Note contains only the records which belong to specifically to the field we burst on. We used the Smart Note with a Infoset which we have scheduled. The settings of the scheduler are ...
8 3453
by  Ruma MalhotraJump to last post
3/10/2011 8:19 PM
0 Replies and 2907 Views User with imported delivery device not receiving smart note  2907  0 Started by  Tim Hi All, We have imported a user delivery device for a new user who will be receiving a smart note.  The physical delivery device is their email address.   After the import, their delivery device is in an “Enabled” status. I “force-subscribed” the new user to the smart note by following the documentation in the user and admin guide and by using the “Group Content Subscription Tool”.   I have force-subscribed this notification to other...
0 2907
3/10/2011 1:37 PM
5 Replies and 3190 Views Dynamic User Filtering of SN on Dashboard?  3190  5 Started by  George Graham I am unfamiliar with any way to accomplish this - and I've communicated that I don't believe we can do this - but thought I would ping the gurus to validate. Have a SN on a dashboard - and can successfully filter this based upon the user that is logged in. But by default we will show all items. Assume we have a SN that has a column like Process Level - the desire is to somehow allow the user to put in a value to filter out that PL. I'm not aware of any way to do this....other than creat...
5 3190
by  Matthew NyeJump to last post
3/2/2011 4:15 PM
5 Replies and 3022 Views Infoset Processing Scheduler  3022  5 Started by  George Graham Anyone have any luck with setting up an infoset that refreshes at a smaller interval that one hour I don't think that you can modify the cron expression in the QRTZ_CRON_TRIGGERS table like you can a true cron job. I know I can create something to simply call the url to do the update/process of the infoset. Just wondered if there was a more 'native' way to handle this...
5 3022
by  George GrahamJump to last post
3/1/2011 7:54 PM
5 Replies and 3022 Views Smart Note LDAP query for InfoSet?  3022  5 Started by  George Graham Does anyone have a good example they can share of an LDAP query from Lawson's LDAP that was used to build an info set Trying to build a dataset of users and emails to utilize for bursting....All queries I'm trying come back with no data....
5 3022
by  George GrahamJump to last post
2/22/2011 5:55 PM
2 Replies and 2589 Views smart notification condition/calculation help  2589  2 Started by  Ruma Malhotra I am trying to build a smart notification using the activity management piece in Lawson, and I was wondering if anybody can think of a better way to do this:   My infoset has a budget, a commitment and actual amount. I am supposed to notify a user when the expense spent on a project reaches a threshold value which is 5 of a budget.   My expense equals the actual and commitment amount. I have added an calculation column in my sql which is called the remaining amount which...
2 2589
by  Matthew NyeJump to last post
2/11/2011 8:06 AM
6 Replies and 3084 Views Conditions on plain attributes?  3084  6 Started by  George Graham Have an infoset that has data populated for one notification. Would like another notification on the same data, but with a condition (when FIELD=XYZ). But that field is not a measure so it does not show in the available columns when you open the condition tab in the new notification. Instead of having to build a new infoset that is a subset of another infoset - how can we do this
6 3084
by  GiuliaJump to last post
2/2/2011 1:24 PM
11 Replies and 3132 Views Change Order Of Fields In a Notification  3132  11 Started by  Ruma Malhotra Is there a way to change the order of fields in a notification after the infoset creates the fields in a certain order without changing the query Thanks in advance.
11 3132
by  Ruma MalhotraJump to last post
1/26/2011 9:29 PM
0 Replies and 2682 Views Using an Oracle Procedure in Smart Notes  2682  0 Started by  John Cunningham Can anyone share the setup for using an oracle stored procedure with Smart Notifications.  How is the procedure set up  (With a package, returning a cursor like Crystal) What is the syntax of the call on the Smart notes side 
0 2682
12/15/2010 2:59 PM
1 Replies and 2788 Views Historical content for a smart note  2788  1 Started by  Ruma Malhotra I have a smart note that has been in production since January of this year and rendered on the dashboard. So this smart note is not delivered to any user but is scheduled to refresh every first of the month on a dashboard and rendered on the dashboard. It essentially behaves like a report. Where can I find the historical instances for this smart note. I would like to publish all the instances every time the smart note refreshed just like the historical instances for a report. Is there a wa...
