LATM will not start

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    I have a client that is running Lawson 10.0.8 on a Windows server and they are not on Lawson suport any longer.  They had a lot of network issues with the server and we finally have it back up and I can remote into it.  All of the Lawson services start with the exception of latm - laservstatus states that it is enabled but not started.  If I try to run 'startlatm' it returns this error:  There was an unexpected error 2 in the environment service while starting latm.

    There was a latm.dlck file in the LAWDIR/system directory and the last entry in that file stated that the service started and it shows the PID that was used - this was dated on 08/19.  The last line shows this:  08/19 12:06:55: Transaction Manager Version 2016-06-21 07:27:55 Started, pid=3984

    The latm.log file was last updated on the same date - 08/19 and it is where it says it received a death notification on 08/19 - the last line shows this:  Thu Aug 19 12:07:05 2021: latm (PrcDeath): Received death notification of lapm, Uid=3, Pid=4036, GenNbr=1

    I moved both the latm.dlck and latm.log files from the E drive to the C drive and renamed them and then restarted the server but latm is still not starting and the latm.log file has not been recreated.  Something is preventing latm from even attempting to start.  I have looked at Task Manager and there is no PID of 3984.


    Any ideas?

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