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2 Replies and 3093 Views Perpetual Inventory for Assets (Asset Management)  3093  2 Started by  Carl Gifford We have been charged with creating a perpetual inventory for our assets (PCs, etc.) so that we can buy them in bulk and keep an inventory on hand. We would receive them into the warehouse and then issue them as requested. We need to have them in the Lawson Asset Management system once they are issued to a site. Is this possible Is there any integration between IC and AM I am thinking that there is NOT, but wanted to make sure. Is anyone else doing something similar...
2 3093
by  Bill IanniJump to last post
04/27/2010 7:43 AM
0 Replies and 1682 Views Interfacing Cost Adjustments?  1682  0 Started by  chadC I see that the Lawson IC500 does not have the 'Document Type' of CA for Cost Adjustments. I also tested the IC500 with the IC54 screens to see if I could get one to work...I couldn't. So I am wondering how other companies are interfacing their Cost Adjustments into Lawson Inventory Any processes or thoughts would be greatly appreciated!
0 1682
04/23/2010 4:11 PM
1 Replies and 2562 Views PO136 Matched Not Received Report  2562  1 Started by  Manny Matias Does anyone know why PO136 has items in there that say match but not received. When I try to received the lines were already received. I do not want to over received specially into the storeroom because it adds to the invnentory any suggestions
1 2562
by  JonAJump to last post
04/15/2010 12:57 PM
2 Replies and 2185 Views Inventory not accessible  2185  2 Started by  seannyboy New to Guru.. Have allocatable counts but cannot issue or adjust due to 'insufficient SOH in bin at this UOM'. I suspect an invoice/PO issue. Amount locked seems to mirror buy UOM. Any help will be appreciated.
2 2185
by  JonAJump to last post
04/14/2010 10:40 AM
5 Replies and 3301 Views Kitting feature in S3  3301  5 Started by  Darrel Dudeck Is anyone using the kitting function in S3 that allows you to create bundles of different or like items which inturn enables you to issue all items under one item number for that particular kit build.
5 3301
by  Doreen EJump to last post
04/14/2010 5:41 AM
3 Replies and 2252 Views MSCM Emulator For production  2252  3 Started by  Dino Moorman Is it possible to use a PC emulator to actually recieve items in Production The issue is if our wireless network goes down or is unstable- could we use an emulator on a PC to continue work
3 2252
by  Dino MoormanJump to last post
03/26/2010 3:50 PM
2 Replies and 1759 Views Handhelds freezing MSCM  1759  2 Started by  mark.cook We have been working the case with LIS for three weeks now but our MSCM handhelds are freezing multiple times each day. We have verified we are on the latest version of firmware for windows mobile 5, we have the MC70 handhelds, MSCM is running on Unix and LSF 9.01. We were stable with no freezing for the last 6-9 months and now it is back. Any thoughts on what might be causing the issue
2 1759
by  mark.cookJump to last post
03/25/2010 2:46 PM
1 Replies and 1799 Views ICTSET2 index in ICTRANS  1799  1 Started by  ARaja I am facing a problem with assessing the data from ICTRANS. In my custom program, i am using the API 840-FIND-ICTSET2 and the database has duplicate values. The program runs fine in 8.0 Environment, but in LSF9, the program returns the runtime error(fetched query returns more than single row)
1 1799
by  ARajaJump to last post
03/08/2010 4:40 AM
0 Replies and 1542 Views IC280 missing GL 's  1542  0 Started by  pmeckes On the IC280 report all of our SH trans types for OE system code, only show the credit to inventory account number. It doesn't print the debit account, therefore the total debits and credit never agree. Where or how can I find the missing link
0 1542
02/23/2010 2:17 PM
1 Replies and 1636 Views RAD  1636  1 Started by  mppruente Is there a way to release delivers that have a status of In Transit I can not pull them in when I try to create a manifest...Is the only way to release is by manually using the HH :)
1 1636
by  Dino MoormanJump to last post
02/23/2010 10:11 AM
4 Replies and 8254 Views Lawson MSCM Handheld Selection  8254  4 Started by  Rick Holland We are in the process of selecting the handheld for our upgrade to MSCM. I would appreciate any recommendations for or warnings away from any of the supported models, Thanks Rick Holland MMIS Data Specialist Mountain States Health Alliance Johnson City, TN
4 8254
by  Dino MoormanJump to last post
02/23/2010 10:09 AM
1 Replies and 2121 Views MSCM on Windows CE Emulator  2121  1 Started by  David Williams Does anyone have instructions for installing MSCM on a Windows CE Emulator
1 2121
by  Joe TrettelJump to last post
02/22/2010 1:29 PM
3 Replies and 3284 Views IC04 GL Category Receipt Offset  3284  3 Started by  TerryL Can someone please explain to a non finance person how the RECEIPTS &160;receipt offset account works. &160; Thanks.