1 2788
by  Ruma MalhotraJump to last post
11/2/2010 3:30 PM
3 Replies and 3499 Views Smart Notification Tools Option - Excel ONLY  3499  3 Started by  Carl Gifford I would like to include the link on the bottom of the Smart Note that has the option to export to a spreadsheet.  I know that this can be done by updating the template to inlcude the &91;tools&93; token; however I ONLY want to include the options View as an Excel Spreadsheet View as an Microsoft Excel spreadsheet with no formatting Is this possible If so how
3 3499
by  Matthew NyeJump to last post
10/30/2010 6:18 AM
7 Replies and 4586 Views Smart Notifications merged rows and merged columns  4586  7 Started by  Glenn Has anyone ever successfully used merged rows or merged columns in the Notification conditions I'm trying to link two infosets on username from two different data sources.
7 4586
by  Matthew NyeJump to last post
9/30/2010 7:20 PM
10 Replies and 4904 Views Infosets: Status remain Queued  4904  10 Started by  Jeroen Hello, this is my first post in this forum, but I haven't been able to find any answers anywhere else. We are pretty new to smartnotes, but have been using them for a while now. Lately all the scheduled infosets have been in the 'queued' status for a few days, and therefore they will not update. The update / process queue status option reveals the queue, but neiter 'queue' nor 'cancel' will change any status (cancelling one will just give a msgbox &160;'Set state for xxxx to 4' but no changes...
10 4904
by  Anne-MarieJump to last post
9/23/2010 6:40 PM
5 Replies and 3451 Views Using SN for Address Change notification to HR/Payroll  3451  5 Started by  TBonney Can anyone advice on how we can use a Smart Notification to HR and/or Payroll when an employee changes their address through ESS We can't rely on the email notification set up in HS07 because we're on Windows so it only gets sent if the user hits the send button. Also, not all our users have email, so it may not even come up for some users. Thank you.
5 3451
by  NickJump to last post
9/5/2010 8:16 PM
0 Replies and 2783 Views Restricted DME in Smart Note Data Source?  2783  0 Started by  George Graham Using Lawson Security, not LAUA. Have roles that restrict access to certain tables. When using DME data source in InfoSet I can't use a user authentuication that is CHECK LS=Y. How do I enforce security so that users using this data source are restricted to only the tables they should get to - without having to replicate all of that in LAUA
0 2783
9/2/2010 10:16 PM
3 Replies and 3026 Views LSN Connection to non-Lawson Database  3026  3 Started by  Nick I was wondering if anyone had used LSN to pull information from a SQL database outside of Lawson We are looking at creating some notifications when changes occur in our Time and Attendance system, and I have everything ready on that side. I'm unsure about how to set up the JDBC data source in LSN though. Is it possible to do Thanks! Nick
3 3026
by  NickJump to last post
8/19/2010 6:02 PM
3 Replies and 3146 Views Smartnote Options Link  3146  3 Started by  vc727 We use smartnotes as a push only tool. I create notifications and push them out to management and Human Resources. I am always being asked if they can get the information in a spreadsheet. I know that in the options link at the bottom of all the notifications is an options link which should allow them to expot the note to a spreadsheet. Why am I the only one that this option works for. Every other user has the Options link grey and will not work. Could it have something to do with them not being...
3 3146
by  Matthew NyeJump to last post
8/11/2010 6:37 PM
1 Replies and 2675 Views Override Smartnotes From email address  2675  1 Started by  JohnO I need to send a smart note out and have the from address be different then our standard notes. All notes come from Is there a way to override this so that one specific notification can come from a different email address for example I know you can use device to control who things are sent to but don't seem to see a way to override the sending address, I know I can change the reply to address but will not work for this notification.
1 2675
by  Matthew NyeJump to last post
8/10/2010 7:30 PM
0 Replies and 3110 Views Selectively import Smart Note and InfoSet in a Solution Pack  3110  0 Started by  Shelby We are using some of the Lawson-provided Smart Notes and InfoSets. However, to keep track of the few we are using, we are creating copies in our own 'PeaceHealth' namespace. Creating the solution pack to port Supply Chain to Production was simple because they were the first (and only) Smart Notes and InfoSets in the namespace. However, now that there are copies of the Finanacial Smart Notes and InfoSets in the same namespace, I would like to create a solution pack to move just those four Smart N...
