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Loading inside Lawson Portal    

Started By  Deleted User
I have Smart Notes sending out emails to employees to fix various issues. In these smart Notes I have included a link to the Lawson Employee Self Service page they need to use. However it will just pull up the page directly. I would like it to load the page inside the Lawson portal. Is there a way to do this I was hoping there would be something like http://LawsonServer/lawson/portal/redirect=lawson/xhrnet/some_page.htm Thanks.
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by  John HenleyJump to last post
1/30/2008 5:47 PM

Information for acactivity    

Started By  Ruma Malhotra
I am trying to create a smart note for activity management that notifies a user whenever a new activity in the project and activity management system is created. Looking at the ERDs on this site for activity management, there is a table acactivity that has all activity information for each activity created in the system. Looking at the technical documentation for this table there is a field that says acv_date_created which gives the date the activity was created in the system. However whe...
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by  Ruma MalhotraJump to last post
1/30/2009 4:49 PM

Formatting of Blank Dates in Smart Notification    

Started By  Kay Hamill
I am new to Smart Notification and am writing a query that returns a date field where some of the dates are not populated.  I am using a JDBC connection against an Oracle 10 database. The records with the blank dates are returned to the infoset as 1/1/1700.  I know when I run the query directly in SQLPlus, that tool returns the date as 1/1/2000, but I know that in Lawson the date is unpopulated. When I write the Notification, I see the 1/1/1700 populating there as well.  Is there a way that I ...
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by  thummel1Jump to last post
2/7/2018 4:03 PM

Help deciphering cron_expression for SN    

Started By  Greg Moeller
Has anyone had any luck deciphering the cron_expression field in the QRTZ_CRON_TRIGGERS table For example: I have 10 0 9 * 6 * I know that this notification is scheduled for 9:00 M-F I get the 2nd and 3rd fields, but what do the other fields mean
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by  Greg MoellerJump to last post
5/3/2016 1:35 PM

Smart Note Delivered Inventory    

Started By  thummel1
Hi, Is there a way to easily extract a list of all the delivered Smart Notes The purpose is to be able to identify possible issues with delivery from time to time, but also to understand Smart Note volume and activity. The only option I've found is to go to Delivered Alert History and sift through page after page. I've been doing a copy/paste into Excel so I can do further analysis, but is there a way to export this list instead Thank you!
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by  Greg MoellerJump to last post
7/22/2016 5:17 PM

Pictures within SmartNote changing    

Started By  thummel1
I have a Smart Note that delivers a letter in the body of the email, that contains links to various places or videos on our intranet. The links in some cases are nice visual pictures to click on. In some cases, some customers have said that the picture doesn't look like a picture; instead it looks like a funky icon with an x in a small white box. The link still works, it is just visually unappealing. I check a few of the Outlook settings and the Windows version and service pack of one recipi...
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by  thummel1Jump to last post
8/11/2016 5:41 PM

Define Info Set Issue    

Started By  thummel1
I am building a Smart Note to generate to managers. The SQL executes in SQL Developer. Form there I copy/paste the SQL into the Info Set in 'Step 1'. When I advance to Step 2 of the Info Set setup, when I click on the 'Auto-Create' option, nothing generates. I have manually added each column and saved the meta data successfully. When I 'update' the Info set, it says it returns 1 record (And should be appx 13 as SQL Developer and the 'preview' displayed) but when I preview the 'sample' after the ...
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9/6/2016 4:47 PM

Excel as a Source    

Started By  thummel1
Is it possible to use an Excel spreadsheet as a data source for Smart Notes We have some processes managed this way and we've been discussing ways to send alerts to managers that appear on the spreadsheet when certain conditions are met. A Smart Notification would be a great way to deliver the message. Thanks!
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9/7/2016 2:50 PM

Template and Smart Notes    

Started By  thummel1
Hi, I am on Lawson version 9.0.1. We have a Smart Note that gives us a list of individuals each day. The Smart Note is the only way we have to get at the new 'keys' that are added to this table each day (PERSACTION), We need the data for each individual to populate onto a form that we have designed. The form was designed in MS Word. Is it possible to have this MS Word form(or it's 'look') loaded as a template LBI, and add the data for each data field in the corresponding 'spot' on the form, so t...
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9/15/2016 2:35 PM

Stop Smart Note when no Data    

Started By  thummel1
Hi, is there a way to stop a Smart Note from emailing to the Device if the Info Set did not return any data THE Smart Note is set to generate 'When Data is Updated' in the Delivery options The report is scheduled to run daily, but the end user does not want to receive a notification when no records are present in the Info Set. Thank you,
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by  SaraPJump to last post
11/18/2016 4:59 PM

CSV as Data Source for SN    

Started By  thummel1
Hello, looking to use a CSV file as a data source for smart notes. The SN would need to look for null values in a string field. Eventually, there may be more conditions to look for (e.g. Column 1 is null, or, Column 2 = Y and Column 3 = No). Is this possible conceptually I was able to set up a CSV file as a data source, but am stuck here and have several questions such as: When I update the Info Set it returns an 'errors' message, but I can still preview the data Do I need to create a measu...
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3/20/2017 2:41 PM

Confirmation of Delivery Device    

Started By  thummel1
Hello, I have an email I set up as a delivery device for Smart Notes; however, the email confirmation is not being delivered to the recipient. We noticed the email address if 48 characters. Does anyone know if there is a character limit when delivering Smart Notes to customers Thanks!
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4/18/2017 8:33 PM