3 3284
by  Andrew NeedhamJump to last post
02/01/2010 11:35 AM
0 Replies and 3729 Views MMDIST Account & Account Unit to POLine  3729  0 Started by  Brady I am trying to populate the Account & Account Unit&160;from MMDIST&160;on my PO Line History. Here is what I have done so far. This worked to populate most lines. However, it did not work to populate any lines that came from IC140. I have looked up some of those POs and they do have that information in MMDIST. How would those lines from MMDIST relate to the Purchase Order information Any help is very appreciated. FILTERED MMDIST BY: System CD = PO Doc Type = PT RELATED TABLES BY: MMD...
0 3729
12/01/2009 11:58 AM
1 Replies and 2296 Views ITEMMAST  2296  1 Started by  Robbie Parker Hello, I am having an issue with items defined in IC11 that do not get listed when querying ITEMMAST.ITEM.&160; The item field in IC11 is ITE-ITEM though, so that may be my disconnect.&160; We just went live and converted ~12,000 items and all the items that were converted populate the query, but the items manually added since goLive do not.&160; Any help &160; thanks, Robbie
1 2296
by  John HenleyJump to last post
10/29/2009 9:17 AM
2 Replies and 2332 Views Lawson Order intergration with Oracle  2332  2 Started by  Tracey I am hoping you can point me in the right direction- My company is a medical device manufacturer whose primary customers are hospitals. Our erp system is Oracle and the majority of our Customers use Lawson- I am looking for a Lawson to Oracle solution to capture the data from the Lawson Order form and pass via edi/digitally to our Oracle order management system. Do you know of anyone who is sucessfully doing this today Is there someone I can talk to about this Thank you in advance Tracey
2 2332
by  Srini RaoJump to last post
10/08/2009 7:48 PM
1 Replies and 4739 Views CSV Export  4739  1 Started by  aCCuReRaS Hi all, I'm want to export pickinglists to a CSV file. Does anybody know a way to do this Regards
1 4739
by  Eric_KlineJump to last post
07/01/2009 1:00 PM
1 Replies and 2447 Views Process Flow AGS for Order Entry  2447  1 Started by  Deleted User I am trying to use an AGS call in Process Flow Integrator to release credit hold orders in OE90.&160; The OE90 and OE10 programs require a user to be setup using OE53.1.&160; When I run the process flow I am getting an error saying 'User not allowed access to Order Entry company'&160;&160; This is the same error message you get if you try to perform an action in OE without your user id setup in OE53.&160; Has anyone run&160; across this and have some idea on how to get around it
1 2447
by  Deleted UserJump to last post
06/26/2009 8:54 AM
5 Replies and 6769 Views Point of Use Scanning/Interfacing  6769  5 Started by  itsjustme Not sure if this is more appropriate for the Interface section or not, but is mostly dealing with how others run their Supply Chain, so... Anyone using a Point of Use scanning product-like ParExcellence-to scan items taken from a PAR location and feeding that information back into Lawson for replenishment Or directly to the vendor for replenishment Seems like a simple RQ500 interface is all that's needed, just wondering about anyone elses experiences with a similar products or processes. &...