0 3110
3/31/2010 3:21 PM
3 Replies and 3138 Views Lawson QuickStep Master/Default Template question  3138  3 Started by  Shelby In test, at the bottom of the smart note display are two links to export the data as CSV or XLS. In production, those links are missing and a different section (with 'Related Links and Options' and 'General Information') is displayed. Within the Smart Notification - Content Administration Tools I can preview the two templates (Default is embedded into Master) and they show the CSV/HTML links. But when I preview the smart note it shows the 'Related Links' (etc) section. Does anyone have an idea ...
3 3138
by  ShelbyJump to last post
3/24/2010 10:31 PM
8 Replies and 3388 Views Crystal Report on Smart Notifications  3388  8 Started by  JeanneS I am trying to create a crystal report based on the LBI database that lists the names of all Smart Notifications along with owner and date created.&160; Can anyone tell me what table I should use&160; Thanks in advance! &160;
8 3388
by  Chris MartinJump to last post
3/22/2010 5:54 AM
2 Replies and 3098 Views Link to forms From smart note alerts  3098  2 Started by  Ruma Malhotra We just completed our upgrade from LBI 9031 to LBI 904. After the upgrade I am testing my application links from the emails generated by smart notes. &160; For some reason these links are not working. It is not recognizing the LBI service even when the service is present. Anybody come across this tia, Ruma.
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by  Ruma MalhotraJump to last post
2/9/2010 4:10 PM
5 Replies and 3069 Views Can a Crystal Report be linked to a smart notification?  3069  5 Started by  mxg119 Newbie question - Does anyone know how to link to a crystal report from a smartnotification
5 3069
by  mxg119Jump to last post
1/13/2010 1:02 AM
9 Replies and 4947 Views SmartNotes and Active Directory  4947  9 Started by  Jon Lunn Hello, Hope you can help. I'm looking ot build a bursting notifcation that&160;bursts to the user who rasied a zero value purchase order in M3. As our M3 username matches the windows log-on name in active directory, is there a way i can link smartnotes to AD to read the username in the infoset, then read the user name and e-mail address in AD. One solution i have is to export the AD user name and e-mails into a database, and create an infoset over that one, then create the brusting notifica...
9 4947
by  Patrick DowdJump to last post
11/5/2009 7:12 PM
2 Replies and 3076 Views Adding a calcuation  3076  2 Started by  David Williams I need to take annual contributions and divide them by 24 to include in my Notification. Is there a way to do this in the InfoSet or in the Notification
2 3076
by  Chris MartinJump to last post
11/3/2009 9:11 PM
1 Replies and 3245 Views Smart_Notification_Installation_Validator  3245  1 Started by  HD Could someone help me out with this report
1 3245
by  Chris MartinJump to last post
9/28/2009 1:42 PM
9 Replies and 5020 Views SN Charting parameters and options  5020  9 Started by  Nick Does anyone know of a complete listing of the various charting parameters and options for charts in SN&160; I have looked in the Smart Notification User and Admin Guide (Appendix B), and searched the Lawson KB, but I haven't been able to find a comprehensive list. Specifically, I am having trouble finding a way to show the labels for all of the x-axis vales on a&160;horizontal chart. Even some of the seemingly standard options (such as colopt=, which I have finally figured out is what ...
9 5020
by  kflores01Jump to last post
9/3/2009 7:06 PM
2 Replies and 3233 Views Email address of recipient in data of the note  3233  2 Started by  JohnO I have an infoset which queries the lawson DB and returns pedning time records from the PRPENDTIME table as well as the employees email address. We then have a smartnote that sends a not the employee when the time has bee approved. The note is snet out based on the condition of having new items and the email address comes from one of the columns in the infoset. Is there a way I can send to the email adress from the infoset without including the email address in the data in the smart note Curren...