Migrating Data Sources    

Started By  thummel1
Hi, is there an easy way to tell if when I created a Smart Note Solution Pack, if I accidentally did not uncheck 'Include Data Source Details' under Data Source options I am wondering if that detail would reside in any of the XML documents that are saved in the solution pack and if so, how do I find that (since I am not an expert at XML language).
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5/24/2017 4:11 PM

Changing ownership of Smart Notes    

Started By  thummel1
We recently upgraded to V10. I was tasked with migrating all smart notes to V10. In the process, I became the 'owner' of all smart notes. My colleagues can no longer see any Notifications. In some cases, I have full editing rights of other's notifications, and in other cases I do not have editing rights, and the original publisher cannot even see them, thus no one has editing access to some of these notifications. We have instructions that explains how to change ownership of notifications, w...
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7/17/2017 2:57 PM

Deliver LBI report in Smart Note    

Started By  thummel1
Hello, is it possible to deliver LBI reports in a designated format (e.g. Excel, PDF) as an attachment in a Smart Note The goal of this would be to eliminate a step where certain staff are tasked with running an LBI report, exporting, saving, and emailing to other customers within the organization that do not have LBI security access. Just wondering if Smart Notes have this type of functionality
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by  Mark PetereitJump to last post
11/1/2017 10:54 AM

Align Columns    

Started By  Randy
Can't seem to get the syntax right to align the columns in SN. Admin manual say's it should look like this for column 1. Not working. colopt1|align=center&colopt8=no
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by  RandyJump to last post
12/13/2017 7:52 PM

Pending Action Reasons Table Name TM    

Started By  thummel1
I am creating a Smart Note that points to Talent Management that will deliver to any employee who is terminating from the organization. We would like to exclude pending terminations where the reason for terminating is involuntary. My understanding is that the S_EMPL table stores the pending actions; however, this table does not appear to store the pending action reasons tied to the action. What is the name of the table that stores pending action reason codes that tie back to the pending actio...
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2/26/2019 8:43 PM

Infoset as Attachment?    

Started By  thummel1
Hi, we are on LBI V10. I am looking for a creative way that will allow data to be sent as an email attachment in a smart notification outside of the organization. Ideally, I'd like to convert the data generated from an Info set to an Excel or CSV document, include it in the notification as an attachment versus in the body of the email, and deliver to the recipient. All creative ideas are welcome, thanks, Tania H
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by  Dave CurtisJump to last post
7/9/2019 4:58 PM

Header row not lining up in SN email    

Started By  texasInstruments
I am trying to send a simple email with changes/deletes. I have the process working now but for some reason even when I am not using a Template I am still seeing the data come over in a table that does not have header/data lining up. When I send the email as plain text, I can see the html do I just get the header and data in alignment in an email
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by  Dave CurtisJump to last post
5/8/2019 7:34 PM

Smart notes to Mobile devices    

Started By  thummel1
A law recently went into effect requiring new employees receive certain information on their first day of employment as well as confirmation of receipt of this information. For existing employees, they must receive information 'in advance' of the change, although no confirmation of receipt is required. Ideally we would like to leverage functionality within Lawson to deliver this information electronically, and for the new employees, build in the functionality to allow them to respond electro...
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7/8/2019 6:47 PM

Infoset Query String errors out    

Started By  thummel1
I have an SQL Statement that successfully runs in SQL Oracle, but when I add it as an Info set in the Smart Notification tool I receive the following error message: 'Error: ORA-01756: quoted string not properly terminated'. I have double quotes around all my column headers. I also have single quotes around any strings that are part of case statements. (e.g. case when x = 'ABC' then 'Pass' else 'Fail' end as 'Test') My SQL is almost 2500 rows, with very complex case statements. Some strings...
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by  thummel1Jump to last post
8/21/2019 8:50 PM

Create Smart Note to capture PR116 job    

Started By  thummel1
I am attempting to capture all pay records updated via a PR116 and deliver a Smart Note to employees to confirm they have had a scale increase. Is there a way to isolate for only the records updated via a PR116 I was hoping there is a table that can intercept the data before PR116 is processed, capture the date after PR116 is processed, but be able to isolate for only those records that tie to that PR116. Thoughts
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5/22/2020 3:58 PM

Language Translator    

Started By  thummel1
In certain smart notes we need to offer the option for employees to translate the message in the smart smart note to a different language. Has anyone included a language translation option into any of their smart notes
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9/9/2020 9:39 PM

Adding images to Smart Notes    

Started By  thummel1
Hi, is anyone able to add images to Smart Notes these days Images, specifically for our logo, used to work when we saved to a file path on a local server, then they broke when we changed to Sharepoint. I tried using the Sharepoint url, and we have tried using a folder location in the LBI server, and all attempts return a non-image icon. Here are the following HTML codes I have tried using, is it my coding that is incorrect or are images no longer compatible with Smart Notes We are on version10...
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by  thummel1Jump to last post
7/31/2023 8:29 PM

SQL Help    

Started By  Greg Moeller
We're trying to automate the documentation of Smart Notes Data Sources. (I've found the Reporting Services, Override DSN, and Landmark Data Sources) I've partially found the SN's entries- SELECT * FROM [LawsonSN].[dbo].[ENPTREEATTRS] WHERE ENTRYPARENT = 601 gives me their names and desciptoins... but no other information.. Unless it's encoded in the ATTRBINARYVALUE field... Can anyone help me out
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by  Greg MoellerJump to last post
11/9/2023 2:49 PM
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