5 6769
by  axis3dJump to last post
06/16/2009 7:14 AM
6 Replies and 4253 Views 802.11a radio and Symbol MC70 devices  4253  6 Started by  Matt Sherwood We are getting ready to implement 9.0 MSCM.&160; It looks like our wireless network is only capable of handling 802.11a radio. The handheld units are supposed to be capable of 803.11g which I've been told is much more efficient. Has anyone had success with 802.11a&160; AS the subject indicates we are planning on using Symbol MC70 devices.
6 4253
by  axis3dJump to last post
06/16/2009 6:52 AM
0 Replies and 2342 Views Need sample WH520 file  2342  0 Started by  scott.mullins We just opened a warehouse...or I should say we are in the implementation phase.&160; We need to deliver a WH520 file to our vendor but don't have a sample file for them since if we run WH520 currently, we wouldn't get any real data. Could someone provide a couple of lines so we could deliver a sample WH520 file Thanks again.
0 2342
02/11/2009 10:16 AM
0 Replies and 2307 Views Security for PC10.1 form?  2307  0 Started by  Sherry Shimek Is it possible to secure Lawson form PC10.1, Patient Charge Items I have lines restricting the user access by company, but the user can still access other companies' data.&160; They cannot see the other company data in the drop down, but if the correct combination of company and Revenue center code is entered, the user has access to the data.&160; Because we are adding Add, Delete, and Change to a basic child security class we want this form secure. We are on 8.0.03 using Windows and UN...
0 2307
01/27/2009 5:45 PM
1 Replies and 3881 Views Adding Images to Item Master  3881  1 Started by  TerryL We want to add images to the Item Master so that when RSS users are searching the catalog they will be able to look at an image of each item in the catalog. Does anyone know how to attach an image to an item We are on
1 3881
by  John HenleyJump to last post
01/24/2009 7:49 AM
2 Replies and 3917 Views Price Change Audit  3917  2 Started by  Bobby We need the ability to audit our price changes entered in the PO25.6 record. We can find the most recent change and the date of the change but we cannot locate any record of the user who made the change. Does anyone have any suggestions or ideas Thanks
2 3917
by  John HenleyJump to last post
12/12/2008 8:18 AM
0 Replies and 2473 Views Small asset tracking  2473  0 Started by  thanef Does anyone use the Symbol hand held 8800 for inventory tracking&160; I want to scan inventory like PC's and printers in our building and use Lawson to track it.&160; Will AM accomplish this in Lawson
0 2473
11/11/2008 11:11 AM
4 Replies and 3057 Views rq10's releasing in MSCM  3057  4 Started by  linda phillips We are testing our handhelds in test for MSCM and we are using 8800 sysbol series, Our problem is our rq's are releasing. We always used the rq500 in the past to stop this process, and not sure we need this pogram and if so how do we set it up. This is one of the two things stopping me from going live
4 3057
by  linda phillipsJump to last post
09/08/2008 6:02 AM
6 Replies and 3593 Views MSCM Rq10's not seeing requester  3593  6 Started by  linda phillips We have rq10 records set up and the requested set in portal MSCM&160; The rq's do not create because it can not find the requester. All the staff is set up the same and I have 3 that it will not allow a rq to be created. I went as far as deleating the old and creating the again with no success. Any help would be appreciated
6 3593
by  linda phillipsJump to last post
09/08/2008 5:58 AM
6 Replies and 5099 Views Can't log into MSCM Admin Tool  5099  6 Started by  JonA This morning I can't log into the MSCM Admin tool, not even with the mscmadmin login.&160; Application support says it looks like all ids are inactive including mscmadmin.&160; Everything was fine on Friday.&160; Anyone know what would cause this and how to fix it Jon
6 5099
by  linda phillipsJump to last post
09/05/2008 8:48 AM
0 Replies and 3410 Views Measures of Monthly measures for Contracting and Procurement & Distribution Center  3410  0 Started by  Deleted User Hi All, &160; We are reviewing what monthly reports that we will need to use in the future and would like any information you can share about what reports you are running and reviewing monthly. We are currently Lawson as our Materials Management system and are looking at using Microsoft Add-ins and using Crystal. Currently we have had to drop Lawson reports into excel and dissect the report to get the information that we need. &160; What are other Lawson user running monthly reports to mon...
0 3410
04/23/2008 2:45 PM
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