2 3233
by  JohnOJump to last post
8/18/2009 10:46 PM
0 Replies and 4238 Views Smart Notes Templates  4238  0 Started by  WRB I am unable to change the Template for a&160;Smart Notes.&160; I've imported my standard set of templates but when I&160;go into Notification 4 to change the Template&160; for&160;a Dashboard Template and preview, nothing changes.&160; No matter what template or option&160;I select it will not change from the default Template.&160; I had this problem a few years ago but forgot how I resolved.&160; I looked at knowledge base but could not find anything.&160;
0 4238
7/22/2009 2:49 PM
8 Replies and 4936 Views Smart Notes Infoset Update error  4936  8 Started by  mark.cook We upgraded last night our LBI server to 9.032. Once completed, I&160;was running through validation and my infosets will not update. I am getting an invalid query message. When I take my selection criteria out to limit the records in the query I can see the results in preview. Does anyone know of syntax changes that would cause this to happen between versions
8 4936
by  mark.cookJump to last post
7/8/2009 12:27 PM
3 Replies and 4026 Views Querying LDAP  4026  3 Started by  Raj Hi, I am trying to create a smart note with infoset that has the user e-mail id on it, but I need to burst the smart note on dashboard also, so I need to quuery LDAP (ADAM), to get the user id. Lawson Security has the e-mail id along with user id on it. How do I query LDAP via smart notes so that I can schedule it to update and also get the user id. Thanks in Advance, Raj.
3 4026
by  RajJump to last post
5/18/2009 5:01 PM
2 Replies and 4191 Views APVENMAST Duplicate Tax ID SN  4191  2 Started by  Ken Ptak I'm attempting to build a SN&160;that will return vendor information (Vendor Number, Name, Tax_ID, etc) for vendors who have duplicate tax IDs in the APVENMAST&160;table. I&160;have the following JDBC connection Infoset created that returns the Tax_IDs that exist in the APVENMAST&160;more than one time, but I cannot figure out how to pull the Vendor Number, Vendor Name, etc in the same JDBC&160;connection..&160; Any ideas/suggestions SELECT APVENMAST.TAX_ID, Count(APVENMAST.TAX_ID) AS C...
2 4191
by  Greg MoellerJump to last post
5/1/2009 7:14 PM
5 Replies and 4132 Views Smart Notification For Procurement  4132  5 Started by  Ruma Malhotra I am trying to create a smart notification to notify users when a buyers message clears up in lawson. Has anybody created this already Can you tell me which tables and field is updated when procurement clears up a buyer's message. Thanks in advance, Ruma. &160; &160;
5 4132
by  Mike LambJump to last post
1/22/2009 1:57 PM
7 Replies and 6743 Views Smart Notes missing link  6743  7 Started by  WRB Current version of LBI is (FWS, RS, SN). &160; We restart Tomcat each morning at 4:00 am, at&160; 6:00am &160;we have a Smart Notes emailed via&160;the&160;scheduler. &160; The Smart Notes that is emailed contain links that drills into other Smart Notes. What should happen is the user receives an email they click on the Department Name, sign on to LBI and the second filtered Smart Notes opens.&160; &160; Since we reboot Tomcat each morning, the Smart Notes are emailed o...
7 6743
by  John HenleyJump to last post
8/7/2008 12:34 PM
3 Replies and 4015 Views Smart Notes Datasource to Essbase  4015  3 Started by  WRB We are attempting to&160;create Smart Notes using Hyperion Essbase.&160; SN version Hyperion Essbase Build2.&160; Our Lawson and LBI are both hosted by Siemens.&160; When I go and set up the information in SN InfoSet, &160;I&160;get a message that the Database can not be found.&160; Does anyone have a SN&160;using Hyperion Essbase working&160; If so, any suggestion
3 4015
by  Matthew NyeJump to last post
8/7/2008 12:09 PM
5 Replies and 4632 Views Security in Dashboards  4632  5 Started by  BillW I have an issue that I hope someone can shed some light on... We have a handful of dashboards active now, mostly for upper management.&160; The next step is to create something for the Sales reps.&160; Ideally, I would like to create a single 'Sales Rep' dashboard that all Sales reps could access.&160; The dilemma is securing that dashboard so they only see their information.&160; I know that I could use DME for Lawson data, but much of the data I need to display is from an ETL process that...
