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PR299 - MMREF File Creation

**Form Purpose
Run MMREF File Creation (PR299) to create an MMREF-1 file of W-2 information
for government reporting. You must receive a PIN number from the federal
goverment to submit a Federal MMREF file. A PIN number is not required for
state MMREF files.

Note The SSA will only accept W-2 files in the MMREF-1 format beginning with
tax year 2001. TIB-4 files are no longer accepted (except for West Virginia
and Missouri).

**Processing Effect
The current rates for this year default in the rate fields. If you need to
run for another payroll year, you must type the rates in manually.

**More Information
For MMREF-1 specifications, refer to your Social Security Administration
Publication for the appropriate year.

Consult your data processing department before running this program to insure
the appropriate parameters are entered.

Important Lawson strongly recommends that you run PR227 to review the
parameters set up on PR27.1 before you run the MMREF using this option.

Before you submit your file, you can edit it using the AccuWage program. This
program can be downloaded from the Social Security Administration website.
This program checks the output from PR299 for common errors. For more
information, check the Social Security Administration website.

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