5 4632
by  Matthew NyeJump to last post
8/5/2008 1:32 PM
6 Replies and 13370 Views Trigger A Java Class from LSN  13370  6 Started by  IloveLawson Hi, I am looking a way of triggering a java program during LSN delivering a notification. Do you think it is possible I am trying to setup XML via HTTP type of device, however, I do not have enough info to get it working. Any suggestions thanks. Chiahao
6 13370
by  IloveLawsonJump to last post
7/31/2008 1:57 PM
3 Replies and 5831 Views Smart Note saved to a file  5831  3 Started by  Deleted User We have a smart note notification that we would like to dump out onto the web.&160; I can see in Smart Notes where you can select a output of html file.&160; However how would you tell it what the name and directory where you would like the file placed&160; Is it even possible to do this Thanks --JayR
3 5831
by  Matthew NyeJump to last post
5/6/2008 3:39 PM
11 Replies and 6789 Views Mass Load Multiple email Devices  6789  11 Started by  TBonney I know in Reporting Services you can import a csv file to load multiple emails at once. However, I am unable to find any documentation on how to do this in smart notifications. I'd like to be able to send basic smart notifications to all users, but presently, we only have a handful of devices added in Smart Notes. Is anyone aware of a method of adding email devices into smart notifications other than individually Or, can I somehow use those devices that are available within Reporting Services s...
11 6789
by  TBonneyJump to last post
4/9/2008 4:38 PM
1 Replies and 4205 Views Smart Notification: Underlying Technology?  4205  1 Started by  debika_sharma What is the underlying technology of smart notifications SQL or COBOL or something else
1 4205
by  Matthew NyeJump to last post
4/2/2008 4:24 PM
9 Replies and 15157 Views Smart Notification Links  15157  9 Started by  BillW I have a question about SN links. I have created a 'Summary' SN, which I have linked to a 'Detail' SN via one of the fields. This works, but the 'Detail' SN opens in a new window. I would like to have it open in a 'Viewer' module on the same dashboard. I understand the 'OnClick' action of the SN's, but there must be another method when trying to open it from another SN. Has anyone been successful in doing this Thanks for any help. Bill
9 15157
by  Matthew NyeJump to last post
3/28/2008 8:36 PM
5 Replies and 5630 Views LSN JDBC connection fails on LSF9  5630  5 Started by  Joe O'Toole We migrated our Smart Notification from our Env 8.03 server to LSF9 but the connection tests for the JDBC data souce fail on the new box (DME connections test ok). We think all the SQL and JDBC settings are correct but the LSN install validator still reports Tomcat for the connection. Aside from moving from LSN 3.X to 9.X the only other fundemental difference is that LSN 9 is being serviced by Websphere while LSN 3 was using Tomcat. Has anyone else run into this or know how to point LSN&160;at ...
5 5630
by  Joe O'TooleJump to last post
3/28/2008 2:19 PM
7 Replies and 5714 Views Troubleshoot a SN  5714  7 Started by  stcyrk I have developed a simple info set, updated.&160; Created a smart notification, few simple calculations (count and multiplication).&160; Hitting the Preview button opens a browser window that returns the standard Page cannot be displayed windows error message.&160; Save smart notification.&160; Click on it and the window opens with header and footer info, but no body.&160; I have tried simplifying the smart notificiation, simplifying the infoset, to no avail.&160; Any suggestions
7 5714
by  Matthew NyeJump to last post
3/27/2008 6:16 PM
2 Replies and 5036 Views How to Link 2 Infosets Together  5036  2 Started by  Ken Ptak I'm trying to create a Smart Note that will list the accounts that exist in the GMDISTRIB that do not have a Record_Type attribute set up on the GL16.2.&160; Not all accounts should have their Record_Type attribute value assigned, only the accounts in the GMDISTRIB. I've broken it down into two queries: 1. The first infoset JDBC query pulls a listing of all of the unique accounts that exist in the GMDISTRIB. SELECT GMDISTRIB.ACCOUNT FROM GMDISTRIB GROUP BY GMDISTRIB.ACCOUNT 2. The second ...
2 5036
by  Ken PtakJump to last post
3/13/2008 12:58 PM
2 Replies and 13021 Views upgrading from 3.2 to 9  13021  2 Started by  Bob Beverley Do all existing smart notes with their infosets migrate in the upgrade From what I read in the docs they do - I just need someone to verify that this is so. Thanks
2 13021
by  Joe O'TooleJump to last post
2/22/2008 5:58 PM
6 Replies and 6130 Views TKN Call from Notification link  6130  6 Started by  TBonney I have a notification that gets sent to show unmatched items after MA126 is run. It has a link to form MA60.1 on each row. I have added the URL to the tag in the infoset, including the value for &91Company&93 pulled from the row in the notification. Based on information I found by looking through Lawson KB articles, I thought I could string an additional variable to the end to also pull the &91Vendor&93 from the row too. However, it doesn't work. When MA60.1 is displayed, it is only filte...
6 6130
by  TBonneyJump to last post
2/5/2008 4:12 PM
5 Replies and 13582 Views SQL Date Syntax  13582  5 Started by  Ken Ptak Hello - I have a query that creates an Infoset using a JDBC connection successfully. I want to limit the records being returned by the Infoset where the PER_END_DATE is after July 1, 2007. I receive the error “Error: ORA-01843: not a valid month” When I try to add the following criteria to the SQL statement: HAVING ((GMDISTRIB.PER_END_DATE)>'07/01/2007') I’ve tried to play with the formatting of the date but I haven’t found the correct format… Any suggestions/ideas ...
5 13582
by  Ken PtakJump to last post
11/14/2007 6:24 PM
2 Replies and 12397 Views JDBC Connection  12397  2 Started by  Ken Ptak I just started working with SN's last week (please forgive if this question should not be posted). I have a query built in Access 2003 that runs fine, but when I copy the SQL over to the JDBC connection, I keep receiving an error. I believe it's because the SQL syntax is different between the two, but I don't know what those differences are. My main objective is to create a SN that will return all Employees who appear in the GMDISTRIB table but do not appear in the GMEFFORT table. Any ...
2 12397
by  Ken PtakJump to last post
11/12/2007 1:06 PM
4 Replies and 13907 Views Executing Stored Procedures via SmartNotes.  13907  4 Started by  Deleted User Basically, we have a need to have a Smart Notification execute a stored procedure in addition to sending the email based on a defined query. The stored procedure will be designed to update tables based on the assumtpion that an email was generated and sent. The issue at hand is that we are being told by our technical team that if the notification is executed in a preview mode (i.e., no notifications are actually sent out), that the stored procedure would be executed as well. In effect...
4 13907
by  John HenleyJump to last post
5/8/2007 8:34 PM
1 Replies and 12894 Views Error-Max Wait Time  12894  1 Started by  Deleted User Hi, I am using SQL query and when I am defining my infoset, where we need to define columns, I hit autocreate (Step 2), it takes a while, where you see blue bar below your screen progressing and then it finally throws an error: ' Max wait time 300 reached for object parent.frames.submit.document. Not calling function' I even previewed my data before moving to next step. It takes a while for SQL to generate the data since I have a lot of joins in my query, but it fina...
1 12894
by  John HenleyJump to last post
5/3/2007 2:12 AM
2 Replies and 13121 Views Smart Notification Limits?  13121  2 Started by  Deleted User I believe there is a limit to the number of records that can be processed on a smart notification. Does anybody know what it is I seem to recall seeing somewhere that it was around 1000.
2 13121
by  WillJump to last post
2/14/2007 3:42 PM
1 Replies and 12518 Views Unavailable messages in Activity Report  12518  1 Started by  Deleted User We are scheduling Smart Notification processing every morning to create and distribute the SNs to addressess in the infoset and to a couple of devices. We always get a couple of records in the Activity Report for document type Notification, and under Document will be, for instance, Unavailable &91ID:661&93 and in the Device column, Unavailable &91ID:656&93, these two values always being in Red. All the SNs seem to get delivered ok, but I am suspicious of these messages. Lawson Support has ha...
1 12518
by  Matthew NyeJump to last post
8/14/2006 7:21 PM
1 Replies and 13943 Views Template Modif.  13943  1 Started by  Deleted User On the template for the Smart Notification, we would like to display a warning message depending on the value of the &91hostname&93 token e.g. printing a warning when it is not a production smart notification. We've tried using Javascript if statements but they do not interpret the value of the &91hostname&93: if &91hostname&93 == 'some host name' is always false. The value of &91hostname&93 prints at the bottom of the template, it just seems like we can't access i...
1 13943
by  John HenleyJump to last post
6/8/2006 2:01 PM
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